Monday, June 27, 2005


I painted the ceiling and 3 walls yesterday, I am stiff in the right shoulder and over my right hip today. Spent the day dismantling my bed and moving it up to the other house (temp) and re-arranging the yard furnature so we could mow with the brush hog. Oh yea and napped to. Spent and hr and a half in the 82' pool with rugrat.

Lots of clouds today. Temp 110'. When the thunder storm moved in and swirled around us, the temp dropped suddenly to 50' with wind. That was when we got out of the pool and I tell you this, it was like getting out of the water and walking into air conditioning. YIKES. Both Molly and I were shivering by the time we got inside and that was not much warmer. LOL.

That is about it, no pictures today. If you go to my group under photo's i put in there the 4th of july salutations i've been making. if your not a member of my group it is on the side listed as the orginal lucy land, apply to join (its free) and I will accept you and put a 4th salutation in for you.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Con Artist

We had to go out and run errands today. No biggie, except the fact I HATE to do it. While in the grocery store, my daughter approaches the young man blowing up a baloon boquet.
molly - Hi handsome
man- HI (smiles)
molly - batts eyes and taps counter with her fingers and goes to the juice isle and picks up her juice. returns to counter and taps it again. "I could sure use a baloon for my imaginary birthday"
man - is that right?
molly- sure enuf. (more eye batting and a sweet smile and she joins me. I nod my head at the guy and he smiles.

HE catches up to us over in the dairy section with a big red baloon with jr ga bulldogs logo on it and hands it to Molly and explains to her that it is for her "Imaginary Birthday" She squeels and hugs him.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The handicaper

OMG my daughter is a cheater, a con artist and a swim handicaper. I think. Here is how it goes. We can race in the pool but IF i am winning she either snags me OR turns around and heads for the other side. OR... I have to do the doggie paddle while she free-styles. I forgot how hard the doggie paddle was. Actually it could be an olympic event. It takes more storkes to get to the other side and it is a MUCH slower pace.

WHERE on Earth is my YOUNGIN getting this crap from!

EDIT the water temp today is 82'. Movin on up there.

momma sporting ma-gent-tah shade Posted by Hello

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Burned Buns

Well now, I can't post a pic of that. However. Miss Bare Ass, gotta swim in the buff (um no not me) has officially burned her bisquets. Her cheeks (both sets) are just as rosey red as you can imaginate! For those concerned, i also suffer mild (magenta) sunburn but I have a bathing suit line. We ended up swimming 4 times yesterday and taking a 2 hr naparino. Ok posted are our upper cheeks... damn sun... I perfer to be white.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

click on the pic - this is what 150% humidity looks like Posted by Hello

Oh yea and me almost blonde and sunburt, hmm only day 3 of it Posted by Hello

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Cold, ya think? gpa and molly Posted by Hello


100' at 9am, by 11 am temp is up to 110'. Water temp up to 78' at 10am. Molly and G'pa and I swam for about an hour this morning. Now at noon, I AM READY for a NAP.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just can't stop wondering about this one

Edit for today

I reckon I need to start with the second swim of the day and the fact that I have finally figured out my daughters MO. She swam for two hours this afternoon. And considering the fact that I had added more water to the pool and the ladder in now manditory to use; begrungily I went with her.

Let me state this. For fact I enjoy not working right now. I treasure almost every minute I have the grace of god to spend with my child. NOTE: ALMOST. I resented getting into 75' water. 75' sounds warm but when the ambient outside air temp is 100' with the heat index brining it around 110' and 90% humidity, 75' is a LITTLE BIT CHILLY. Now yes, 75' is pretty warm but you have to keep in mind I must be part reptile. As I stood theigh deep in the pool, I imagined several different places that i'd like to be. But then and again, after I got my mid section wet or my boobs to be more exact, I was fine. So we played and raced from side to side for two hours. She used the ladder as her personal belly flop board and once again was buck ass naked. The morals of a child.

Her day was ended with an apple and a PPJ sandwich. Oh and ... MORE sparklers.

As for her MO (method of operation) I think she decides where she is going to sleep based on whom gave her the best day. The days she is torn between who gave her the best day, I notice she wanders from room to room until she falls into an exhausted and restless sleep.

