Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Update

I added my writing blog to the bottom of my Blog Call. It is only there temporarily so if you want a glimpse of why I hate and why I hurt, there you go. The blog will be there in cyber space but it should be hidden if you look on my profile and I plan to tuck it back away neatly soon. I opened it up because of a request from a friend, but I warn you, there is a bunch of mushy love stuff there and I really don't want anyone to … think of Jenny as Mushy Love Stuff. Got it? So, we are all adults and have this etiquette amongst us and honor among thieves amongst us, and… well… while it is up … pick your favorite! I am up to 40 post there tonight and I have like 15 more to go... UGH... my mind is gone, I can't remember which was requested.... ack.


I was just thinking that today would be a good day to walk to the park. Just to walk down a sidewalk and visit unknown territory, not necessarily a per Se park, but a a walk along the avenue. Down the boulevard. To the lane that leads to the highway to cross a bridge and find a new venue. Just a walk in the park is like a walk in the woods on a fall day.
What fell on a fall day? Leaves would fall, naturally. But you could also trip over a tree trunk and fall. Or sit on a tire swing and lean back to far and your hair will fall to the ground. acorns fall. all nuts fall. But then ripe fruit falls ad your fingers fall upon a keyboard or a piano’s keys. hear rises but cold falls. Why does cold fall?
Coffee Falls upon my lips. Then slides down my throat. Ode to the cup of coffee. It is good. better Hot. Much better with french vanilla fat free creamer (fvffc). Is enjoyed as expresso, capichinno, frapichinno, on ice, mixed with ice, but not left out a day old cold. I enjoy mine with equal and fvffc. or half and half.
Half in the day and the other half at night. Could go a long way.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Spanish Chapter 10.1 and 10.2

Hola estudiantes. Be sure to be able to translate those 3 irregular verbs: ir, ser, and ver. I will have blanks for the translations as well as the conjugations for one of those 3 verbs on your quiz tomorrow. Remember our translation for the imperfect tense is used to/would.

Update over there ---->

I just wanted to let anyone interested know that I have put some of my Psych Adjustment post's over under my ED-Ja-Ma-Cation meltdown blog I think on my side bar I cal lit over load. Maybe I will get some of my Bio notes over there too, we have exams coming up and it is easier to get online and review some stuff then it is to tote around 100 pages of notes on each class. Just some more stuff about me and my views and some personal stuff under Psych Adjustment classes.

I have also added some peeps to my menu bar and taken a few away. If you've been taken away, I'm sorry, update once in a while and it wouldn't have happened. I like to read. I like to read. Sigh, sorry, I don't mean to bitch.

**EDIT 1**Other then that I am composing my thoughts for a political post. I have taken to the voice recorder and I am sorting my thoughts so that I might post a well thought out political rant. This has to do with the freeze on banks giving any credit until this 700B bailout is passed. I am a little irked and I feel that there are some bounds over stepped.

**EDIT 2**

I have updated my finding me blog (at the bottom of the list because I accidently deleted it eariler). Mind you, there is an adult rating warning. I put that up becasue the issues I mention there are at times hardcore. And no, not as in sex hardcore, just things I don't think children really need to stumble upon.

I started to work with my tape recorder today and was oddly suprised at what came out. I was expecting to work out the emmy award for blog post and what I found was a few pieces of myself and a great blog idea for my March annivarsary. Wow. What did I say, I will be five?

So, I am working on typing from my digital voice recorder, and this is hard becasue I keep laughing at myself. Which makes it harder to type. Also, do you know... OMG, I have a southern drawl? I wish there was a way to put a piece of that up here, It would give everyone a sure giggle, between the drawl, the "Yea, whatever" the constant "Anyway" and my historical and what I am most know for on the phone, "yea, ya know..." I was in tears. DID I MENTION I HAVE A SOUTHERN ACCENT? Am I bugging out about the angry black ape cloud (post I made of finding me) oh no, I am bugging out about my speech impidiment. I am like all porkey pig only with an accent. WOW.

BRB, I am choking on my coffee. That is pretty darn good, I got so flabbergasted I inhaled my coffee. The other thing I noticed about my speech is I talk kind of fast. Which makes the southern draw even funnieer. And not like all NYC speech, like ... like... OMG... do I have to admit this? Like Perky blonde hair girl that can't stop talking fast, NYPINTA... like Christina's friend Sharon... remember her? That kind of fast talk. Wow, wow, wow... where did I go wrong? Not only am I resembling an angry black ape, but now I am like that girl that couldn't stop talking even if you held her head under water... wowoowowowowoowowowowowow.

I am not visitng blogs toningt. If I do, I won't post. Everyhting is double posting on me as far as commetns go and for whatever the reason if I delete one, it takes them both. It happens from time to time with wild blue and they said that it has soemthing to do with the satillite delay and cloud coverage. WHATEVER, yea, you know , like....

WOW.... anyone know of an o nline storage place so that I can imbed this on file and post it,,, I would really love for you to have a laugh at my expence!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog for Sat and Sun

Today there is nothing important to talk about. Well there is but for the most part the interesting things were already covered by other bloggers. Like, NYPINTA spoke about the dangers of being a fanatic and how judgmental people in supposed power can be. W.O.W. covered the topic of what is junk and what is not and how quickly it accumulates in odd places. I would post about the dear departed Paul Newman but the penguin lady got that for me. End Sat post.

Sunday evening. I sit here, it is late for me, I am tired, and feeling guilty. See, I am posting that up there so you know that I was going to dump another lame blog in attempt to actually avoid blogging myself. But the truth be said, what is left to blog about? I wanted to say something to Governor Perdue or the Petroleum executive (whoever said it) and his little attempt to cancel the football game.


I never laughed so hard in my life. You think a Gasoline shortage is going to keep diehard BULLDOG fans away from a game in Athens? OMG.

After that there is only the political forefront to conquer and I am not into the mood right now. I am ready to vote communist after the little charades that are going on.

Here is how my Sunday went. Up way too early. No nap. I worked on Spanish homework for a little bit in the morning and then again this afternoon. The blister I got rushing on Thursday night (while helping Molly with her project) from the hot glue gun still has not popped and is hindering my typing abilities. Went to the store (wasted gas, see gas shortage) to get Harry some pecan swirls and ended up spending almost three hundred bucks. SIGH.

Got home, unloaded the car, went to put the puppies outside and realized Freckles was running on the opposite side of the fence line. I yelled at Harry to help, slid on my boots without socks and ran. Waddled actually, in a fast manner, out to the pasture and called my horse. He tromped through the woods and whickered his greeting. His eyes were wide and his coat foaming and he was blowing. I asked him where he got through. He looked down the fence and whickered. Oh the pond? He whickered again. LIKE HE KNEW WHAT I WAS SAYING. I think he was just reassured I was there and I would fix this. I sucked in my gut and squirmed through the barbed wire and pointed my finger at him. Look, I am wearing shorts, and no socks, IF I GET BIT BY ANYTHING OR POISON IVY; you're going to the dog food factory, GOT IT?" He whickered. Mmmmhmmm. So I put the lead in a mock halter (the hunters have cut all our halters off of the horses or stole the one I hang on the fence) and brought him through the woods to the power line and Harry opened that gate. But let me tell you about our walk through the woods. HE is such a chicken shit. He let me lead him through the shrubs and rubbish and when there was a little clearing he would lead the way. First sapling the size of a finger in front of him, He would stop dead and push me with his face. Silly critter! The tree spiders were gonna get him, I reckon. So, I led him trough the gate and turned him loose. I helped Harry put the gate BACK on the hinges and secure it then I walked down to the other gate and opened the back field. Where was Freckles? Two feet from me. Ok, wait, after the fence repair I did get the brush and scrapped and clean him up a little, then walked down the field to the other fence, but all the same. I stunk like sweaty horse!

Harry decides that we are going to fix the dog run. That takes about two hours. Of course General T and Annie hate it, but hey, who has time to sit outside with the puppies and make sure they don't run under Freckles feet?

Feed and bathe the kids, bathe my stinky horse smelling sweaty self, and put Lulu to bed. Molly is the good one tonight. She went right to bed. Lulu wanted to cut up and throw a fit. So, I bribed her. I told her if she laid down and tried to go to sleep then I would put Annie in bed with her. So she did and I did and dog and baby are both happy.

This dog thing is just not working out. Annie has been in bed with Lulu and I all week now. And she is the great protector. Let me tell you about last night. I stretched and knocked something off of my dresser. Annie… shoots up the bed 100 mph and barks like a mad ewok. I calmed her down and told her she was a good dog, gave her kisses, and then she checked on the baby, saw she was ok and planted herself between the baby and the dresser. Awww, isin't that cute in a fluffy puppy kind of way?

And finally I took some pictures of different stages of the pecans ripening. Maybe I will get around to downloading those pictures tomorrow. I am beat now and I have to go and find some sinus pills.

And through all that fun and excitement, the blister did not break. Hey how about that?

So, I am going to go and take time to catch up reading some of my blog friends. Dawn, Lady Holiday (lady has a cool pic of NYC and a fog creeping through the buildings), the Spanish one that I follow and try to better my Reading abilities, Dave but he hasn't updated, The good Dr and lovely blogger/writer, and that is about it. Everyone else I've peeked at and didn't comment or commented. Hard to tell with me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who is Jack Shit and pic's of T's ears

Look, I didn't write these two jokes, they were both forwards to my cell phone. I think the Shit one is hysterical and the other tasteless, BUT here… enjoy. And I decided not to POST the Obama one. It is too tasteless even for me to pass on.

For some time many of us have wondered who is Jack Shit? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, You dont know Jack Shit? Well, thanks to my efforts you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Shit is the only son of Awe Shit who married O Shit, the owners of Knee Deep N Shit Inc. In turn Jack Shit married Noe Shit. The couple had 6 children: Holie Shit, Giva Shit, Fulla Shit, Bull Shit, and the twins Deep Shit and Dip Shit. Deep Shit married Dumb Shit, a high school dropout. After 15 years, Jack and Noe Shit got divorced and she married Ted Sherlock and became Noe Shit Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Shit married Lota Shit and had a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Shit. Fulla Shit n Giva Shit married the Happens brothers n had a double wedding. The newspaper invited everyone to the Shit-Happens wedding. Bull Shit traveled the world and returned home with an Italian bride, Pisa Shit. So from now on, no one can tell you that you don't know Jack Shit.

Oh and T had his surgery on his ears and he is doing fine. He is annoying the crap out of us... I WON'T lie, but he is recovering well. Here is a pic of him with his bandages and one with one ear free.



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On the agenda for today:

Laundry (1 million loads, or thats what it looks like)
Take General T back to the vet - He can stay there until the bandages come off.
Work on the "Hannah Montanna" jacket for Amanda and perhaps FINISH it. AND perhaps get ma WOW off my case on the Sewing topic.
Work on Spanish stuff, study for Bio - mid term lab exam, and get the posts in for my Psych Adjustment class.
Well that is what I want to do, who knows what I will end up doing.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4am on a downtown street

Well maybe somewhere! But that is how I feel. Tired. Wowo.
General T went to get his ears trimmed today. I will pick him up on Friday. That way I don't have to deal with the cone or with Annie taking the tape off his ears.

I took my Spanish test this morning. It was FUN and close to the hardest dang test I've taken for a long time. SIGH. I hope I at least passed it.

I picked up the last piece I need for Amanda's jacket. Interfacing. Sucks being poor got to buy this stuff one at a time.

We just got inside a few minutes ago. Lulu and I played with Annie outside while Molly did her homework. Now Molly wants TV time so I am playing on the ocmputer, and lulu with her dolls.

Never got around to the post's or papers I have to do for two classes. But I have three hours tomorrow and I will gt the majority done then.

I saw Philly briefly today and she is feeling a little better. The potty breaks stopped about eight p.m last night and she had some color back to her face. Hopefully tomorrow she will be A LOT better. Keeping my toes crossed on that one.

Oh and My Blogavarasary is not until March 11 and then my blog turns 4. OMG I'll be in pre-K.

Then because I played with PSP last night, I had to play today. Hope the content isin't to strong for ya'll. Just got to W.O.W though, my eyes are to tired to do a real good job.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hello it is eureka Tuesday and they are having a midseason mind fuck. I mean a midseason finale. SOMEONE could have told me, I mean, I did mention I missed it last week.

WOAHHHHHH NELLIE... WTF JUST HAPPENED? Did degree really get replaced by CHEER?

Nano technology again?
What on Eureka is that show turning into? :(
I mean first they off Stark 4 episodes into the season, All season they have comprimised Eureka ethics, Carter gets a live in preg sis that looks a lot like Uma THerman, DID I MENTION THEY KILLED STARK?, then they make uba woman 107 years old who has to detinate an Abomb and FIRE Carter in the same show. God I love that show. But really... if I wanted to watch a soap opera I'd tune into daytime TV.