So, exhausted rugrat in MY bed, I slightly sun burnt and showered, i sit to watch a movie. Mommy time. Tonights movie is "The Notebook" Staring my faviorte actress Gena Rowlands and another fine actor James Garner. What a fucking tear jerker. Stellar performances from both actors. Great Directing from Gena's son ( I forget his name over and over again.). So I recomend the movie with a box of tissues. I give it a LucyLand 5 stars. That is the kind of love that everyone wants deep inside. Or at least I do. Ha, but alas, I am getting to old to find it. The movie is just proof that IT is out there.

There you go it should have been an edit to todays orginal post, but I blogged it as new instead.
first i want to cover this . I read it with intrigue. Girl protected by wild lions. facinating. but what alarmed me was the fact that 70% of the weddings take place via abduction and forced marriage. I don't know what is more intresting.

Second. Off With the clothes, i tell you. Eposide II of swimming. Molly gets up at 9am today. She comes downstairs all stiff acting, goes potty, gives everyone hugs and kisses, fetches her ear plugs, takes off her PJ's and then asks to go swimming. I humor her, just knowing the now 2 feet of water is going to be diobotically to cold. Well, I was wrong. The water temp is or this morning was 70'. Miss water bug (with my assistance) climbed over the side of the pool and swam for an hour and fourty five minutes. I was a little shocked but hell, makes her happy and it is good clean fun. I cleaned or worked on cleaning the pool cover. The pool cover had been left out all winter and got quite dirty and one of the barn cats had her kittens on it, so... NASSY... I almost vomited when I pulled it out... and the stench while I was cleaning it... Bleah. I still need to flip it over and clean the other side. *SIGH*

So, my little girl is anxiously awaiting her swim this afternoon. I am going to make her wait a little bit yet, want the high sun to go down.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Sand for pool got delivered today. spent a good portion of the day leveling it out. Then had to drag the pool over and set it up. I don't care how bad it gets, the damn thing is staying set up this year. It is way way to much work to put up every year. I think dragging the pool out and over to the area we set it up, is horrible. Took 5 hrs today to spread the sand and put the pool up, we filled about 13 inches (yea i measured it) and a gallon of bleach (kill any bacteria from sitting) add more water tomorrow and the next day. UGH.

Molly swam for an hour while it was filling (before I put the bleach in). She ended the day with a little suprise i pulled out of my pocket... SPARKLERS. She was just all wow'd about them. Cool to be a kid.

Spare Room

The finishing touches on the spare room aka my room, came to a screeching halt at the Announcment that Eva and her brood were comming. Well they never came. There is a lot of disappoint on the shoulders of my daughter and uncle and my aunt is just plain pissed. Me, I'm slightly annoyed. We did a lot of work to get the house ready and re-babyproofed. *grr* and she never even called to say they were not comming.

I hate this house. I hate these people. They have no respect for anyone else. Absolutly none. If I turn on the computer to right they are all hanging over my shoulder and annoying me. FUCKERS. If I turn on the computer to play, same thing. They expect me to sit on my ass in the living room and watch fucking tv with them. Well tell me this. What is the difference between having the computer on and being at least mentally active or having the tv on and being stolic?

Annoying qualities: Aunt- if you so much as leave the room she follows you You can't fart with out her permission or knowledge. If you start a task such as cleaning the fans she has to push in and take over (AHHHH THE TARUS IN HER) and it fucking drives me nuts.

Uncle.- has had the shits for a year and won't go to the doctor but expects people to clean up after him when he shits the bed or his pants. Oh and his darling attitude is the best. No matter what when or the time of the day he has to be number one dirtbag prick. Small example, if he is not sitting there festering in his bad mood he will piss on the tolit seat.

My daughter - she lies or worse if you tell her NO she will circut the house and try to get someone to say YES. She pouts. She thinks everthing new is hers. She is annoying the hell out of me

To make my life more complete, shithead has confirmed he is comming down on July 8-13. Everything has to be his way. I found him a ticket flying into augusta for 337.30 and he wouldnt buy it because he or his sister didnt find it. So... he waits until they republish airfair and just to beat me on price, he is flying into columbia sc for 336.00. Ok. So... instead of flying into the local airport and driving an hr to get here, your gonna fly into columbia and drive three hours just to beat the damn fucking price I found. ANAL RETENTAVIE FUCKER.