But speaking of Nano technology, I learned today that there is a plant (200 yards down the driveway from my college) that works with nano technology and developing it into everyday useful things. :) And I am suddenly boycotting the drinking water. What a stellar discovery that was.

Then there is this. I can't get links to show here, I can only do them from MS office, but Check out Renie's link over on my sidebar and her post about ruby tuesday and her link to Linda.
Linda this is for you, enjollie


And one last thing. I am worried about my friend I have prior mentioned as Philly. She came to school today and she look pale and sick and told me of her aliments and I meant to call her about sevenish to check on her but got sidetracked with Molly. She left school early and I asked her to call me and please let me know she got home OK, Which she did! I hope she if feeling better and I really HOPE I don't get her illness. Please if anyone has room on their prayer list, pray for Philly, God will know who she is. Thanks!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Confessions of a blogger who don’t know how to add BLOGCANDY

I will be the FIRST to admit that I am not blog savvy and that I often look at other peep's blogs in envy. Take for example Renie, she has a widget. I don't know how to do that! I am not really sure if that is what I thought a widget was, but… well now I'm educated. Please leave advice on how to add that in the comments! Then you have Fermicat And SHE had this really super cool book on her nightstand link/picture…? I'd love to have one on my blog (HINT FERMICAT) directions on HOW to can also be left on my comments. Then you have some Chic looking for her Penguins and she has this feed that tells her the locations she is getting hits from. NEATO. And then you have WOW and her double sidebar. How fun is that? How about Grace and her blog that has all the cool icon's and moon phases on it? Then for honorable mention (mostly because HIS posts are so dang funny, when he ummm UPDATES)

Anyway, if ANYONE, has any feedback on how to make my blog more Blogcandy, please feel free to add a comment. THANKS.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Star Wars; The Clone Wars

I admit I did not know that this was animated. But it was good. I'll buy it for the Star Wars collection when it is on DVD.

I also admit we are a small town and country. This is why I choose to go normal and not all Star Wars Cultic. But I did think of it! And sorry some are so dark, it is the camera phone and not well lit in there... but it is cool. This is what counts for a movie theater here in the big city of Louisville. Hey at least we got one! And it is a dinner and a movie place.

Here is the Pal Pal movie threater from the outside...
Here is the clerk
Inside looking down the theater
The Mural
The dragon on the mural

All 4 of the kiddos
The Girls
DJ and Lulu
DJ .. How can u not love him, This is one of the two kids that are my cusin's ...He is the one that said a few months ago that he'd see me when he grew up... GUESS what... he ain't growed up yet and guess who has him. GRR.
OK then not movie related.... EUREKA... couldn't resist
And here is one that don't make sense to me. WHY would you put at least two thousand bucks worth of tires and rims on a three hundred dollar car? This idiot pulled in next to me at college on thursday. Some people.

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one heavy

We have a sleep over tonight, so I am taking the girls to see the movie, "Clone Wars." We will be heading out shortly and NO I am not making them dress up to see it. We are going to the dinner and a movie, PAL PAL, and it only holds like 40 people. Boy, are we in the country or what?


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Next time, Pay attention because that the cheapest advice you’ll ever get.

Let me take you back 19 years. I am 17. I am fit and busty. I worked at a NYS Thruway rest stop that was owned by Marriott Corporation and we locals called it "The Hot Shops". Why? I don't know, it was always called that and people today still refer to it as such even though it now is a mini mall of fast foot and bathrooms. Anyway, that is just filler so you know where it was. In that day it was one big open coliseum. I can remember every detail of that building well. There was one entrance/exit. In the back of the kitchen there was another entrance but it was used by employees only. That was when building code allowed stuff like that. So, you walked in the main entrance and straight ahead was the ladies room and the water fountains, to the left was the mens room, to the right was the wall of the gift shop. You went in the building about 20 paces and next to the ladies room was an alcove and that was where we had put the TCBY kiosk that I eventually ended up managing. Ok but to the right was the walkway to sit down dining, linning the walk on the right was the entrance to the gift shop and on the left was the "overnight" fast food line. Now to the left of the fast food line was the regular line, it went towards the back of the building and the whole section between the back wall, ladies room and the "overnight" fast food line was the take out dinning area. At the back wall there were two cash registers. One was fancy and new fangled. The other was old and barbaric. It was the latter that caused my ultimate doom. On holidays, we would open both the fast food lines and have extra people on staff to "Stock" the lines as needed. At this point I was a break manager. We would also have all three cash registers going. Problem with that was if you were going to use the Trendar (barbaric) cash register YOU HAD TO KNOW The PRICES. SO. You're smart; you see where I am going with this.

The manager on duty was Cliff. Cliff is/was a very large black man about 6'7 and ooohhh I'd say close to 400 lbs and around 60 ears old. Intimidating to look at yea, temper YES, caring, loving, genuine person… 100%. Cliff was one on my favorite people. Always has been and always will be and that was prior to his saving my left boob. You already know my stats. But allow me to paint this picture for you. I was wearing a waitress dress that was a size too small and would ride up when I moved my arm (no choice, it was what we had and I had just got done waitressing for breaks). I had my bra length red hair French braided. I had on full make-up (I knew I was going to be really busy) and I had on a pair of LOVELY Knapp safety shoes.

We kept the Trendar on top of the Haagen Das self serve freezer. So, it was slightly elevated. The drawer opened about a half inch below the natural state of rest of my breast. Cliff was on the fancy register. He came for break first. The girl running the Trendar got mad because he relieved the other cashier first and she walked out. He had a stock person come and find me and ordered me to work the Trendar. I gave him an intrepid look because I had left the waitressing side and started to prep the chef salads for the take out line seeing we were out of them. I told one of the stockers to wash her hands and put the salad stuff away (we are talking a case of lettuce heads, bushel of tomatoes…. I made them big and in a hurry when I did them.)