So, that is why I havent posted. I don't have a nice thing to say about anyone.

Friday, June 17, 2005

One more trip around the moon

Ever feel like that? That everything you do is a trip around the moon? I do. Honest. That is how this last week has been. Or perhaps it is just because I am displaced through in and out the house and I have no personal space.

So, the finishing of my room or the addition (however you want to look at it) is going very well. One problem. I need a man. Really. Honest. I am not strong enough to hold the big sander against the ceiling and sand that. It just kinda swoops me off of the ladder. *SIGH* If I were stronger I could hold enough force against the ceiling to get it in one or two swipes but no, it is taking me 5 or 6. That and having to work at night when bodily I am already fatigued.

Here is the kick in the pants. Mad scramble to clean the rest of the house. Eva called and announced she is comming for fathers day weekend. So, it has been... clean construction dust off of everthing inside the house and baby proof and put away certain items. Can life get any better then this? YES I AM COMPLAINING. We don't have company in years and when the house is at its absolute worse, poof... here comes trouble.

The funny thing about her comming to visit is the iminent jealousy my daughter is fronting. She don't want to share "pop-pop" with eva's children. And molly has gone from (first finding out) very clingy to (yesterday) very indifferent... you don't have to love me anymroe to (today) I am nervouse. I love you pop-pop you know that. It is intresting how a child reacts when they feel like they are emotionally threatened? Am I saying that correctly? I keep telling her she is jealous and she tells me no.
So, I put the popper in the oven with this... "You are aware that pop pop is not the only person you have to share?"
molly "Come again?"
me "you have to share me and grandma, your toys and the pets, also"
molly (fretting) "You think"
me (stern) "no, i know"
molly (smiling) "Fine we are all going on vacation"
me "What!"
molly (matter of factly) "Well, you see. If we gone when they r here then i dont have to share"
etc so on and forth

And I am waiting on a phone call. That is the hardest thing to do. Well it is hard for me. Anyway. C'mon man, call me. LOL. Lucky he don't know my politic's about waiting. *SIGH* and no, its not what you think. It is not a b/f or anythng like that.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Todays date.. any guesses

Yea yea, you looked at your calander and thus cheated! I found my (phonic's here, can't find dictionary) per-pet-u-al calander today. Yes. My stuff is scattered amongst the melay. I have a dresser in the dining room and all electronic's. Clothes on the stairs. End tables and filing cabnets in some of the two sheds, Um... just randomly scattered JennyLand. (I stole the adding the land after my name from NYPINTA just for the record).

Todays date. December 83,2005 and it is Easter. Just thought cha all would like to know that.


yes you read that right. Agggggggggggh. or visa vera or versa visa. This bites. I've gone sense my last post without coffee. yea for me. Ok, all right. I had a half of a cup this am but I used sugar and not sweetner. I can honestly say that alone is making me feel better. No diet drinks either. So, what does that tell you, the Aspatame is POISION!

Other news. Farrier was out on Monday. (blush) Uncles youngest daughter is comming up for the weekend. And we are just BUSY attempting to finish my room before they get here. The goal is to have it at least sanded and painted. We have one window left to frame in and one left to finish putting the fininshing edges on. That and the wiring (right) and moving the phone cord (right). Bought the primer today. I think we have enough sand and finish for the ceiling.

It is currently 105'f with a heat index of 115'f. Isint that great? Yep. Oh and CALI It has rained every night. Today is our first attempt at mostly sunny skies. Hmmm imagine that. The weather station says we are to expect pm thunderstoms through monday BUT so far so good and thanks for all the fish.

I ran into a little store in L'ville on monday. I needed to get some cleaning stuff and they sell it real cheap there. Like scrubbing bubbles for $1 a can instead of $2.99 a can at walmart. Well I saw these sneakers there. They are made by K-tech. Never heard of the company but they are really cool leather and suede and grey and white. So, I tried a pair on. They are like ... wearing new balance (in comapred to comefort and fit) so I bought them, they were not priced. LOL. They rang up at $10. I was like, that can't be right. But, hell who am I to argue. When they fall apart next week, now... lol... but for now... I got neat looking and comphie new sneakers! Woohoo.

Oh Hoot. LOL. I went to the drug store and bought that damn back brush. It was marked $7.99 but rang up for a buck. Hell, again, who's gonna agrue when your getting something at an extreme mark down? I should have bought them all. But there you go, I'm not greedy!

I'm tired. I need a nap. we've been up about 5 m all week to beat the heat! So, that is it for now. Will update blog later as time prevails. hell with my luck it wont be until moday or tuesday... but anyway. thats that.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Self purge

Everytime I look in the mirror; I fear I am going to have a premature death. I have to complete my destiny and my destiny is not to die young. I have a greater responsibility to my daughter then I have to toxins.

Saying that, I will tell you now where I am going with this. I've read a few pieces on some substances I am putting in my body on a daily basis. The purge is going to be sudden and not subtle. I am going to quit cold turkey my coffee drinking (not really cold turkey, I've been weening myself for about a year now, down to 2 cups a day) but the coffee triggers me to use Equal and the Aspatarine (sp) in Equal and diet drinks is very very bad. So, ousted tomorrow is coffee.

I am not ridding myself of caffine. That is a fix I need and have no idea how to conquor. I have been gradully replacing coffee for tea and sweetening the tea with honey instead of Equal. But it has been Herbal teas that are naturally caffine free. So, maybe I can confuse myself enough. LOL. Right. Mind over matter.

I can lie a thousand times over and say I quit smoking, which I never did. That is a habbit I havn't purged. My body tells a different story. You can lie to anyone but yourself. I want to believe in myself. So, I have been working very dilligently on the smoking. I've got it down to less then a half a pack a day and tomorrow I will not light up.

I want to be able to say I am a quitter and be proud. I can do it. I want to do it. I will do it. I've overcome worse obsticals in my life.

I ask my fellow bloggers to bear with me. I ask my fellow bloggers to not be offended by me if I wig out for awhile. I know I will go through DT's. I've done that before. But I'd rather have DT's then a cigarette.

I want to live. I've got a few books to get out and published before I die. I have a child I want to raise and raise right. I have a life that I've been putting on hold, that I need to live.

I was doing so good before Brian walked into my life. I just need and more importantly WANT to make peace with myself for my mistakes. I want to be able to forgive myself for my poor judgement. No, self torture is not my forgivness, but it will put me back into perspective of where I was before Brian and his bullshit.

And speaking of the bastard, the hero returns on July 7-13th of this year. I don't know why all the sudden he feels the need to be a father. I hate what it does to my daughter. She don't understand. I don't know how to explain. Or is it, I don't want to explain. She deserves better! I will give her better.

Tomorrow is complete purge day one.

Oh and one more note... GRRRRRRR. We are getting the tail edges of the hurricane/tropical depression that just came up the gulf. sooooo u know what that means? RAIN RAIN, bloody fucking thunderstorms, and tonight potential tornado watches.... UGH...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Jenoe Booro ~ Eontal of Xanax

Courtsey of The Lord Riddler at

Star Wars name Body:

How to determine YOUR Star Wars name:
Your New First Name:1. Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name. 2. Add the first 2 letters of your last name.

Your New Last Name:3. Take the first 2 letters of your Mom's maiden name.4. Add the first 3 letters of the city you were born in.

Your Star Wars Honorific Title:1: Take the last three letters of your last name and reverse them2: Add the first three letters of the make or model of your first car3: Insert the word "of"4: Tack on the name of the last medication you took.

now once you did that please reply to my blog with your answer!
Hey now maybe Jenoe Booro could be my pen name... lol, yea right... has some possibilities though

I took a nap today and wrote myself in as a character on CSI vegas, I was an animal pathalogist and went to a crime scene and spoke to a yellow and white python, then the snake led me to evidence which was a human penis, scrotom and bladder amongst other entrails, in a large maple tree. FUCKED up..oh yea and my character was having an affair with one of the CSI guys.


The Breakfast Club just celebrated its 20th year aniversary. Read that at the askew boards, and damn if that don't make me feel like a pre-historic poster.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

donations anyone?