So, I put my key in the Trendar and typed in a code and opened the drawer with the No Sale button. I looked in and it was over flowing with money and I knew I didn't have time to count it. Cliff said not to worry that I wouldn't be responsible for it. OK, so I started to rock and roll. I was doubling on ringing up people. A smile, a thank you and it was so fast, I had to take a handful of money every 20 people or so and drop it in cliff's safe (the trendar did not have a safe and it only took cash or Canadian it did have a conversion on it for Canadian moohlah). So, a pair of elderly ladies came up . Badda bing badda bang badda boom. I gave them their total. The woman smiled at me and her eyes twinkled. She gave me her greens and I hit the cash button. I counted her change back the old fashioned way, leaned slightly forward to grab something slipping off of her tray with my right hand and my left hand automatically slammed the drawer shut (now look it here, I had shut it, but it didn't shut, I was unaware that the dress was caught in it, so when I was leaning and slamming it, guess what…the under side of my left breast was there also.) I FELT THIS SUDDEN HOT searing pain shoot up from my breast and it felt like fire water rushing out. My left hand went numb, I couldn't breathe; I felt a burning sensation rush up my neck, my ear lobes throbbed, I could only hear a rushing sound of water and my eyes begun to water (on their own free will). But I didn't know what happened. I actually thought that someone had stabbed me. I remember opening my mouth to speak and nothing came out. The elderly lady with the twinkling eyes made eye contact with me. The color drained from her face. I KNEW I WAS DEAD. THIS SON OF A BITCH THAT HAS JUST STABBED ME WAS HOLDING A GUN TO MY HEAD. I turned to get a swat in, I wasn't gonna go down without a fight. I wasn't turning either.

I became aware of a few things all at once.

The elderly woman was saying, "Dear, you appear to have shut your breast in the cash register, let me help."

I was suddenly and acutely aware of the source of the pain.

And my boss had seen the whole thing and was bent over the tray rail laughing. Yes that's right. Not running to rescue me. He was whole heartedly laughing at me. Tears in his eyes, choking to breathe laughing. I decided to rescue myself. I hit the no sale button. The drawer clicked but did not release. Panic began to ebb. I knew that the EMERGENCY key was in the basement, IN the office, and locked in the safe that only CLIFF had the combo for. I made a noise. Croak actually. Cliff came running over. He did stop laughing long enough to realize this was serious. He hit the button. Nothing happened. He ran. Really I didn't know that he could move like that. He was gone maybe five minutes total. He came back with the key and flipped the register on it's side (which I had to move with it and hit my head on the corner of the kiosk, talk about insult to injury but HE WAS NOW in a state of panic.) and I watched his trembling hands disappear in the underbelly of the register. I head the lock click, it was unlocked but he had to hold the key in that position and hit a button. Another customer saw me struggling to open the drawer in my now compromised position. Be pulls a KNIFE out of his pocket and PRYs the drawer open. I screamed when it released. One of the stockers came running over with a glove of Ice (safety awareness classes do help) and the stranger held it to my breast and assisted me back into a standing position. Cliff righted the register and shut the drawer. The elderly lady patted my hand and informed me that that might leave a mark and went on her way to eat. THE NEXT CUSTOMER IN LINE almost got his ass kicked.

He made the snotty remark that he was never going to get waited on when there was a stupid woman trying to do a mans job. The young man that pried the drawer open assisted him out. Cliff told me to go fill out an incident report and go to the hospital. I told him I was fine. I (cautiously) started to ring people up again. And I will be damned if I didn't shut my breast in the drawer a second time. But this time, when I hit the NO Sale button I slid my finger in where it had been pried open and got free. The line was waning at this point, the next shift was coming in, I logged off of the register and brought the drawer down stairs. I locked it in the office and returned with a money bay to clean out the safe. The report was still running on the register. I wonder which numeric code was for the activation of the flesh eating protocol. I added the safe money to the 2nd shift safe and ran back upstairs. Mike N was getting his cashiers ready to head upstairs. I closed the waitress register, the gift shop register, the secondary take out register and strolled over and got my tape off of the Trendar. Cliff was just finishing closing out that drawer and he double checked the safe. We went down the stairs together. I still cradling my breast on ice every few minutes and Cliff spasmodically giggling. He let me in the office and we began counting the registers.

Mike N had come back down and he wanted to know what kind of totals we had. He randomly grabbed a close out sheet with tickertape. Wow, who ran the Trendar, they did really good. Cliff lost it. He laughed. He placed his head on the desk and gasped for air. Mike asked me if he needed to call 911 because Cliff was acting like he was having chest pains. I gave Cliff an annoyed look and I glared at Mike. Mike was only two years my senior so I could be disrespectful. Mike glared back, "Oh you ran it, I thought you were the break manager"

Cliff, "yea, she broke it all right!"

Mike, "Wha-huh?" and he looked at me for clarification. I just shook my head, and left.

Now when I got home, I was really looking for sympathy. I was going to call my best gal pal (NYPINTA) of the time and tell her of my horrific experience. But surprisingly my mother was home. She looked at me. "Are you all right?" I nodded. "I saw what happened, I was in line with Janice and Larry, we were going to say hello, but your register was so busy we went to Cliff's." I glared at her big time.

"And you didn't try to help me?"

"Well no, I was visiting with our family, they called and said they were on the way to West Point, did I want to meet with them for dinner, And that's what we were doing. Besides, you didn't leave in an ambulance or anything. You didn't even take a break from working."I just stood there staring at her. Heartless bitch. Then she started to laugh. She asked me if it was bruised. I went to investigate. I didn't think about it, I just… I don't know. I got some pajamas out and went up to take a shower. When I took my bra off I knew I was in major big time trouble. My breast swelled as I checked it. It doubled the size of the other. Bruise? Talk about it. All of the under side bruised and had ugly red and yellow lines creeping towards the top and minor red/yellow discoloration at the top. I put a t-shirt on and drove myself to the hospital.

But that is another story. I was fine, just a hypo-condriact. Take an asprin every 8 hours, yadda yadda yadda.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dawning of the eyes

I got the misfortune of speaking with dear old mom this afternoon. Like my life is not complicated enough; I get her drama thrown in. Oh well. Anyway after the phone got passed from my aunt to my daughter, all the sudden Molly is shoving the phone in my face and yelling that my mother wants to speak to me. Grrr. I am like two steps from walking into a shoe store; do I really want to talk to Ma right now?? NO! She asks what I am doing and I tell her that I am buying her sister a pair of shoes and that I am going to look for ANOTHER pair for myself seeing I am too fucking stupid to wear even a two inch pump. WHAT? She asks. She is apparently thrown off by the distress in my voice. So I tell her and I am going to tell you all what happened.