Sadley I've realized I have not bought a new CD in two years. Ok, one but it was the SHREK2 soundtrack for my daughter. I look over my CD selection (radio don't even come in in the boonies) and I'm bored with what I got. Want to add to my cause.. please email me off the blog, i'll take anything but rap.. HONEST !!!!

Even sadder, i missed the whole music download craze. Why... hark, nay don't ask, but we don't get DSL here either, so to download 1 song, your looking at like 45 minutes, and frankly, I don't have that time to waste!

I have the yahell mail down to 5111 (and working on it as I type) this really bites donkey dong. Not that i'd know. I am just using my imagination.

Having to put my writing on hold. that alone sucks.

I am on a blogger chain letter. Which is IRONIC because I was thinking about starting a blogger challenge. So, now I got to sit down and do this chain letter ... well I don't have to but it is something of intrest to me and others that are caught up in the whole 80's flashback thing.

Speaking of, or refering back to the yahell mail box. I guess I know now what Celeb's go thru. And I feel kind bad. Seeing I just emailed Jason Lee. (insert strangled face). No it was not a fan letter. Actually. It was not a hate mail either. I was reading on E online where he was born and where he went to school, etc, and it occured to me that... I went to the same school as him and we are less then a year apart. And now I wonder. No, I'm not looking for some long lost friend. Well actually i am. If he stayed in that system then he knows TROY and I've had him on my mind for a month! So thats what the email was about if he knew troy. Not that I expect an answer, but it would be nice.

However, As I go thru these emails. I am pretty sure Jason Lee has someone to read his mail or just uses the delete button. BOOOHOOO OOOOOOOOOooooooooo..... and no, I don't remember TROY's last name or I'd do a people search.


It has long been said that there are a few things that you don't talk about. Religion, politics and I forget the rest. however, here i got to blog.

Taxes. Nothing is certian except for death and taxes. Our Mill rate dropped. Wait, let me back up. This home is like many in the family. It was built out of blood and sweat and when we couldnt take anymore abuse the rest was done by the pros'. having said that. This house was orginally fianced for 20K to finish building it. 2800 sq feet with the two additions. Two story blue and white home. But really it is small. Anyway. Over the years the home has been acessted anywhere from 65K (reasonable) to 95K (eth... i don't think so.)

With the mill rate dropping. here is what happens. Your property value goes up because there is supposedily "Industry" in your area. Yea. Right. I live in Johnson fucking county. There is about as much industry as I get laid and i ain't got laid in 2 years so you do the math.

Ok, I will do it for you. Our home that was acessed at 65 K last year is now worth ... ready... steady... faint... $228K. Our property tax went from 1,500 to.....(i got the smelling salts out) 14,000. WHAT!

Of course we appealed it. They are saying the land is worth 3,500 an acre. Land that was bought for 200 an acre. They are saying it is worth that much because we have an industrial park less then 20 miles from us. (19 miles, bastards) but ... but... the industrial park is a 5,000 acre waste land. THEre IS NOTHING THERE. THERE IS NO EMPLOYMENT IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN COUNTY. NOTHING. unless you want to be a gas jockey or flip burgers at the 1 restrarnt! JFC! (the lords name in vain)

We live 30-70 miles from any cities. IF YOU WANT TO CALL THEM that. ok the one that is 70 miles away is about the size of ...kingston NY. Oooh really big taters there. And the sad, worst part, is there is absolutly NO work.

Oh and we had thunderstorms last night with an average of 17 lightening strikes a second. the lord was hunting evil politicians I believe!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh hell, YaHell even

I have forgotten to log into yahoo. Not forget so much as just havn't had the time to run a few different messangers, yadda yadda yadda. What I did forget was that I had joined a busy PSP group that you get sent daily tubes and tagbacks from. Now I pay for yahoo storage. I don't know when the last I logged in was (about 2 maybe 3 weeks) but.... they used up all my storage. 6,010 emails to be exact and over 700 spam in the junk box. Yahoo locked my account. I could access it to view the files and save/ delete them but I cant send or receive any more emails until I get my storage down to 1G. I PAY FOR 2G! FUCKERS.