I am short. Not by choice, just I didn't get the damn genes everyone else in the family got. Life would be so much less painful if I had! I decided to wear these F**KING high heeled flip flops this morning. See it is by choice so the only person I can get mad at is MYSELF and my 36 years of being short. When I do my hair and make up I leave the cabinet door half open so that I get even light. Simple. Easy. No brainer. Or so we think. When I was done, I threw my make up into it's cubby and shut the cabinet door. Only I FAILED TO REALIZE MY FACE WAS IN THE WAY and slammed the oak door into my upper lip. These events occurring in that order made me howl and cuss and get a fat lip. I also deposited the shoes into the garbage and put on a pair of comphy (well worn out about to fall apart) flats.

So, what does dear ol' Ma have to say?

"That reminds me of the time you shut your boob in the cash register drawer at Hot Shops. Do you remember that?"

And I am taken aback. I am stunned. To myself I think…No, I don't remember the single most painful day of my life, MA. Do you guys want that story? I am game to tell ya, just give me a yay or nay on the comments. The memory is there, fresh and I am willing to spill the beans.

So, there must have been an ounce of horror on my face. My aunt look at me real funny, Molly ran, and the store clerk put her hand on my shoulder. She asked me if I was alright. And I am thinking no lady, I would rather re-live natural child birth, I would rather have a root cannel with not novocane, I would rather drop a brick on my toe; then open my mind to the horrors of this memory but I nodded my head in assurance that I was ok and told my mom I had to go.


The problem with puppies

I woke up by myself and without the aid of alarm clocks and puppies because I am now used to getting up at 4:30am

I am a little tired of opening news pages and reading stuff like this. That was followed by an article that said it was ok to kill owners of immoral TV. I didn't bother to open the latter.

I have been having a major problem with Molly at school. I don't know where this rebellion is coming from but I hope it is about to stop. I don't know what to do with her or about this. This is the second night of no TV and homework until ten. Needless to say I missed Eureka.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I don't really have much to say today. SURPRISE. Alltel is screwing around with my phone bill. Alltel is screwing around with my phone, they sent me a phone under warranty and it is broken. But I guess they figure that they got me in a two year contract and there is nothing I can do about it.

Molly is acting out in school. Not acting out, she just isn't doing her work in school. We did homework from three this afternoon until about nine forty. Glad I have a Span 2001 exam tomorrow that I have not had time to lift an eyelid to study. Yes, I could be doing that now, but I plan on counting sheep. I am tired; I ache… etc so on and so forth.

I dropped my Chemistry class today. I didn't really want to do that. I like that class and all but the teacher would not change my lab partner. I think it is a crime that I got partnered up with the girl I turned in for cheating last semester. I had to legally switch my major to psychology to drop the Chemistry class. IT SUCKS. But if I decide that I want to go back into pre-nursing at Georgia Southern, I have time on my AP and Micro classes to do that. I only will lack the two Chemistry classes of the core classes and then I can take the RN classes. But right now, psychology sounds a whole lot better. 30 hours and I have my bachelor's degree. What is that three semesters?

I called Scottrade today. I have to set up an account and buy some stocks for Amanda for a school project. I saw you had to have a minimum of $500 with Scottrade and choked. But prior to that, I had started to set up an account and then closed it out. TALK about spyware, they called me before five pm and asked me why I didn't go through with opening my account. I explained what I needed to do and the guy was SO nice. He said for things like that they waive the minimum balance rule. I thought that was way cool for them to do that for kids. So, I will be opening the account tomorrow. He gave me some tips on accounts that kids like to watch. Yadda Yadda, yadda, and now I have company so I will just post this.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Insane ramblings

Not much happened today, a little studying, mowed the lawn (yes me, not the horses, how about that) played with the kids, took a nap, cooked, cooked some more, and worked on this little tidbit. Mind you please it is not finished!

Insane the Ramblings

By Jenn Ganoe

Blurred the lines of FREEDOM

Freedom isn't free.

It is an indirect compost heap of a memory.

A memory of a time we won't see.


The brave have turned shallow

Their prejudice stands strong and towers

A tower higher then a mighty mountain stands

And they wane for none.


Blurred the lines of FREEDOM

Freedom isn't free.

It is a burden to all minds

Minds that direct the maudle into thoughts


Compressed thoughts

Exposed to a realm

Of unexpressed interest

In anything that allows discomfort


Blurred the lines of FREEDOM

Freedom isn't free.

Self promotion of oneself

Ways to get ahead of all others in our broken economy.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

The wee wee hours of yesterday

First I would like to start by stating that I am not a morning person. I DO like to get up early in the morning but ONLY if I will be up alone and completing some writing tidbit. ANY other reason can wait until I wake up naturally or HAVE to get up to perform specific morning rituals.

So, when the itty bitty Hounds from Hell woke me up at 0'dark 30, I was a little confused, tired, sore… ok well here :

4:06 a.m. 9/11/08 is that puppy barking? What happened to that cute little whine and gerbil noise they make. OMG, I can't open my eyes. OMG, I can't move. I move and put my feet on the floor. I take a step, OMG my feet hurt. OMG my calves burn, WTF Jenn, can't you even walk a half a day in heels anymore, you wimp. Step two, OMFG, it burns in both calves, both thighs and my ass. Five steps later I am in a cold sweat. DANG.

4:10 a,m I finally make it to the puppy box and they are looking at me like, WTF, then they dance around my feet as I strain to make it to the door and let them out.

4:12 a.m. I run, not walk or hobble to the BR, because my bladder woke up when the damp morning air hit me.

4:15 a.m. I am grateful that I thought to set the coffee pot up the night before and push the on button.

4:20 a,m Do I dare try to smoke a cig? I'll wait.

4: 22 a.m I pour a coffee and sit down with a cig at the computer and start the post about total apprehension I am now feeling about taking a test and having the luncheon on the same day.

4:25 a.m. Puppies rumble against the screen door on my room reminding me that they are still out. I get up and let them in. They are happy to see me and step their wet little feet all over mine. I begrudgingly pet them some. With my finger tips, only. General T is cold so I dig out the doggie sweater I got him and put it on him. He looks at me like I beat him with a wet noodle. I set him down and he runs 90 mph in reverse and into the wall. I just kind of look at him like, ETH? Why'd you do that? And I watch him as he circles my 24x16 foot room in reverse as fast as he can. Annie watches too. Not that she tries to aid him or anything, we both just watch. Second lap he is whipping his head side to side and running backwards. I can't help but laugh. I head him off… no wait… rear him off??/, anyway, I catch him, take the sweater off of him and figure he MUST be warm by now. HE looks at me like I did something awful to him, furrows his brow and everything, ears all drooping… I decide to just put him down before he pee's on me or something.

4:31 - T runs into the dog box and lays down with his back to me. Annie is still just sitting there watching him. Heck no, she is not ready to go back into the box. She attacks the holes in the side of the laundry basket. I get the clothes out for the day for the girls and pack the diaper bag. I take out the given that I am going to wear, stockings, shoes, panties and a bra, and a slip just in case.

4:40 am – I take a quick shower. And I mean quick, I never turned the hot water heater back on after the girls had their bath the night before. I had took a shower the night before to, so you know there was about a minute of hot water, enough time to get wet. So, I washed the VIP stuff and my face.

4:43 a.m. wrap in a towel and shiver. Damn, it is suddenly cold in here. I reach down to pick up the dirty clothes and they move. I scream. Annie jumps out of the basket and tries to climb my leg, she don't know what I screamed for but she is getting away from it.

4:45 am, LULU cries. I scowl at the puppy and put her in her box and consol the scared 2 year old. Thank God she falls back asleep. I am an ice cube at this point. I shut the air off in my room and start to try on clothes.

4:50 I realize my coffee cup is empty and get more. Then try on a few more things. I have tried on a dozen things and NOTHING fits or looks right.

5:00 I give up and go to the BR in a sweater and panties. I put on my makeup, do my hair, put on some pit killer, put on a little perfume. I even rub lotion into my skin.

5:20 am I go back to the closet. I decide on a pair of tan slacks that are capri's and a leopard print blouse that has a matching jacket. I add my big diamond ring, a pair of aquamarine earrings with a matching pendant, and a watch. Somewhere in this time frame I decide to put the panty hose on. This would have been comical to anyone, especially a man. See a few many years ago they came up with these things called thigh highs and they had elastic in them so you DID not have to wear a garter. And see, I've put on a lot of weight sense I had Lulu so they don't make them to fit us MOOOMOO girls. SOOOO MAYBE pantyhose have always been hard to put on, I just didn't realize it because I didn't wear them and I've forgotten because I only wore them for a few years and that was more then 20 years ago. Having said that in MY defense, I spent about twenty minutes trying to put the panty hose on. I'd get one foot in and then not be able to get the other in… I couldn't bend enough to get both feet in at the same time and I couldn't' stretch them enough … anyway… I AM SURE THE SIGHT WAS FUNNY AS HELLO… wake up Jenn and loose some fucking weight.

6:10 am I wake up the girls. Amanda looks at me and asked why I was all pretty today, is there a special occasion? Oh hell, I won't yell at you today but she won't let up, she wants to know if I have a date, a boyfriend, A JOB…. Um no, omg that would mean I'd have to have a life and I got kids and all….I thought that, I didn't say it. I get LULU up and she blinks her eyes a few times, "Mommy Pretty?" Gee thanks, here let me beat you butt just to do it.. I don't SAY that but I sure do think it.

7:45 am I am heading towards my BiO exam and campus police stops me Mr. Durden says : Are you going to that luncheon or something, your hair is done all pretty. Awww shucks, maybe your not such a bad guy after all Me: Yea, hey, thanks for noticing.

8:00 The Bio teacher smiles at me and voices his generous opinion on my choice of clothes, and hair all being done. I thank him. It was kind of him to notice.

8:05 diabolically the hardest BIO test I've ever taken.

9:02 a.m I hand it in, I realize that there are only two people left taking the exam. The President of the school (my BIO teacher because of the 8% budget cut the college got from the state of Georgia) looks at me and whispers, I hope you got a hundred, it took you long enough.

So, I got a lot of compliments throughout the day. I said to Malory when we were walking out to our cars after out last class:

Mal, do I look like shit on a regular basis? I mean I shower daily sometimes twice, I put on clean clothes and I do do my make up most of the time.

Mal: well, you never do anything with your hair just pull it back. You don't look back on a regular basis but you always wear jeans or sweats, or those odd Capri pants.

Me: Ok, well thanks for your honesty.

Me to self: I am not in a beauty pageant, there is no reason to do my hair every day, there is no reason to dress up everyday, there is no reason to wear more then mascara on a regular basis… and damned if I am wearing heels again.

Expected unexpected.

First I would like to say that my old mare was put down yesterday 9/11/08. I've been avoiding posting about her because it is so depressing. We have had a week or so of her "going down" and having to work with her to get her up. Then the diarrhea started and really no one wants to hear how you got shit on today. So, I've really been avoiding posting about her. Mr Freckles has been the mother hen here. When Missy went down, he would run the fence line calling us. When we got out there and started out feeble attempts to get her up, he would assist by nipping her in the ass and then putting his head between her legs and pushing as she was attempting to get up. Then he would come over and nudge one of us and "blow" or "snort" and walk off with Missy. It is rather touching how an animal goes by instinct and amazing that an animal can communicate without words. But, I am still selling the other two (Freckles and Comanche.).

So, Wednesday was the bad day. Missy went down a few times and I was at school. Sue, Harry, and Freckles got her up. Wednesday night she went down in the barn. I went out and talked to her and she was just looking at me (like horses do when they are sleeping or resting and they trust you) and she didn't seem in any distress and she didn't seem like she was dying. There was that light in her eyes and an alert stance to her head. I did ask her to get up and gently guided her and she whickered softly and pulled her head back. But MY horses are like that. They lay down to sleep and get up only when THEY want to.

Thursday morning on my way to school I got a phone call. Sue said Missy was down and Harry was just going have her put to sleep but she called the vet and the receptionist was a little bit snotty, she wanted me to call and see if I could get a hold of Chip. So, I called Dr Prichard and the girl informed me that he was on a farm call at Gene's. I asked her to please call him on his cell and tell him that Missy was down and I needed him ASAP. See the problem with that is that Gene has a multi-million dollar Tennessee Walker ranch. I am small beans next to him and it doesn't matter if my horse is suffering or not, I have to wait. And that is not right or fair but it is what it is.

I could not go home and tend to this matter because of this luncheon thing with the guest speaker and my prior obligation to attend. That and I had an exam in one class and test review in another. So, I was not exactly able to run home. That and this is Harry's horse and I am the one that has been taking care of her and it was time for him to step up and be a horse owner. That and I was still mad at him about him threatening me the other day. I guess I am selfish and mean. I should have been there for him (despite the fact he was a turd the other day).

They had an ordeal. The weight tape said she still weighed about 1800 lbs. After she was put down they (other members of our neighborhood, Harry, and Sue) had to figure out how to move her up the hill, get something big enough to dig the hole, get her in the hole and cover her. They finished about five p.m. That was when I got home. I didn't know they were done, so I dropped the girls off with Sue and I changed into sweats and work boots and went to help. I got there in time for the beer. And I don't drink, I am not a drinker but I did manage to have 4 beers and it didn't even phase me. Well yes it did, I had to pee. But buzz? I didn't get flighty or buzzed feeling in any way at all. That is not normal for me. Normal for me is buzz by a half of beer and silly by two beers. Nothing. And you'd really think I'd have gotten a buzz because I have not drank in an awful long time. I didn't even go to bed early!

Let's see, the guest speaker for the visionary series was really cool. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about China. I will have to make that post for another day. Afterwards I went to the luncheon and the President of the college not only sat at my table but he sat right next to me. Talk about … OMG… I had to eat like a civilian. I had to mind my P's and Q's. But it was really nice. We had a nice spring salad, followed by grilled lemon chicken breast that was served with green beans and seasoned rice. Desert was Fresh strawberries over angel food cake with a hand whipped topping. I just stopped at the café and got me one for breakfast! The strawberry dish that is.

I need to post about yesterday mornings events but I don't have time right now and I don't want to take away from the context here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow, tomorrow and what that shall Brigit forth

I took the time to shave my legs and wash everything two or three times. And no, I'm not getting married. Let me repeat that, I took the time to shave my legs. I went shopping and bought a pair of pumps. And no (LL), I'm not going to start hooking. I will be attending a luncheon with the President of our college, a few select people, and Ret. Major General Perry Smith. OOOOH am I the big turd on the totem pole, or what?

OK or what. But really it is neat to have this opportunity. Not that I don't see enough of the President of the college! Dr. Black is my Bio teacher. IS that a shitty standard or what? I mean, it is not like I am not going to do well in that class. (Note the sarcasm, heck I am studying Bio so much, I might as well change my major to the Bio Sciences!!!!! And despite all that, the best score I've managed to get on a quiz is 8 of ten points. The worst is 7 of ten points.

College aside. I read WOW's post today. Man, I was right there with her.

So, here is how my day went; just a glimpse into an average Jenny day in Jennyland.

I didn't sleep well, so when I woke up at 4:45 am to whimpering puppies, I was not a very happy camper. They decided it was time to go out when my body decided it was time to sleep soundly. But, I got up, put them out, made the coffee, spilled the grinds all over the counter, soaked my foot in a grand attempt to fill the pot with water and then had to run to the potty because the sound of running water had the nerve to wake my bladder up!# Upon completion of task three I went back and cleaned up the mess of task two. While the coffee was brewing and smelling very good, I went outside to smoke a cigarette and promptly stepped in puppy poo. Thank goodness one puppy weights 1.5 lb and the other weights 3.5 lb and the equivalent of poo was about the size of my cigarette. However, it grossed me out. I cleaned it off my foot with a baby wipe and promptly puked. The gag reflex hit over drive when I realized the pups were eating the liquid vomit I had just expelled. I ran back into the house and for the bathroom. Here I spent about ten minutes gagging and bringing up icky stomach acid stuff. Not really vomit because I realized about now that I never ate dinner last night, or lunch, and couldn't remember if I ate a bowl of cereal or not. That didn't help. I brushed my teeth.

I then ventured to the cabinet to get a cup for the coffee, because it smelt gooooood, because I was hungry, because I made the coffee to drink, and mostly because at this point I really needed to get my body kick started for the day. I dropped the empty porcelain cup that I called my favorite. I then had to stop, find the broom and dustpan to clean up the mess before I could try again. This time I did manage to pour myself a cup of coffee (using one of my aunt's cups) and consequently I used her coffee creamer. Not that I mind, but I really prefer Fat Free French Vanilla to Half and Half. But, I did not realize this until I took a great big swig and gently spit it into the sink. I left the cup there and tried a third time and finally got it right.

4:56 am, I let dippy and dolittle in. They kind of bounce around some and do puppy stuff. I sit down and have a cig and this cup of coffee. AHHHHH. And not as in, YUM damn good coffee, Ahhhh as in …. SOME DAMN PUPPY THAT I AM SUPPOSE TO LIKE is chewing on my big toe that don't have a toenail. I can't kick the puppy off my foot so, I roll up my homework page (Chem, that I left out and DIDN't put away) and swat General T. The little shit then graps the paper and puts teeth shreds in it. I swat him again and again he makes a playful grab at the paper. Maybe I should have whacked him, but I don't want to hurt him. So, I put the mangled 4 hours worth of work in my binder, put the binder away and glare at the pup. He just gives me a stupid look. I pick my cig back up and realize that it is out.

DAMNIT I am gonna have this here coffee and a cig. I take a sip of my coffee and miss my mouth.

5:00a.m = I pick out our outfits for the day, Pack Lulu's diaper bag, set a pack of diapers out to take to the day care, pack Molly's lunch, put an extra outfit in her book bag for PE, Pack my Book Bag, and get dressed.

6:00am = wake up the kids by putting insane puppies in their beds. Next time I will get the camcorder out for this@!!

6:15 a.m YELL at Molly to get her hump out of the bed before I take a switch to it.

6:25 –pour a second cup of coffee and sit down to put my shoes on. Puppies tangle the laces. I cuss.

6:30 make sure both girls are eating and load the car up.

6:45 = remind Molly to brush her teeth and hair, get her shoes and socks on, and take LULU to the car.

6:55 – run back inside to see what is taking Molly so long, she has on one sock and is watching cartoons. I inform her that I am leaving and she gets mad.

7:03 Molly comes out to the car. I yell at her all the way down the road and then make her listen to the DC and Family radio show instead of Hannah Montana.

7:15 Molly yells at me because she don't want to hear that crap.

720- I pull the car over and tell her she can walk the next 20 miles to school if she wants to keep up with her mouth

725 – I pull into town and debate about abandoning my children at the police station because Molly is still yelling and pitching a fit and Lulu is crying because Molly is yelling.

730=740 calm Lulu down at the day care before taking Molly to school

742= drop Molly off and return her dirty loo

750 arrive at College

800 Chemistery


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

you know what today is

Eureka Tuesday.

Did I mention the other day that I have started to boobie trap my room?
Love the black hole, (in other news) and here is the link... are we all gonna die?

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Monday, September 08, 2008

got a blister

I got a blister from wearing sneakers for lab and I got a headache from wearing my regular glasses for lab. This sucks! All is well, kinda.

Harry was just being an ass yesterday but I stood up to him. I was pissed. He didn't like it that I stood up to him and he made the comment that I needed another hole in my head. I told him not as much as he did.

Now, I don't sleep well. Never have been a good straight through sleeper. So, every time I got up last night; he jumped! Bastard has been sitting up all night and then bitching when the kids wake him up during the day. That is what our fight was about yesterday. So, he wanted to get huffy in the middle of the night and I told him, "Look you S.O.B. go to bed like your suppose to and you don't have to worry abotu getting woke up in the middle of the day. As for waking you up in the middle of the night when your dumb 4* word is sleeping on the couch, go the F**k to hell, becvause if you were in the bed where you were suppose to be then you wouldn't have been woke up."

Anyway, I am still mad, but ok. I don't plan on taking hte kids home until seven p.m. and then I might just go to a hotel.

I will go back online shortly and fix my typos and all that.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

they're back

have i mentioned my cusin's wife got the grandkids back? Have I mentioned I have seen them and they are doing well? Have I mentioned that I called DCFS again and they won't do anything about her constantly cussing them out?

The puppies are doing good. Lulu had to go to bed at seven last night. She ran them all over the yard. They ran her all over the yard. Then I turned the sprinkler on and they played in the sprinkler. Stupid puppies! Free bath! won't get attached to the rodent/dog hybrids. I think that they r 2 small 2 b considered dogs. I have not bonded with either one. I think they are cute, yes, only a fool would say they're not. Annoying? Yes.

Other news

I got a dirty text message the other day. OMG. IT IS PORN. OMG. Wowow... ladies don't do that! I saved it, if anyone wants it forwarded, please let me know.

Dove season opened today. That means it is the end of the peace and quiet. From here until mid Feb the hunters think they own my property. The game warden we used to have is gone and we have a dumbass DNR officer for this area now. He is on the side of the hunters and not the land owners. I wish him ill.

And Harry has completly pissed me off. If I go a day without a post u know he carried through with his threat to kill me and please call the local authorities. I can't leave, I don't have the resources. But it is out there. Someone knows that he thretened me.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A million things to do and the ambition to do none

and thats my post for the day.


IT IS EUREKA TUESDAY. Chanel 122 on dish aka SCIFI... get off the internet and go watch it! This is great advise from someone who is mad at the writing staff and is shunning the show slightly. LAST WEEK sucked. Can't wait to see what is in store for tonight. You know, in this little speel they have going tonight, do you think that they'd have the courtisey to re-run last weeks show so that I could pretend not to watch what I was to tired to stay up for? GRRRR>

I am so tired! I forgot in three weeks how draining studies can be! I am running behind the 8th pulled pin on the 7th granade. Oh weeelllll. If G'ma takes the puppies to the vet tomorrow, I will spend the day catching up on the stuff I shouldn't really be behind on.

As for the puppies, I am really not ready for another dog. Honest. They are not mine. But I do understand that the rest of the family needs to heal and they are all taken in, smitten actually, by these furry little creatures. Me, I am neither here nor there about it. Kinda going through the rituals of house breaking. That means people too. No g'ma you cannot take the puppy to bed with you because you won't want him sleeping with you in a year and he won't understand. Lulu put her down. Molly, put THEM down. ANNIE NO, GENERAL T NONONONONONO BAD DOG... etc so on and so forth. Renie said I have 4 kids now and her math was off. She left out G'pa who is holding Annie all day on his lap and G'ma who is taking naps with General T. BOY does that sound perverted! But I got six kids now. And don't forget the three horses!

Freckles was standing at the fence snorting this afternoon and watching them. He hates dogs and spooks at little things. I bet he thought we had guina pigs or something running around and was waiting to get eaten up. General T noticed tho, and the little big shit barked at him and ran at him... well until Freckles lowered his head in courosity and made a horsey noise. It was hells for bells and rolly polly running free for all by the bad General. Uth huh, you and your bad self. Little rotten dog. Maybe it is 9 kids. I yelled at Freckles for antagonizing the puppy and then scaring him. Freck just begged for a pet, he really don't care if I yell at him. Then because he was getting pets the mares came over and vyed for attention.

And I wonder why I am tired and I have the nerve to blaime it on college? Some gal I are!

Phone is out again. 5th time in three weeks. AT*T and their lovely repair job to where the roads and grounds commision graded the road and tore up the line. I called them again today and they will be out Friday after 3 pm. What am I like neighbors with WOW in the middle of no where? ~~waves at WOW~~ (NOT SAID IN A MEAN WAY... UPS can't find you why should the phone company be able to find me)

Now when you call one of three things happens, it is busy, it rings (but not at the house), or it says, "The party you have reached has been disconceted"... Yea, we are disconnected all right. But ATand T has no problem cashing my checks that get there on time.... GRRRR.

Molly got a cellphone. Irony is the last four digits is Lulu's b-day! Like I can forget that one. But the phone is a purple scoop (I've got the slate scoop) and it is in G'pas hands until Molly brings home a stellar report card. Molly knows this. And she is working HARD... OOOOOh baby. The deal is that she brings home a great report card and she gets the phone. Her grades slip and she surrenders the phone to G'pa. The phoneis on my account and it is not that much more. SIGH... but... anyway.

Don't cha all hope the home phone gets fixed soon? LOL... I've like totally blogged here today!

Have a great night... EUREKA is on at 9 pm with a new episode.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Just a few pictures

Got me a new puppy and I'm playing with my hair
Got a new puppy and I'm playing with my doll and sitting in the doll stroller (BTW the front axle is bending~)
Go Away!
I am gonna tear you up!
Hey you got the camera out!
I'm an EWOK

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look mom, it is a ,,,,

Look mom, an EWOK
It's a bug
Five minutes later
It's something
u got me a puppy n look what i am playing with
someone figured out how to work the door to the puppy house
NOT what this was intended for... BUT hey it works! Too bad she woke up the puppies and kicked them out first! But we fixed this habbit real quick. I informed her that the puppies poop in there and she has stayed out of it!
And here is a pic that about SIZES up how tiny Annie is. She is pictured next to Grandma's foot
And I will TRY to get more pictures of General T up, he just moves faster then the shutter speed. He is like a minature deer. All hopping and bouncy.... OOOOOH and a BRAT

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