I spent 3 hrs on yahoo last night. I got the storage down fromm 100% to 97% and the mail box down to 5178. That just seems so unjust!

Oh and it is going to rain again. We've had thunder storms booming all around us sense noon. If I WANTED THIS MUCH RAIN I"D LIVE IN SEATLE!

I went to my dr today. This is suppose to be a monthly thing until they are satisified with my blood pressure. Well i got lucky today. They over booked (yea, like I've never heard of a doctors office doing that before) anyway, they re-scheduled me for next week. I hate it. I think the doctors are robbing the medical system by insisting on an EKG every other month because your blood pressure wigged out six months ago! (last two times it has been normal).

Oh how I got lucky. They gave me another appointment. But I told the girl I was out of meds so she gave me a 30 day supply. I asked her if she wanted money for them and she said no, she was to busy to be bothered. She didn't write it down in their drug log or anything.

So, that is that. I havent had time to work on my stories. Except in thought in the shower. Does that count?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

just one word


Monday, June 06, 2005

Blog. Blog. Blog. For the record we got more rain yesterday and today.. the one day we were not suppose to get storms, we just got done with a big (20 minute long) boomer. *SIGH* and we are suppose to get MORE DAMN rain all week!
I don’t feel like blogging tonight or all day for that matter. I feel like I am about to have an internal civil war. LOL.
I got to giggle this evening. I assembled the new osculating fan. Whoopie! The old one lasted 7 years and I am one of them people that likes to have it blow on me while I sleep. Hot, cold, I just like the damn fans! So the old one shit the bed about a month ago, I just didn’t get around to buying a new one. Or more accurately I didn’t want to pony up the $30. But with the 150% humidity we got going on, etc, I figured why the heck not.
So, fan assembled, partially, they sent me two I called them and a front is on the way... mean time I zip tied the backs together to "Fake it" until the front comes via ups.
My daughter walks into my room and the breeze blows by here. She stops all movement and looks at the fan. Then she like ... she.. patches out in front of the fan. Modeling all these moves and swaying with the movement of the fan.
Finished she yells "THAT WAS A BLOW JOB"
me.... mouth a gape
daughter "I’m all blown now"
me... stunned silence
daughter "Mommy did you see me, i got blown away"
me.."Perhaps we should say, mommy I just got wind from the fan"
daughter... "Naw, the new fan BLOWS"
daughter "Whats wrong with a good blow?"
me... (major attempt not to laugh) "Um, nothing. But..." (at a loss of words on how to explain that there is an alternative way to say what she is expressing and what she is saying could be construed as bad)
daughter. "i’m gonna go tell poppa you gave me wind"
me... thinking to self... thats better.. now good ol gramps will thing child has gas

and speaking of gas, there is something I have to fess up to... I blogged this on "ASKEW" but I'm gonna share it here to

all right I can't sleep. I've a guilty conscious now.

Ever do something so heinous that you just had to blame someone else? Just this once I will admit to quaffing off a SBD (Silent But Deadly) fart.

Let me set the scene for you. We are in the backyard pool side. I am sitting in the cast iron glider. “G” is sleeping in the wrong spot, under the glider. I let rip this nasty nasty quiet fart. (“God, that’s good!” insert Sweeny Todd song from Jersey Girl) And “G” pinwheels out from under the glider and looks at me a second.

He then sniffs the air and squints his eyes and sneezes. Three times like a polite little girl. Then his whole body goes rigid and his tail shakes. He hen races from the oasis by the pool. Last glimpse of him his eyes were watering.

My aunt looks up at me and asks, “What was that all about?”

Innocent me, “From the smell of it, he just farted and tried to blame me!” Yes I pushed the buck. I let loose a SBD and blamed the dog! I guess I am lucky he came back home!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A good reason to use excessive O2

I actually used the O2 Gas about 20 years ago when I broke my own nose! And people wonder why I stopped running!

I am a TREE HUGGER. Or Slider. However you want to look at it. I used to run. Run. I was "off the beaten" trail or more like a country road with sparsely located street lamps. I was annoyed. So, I was about to mile 9 or so and I saw a stick in the road and just leapt over it in stride. Mid stride... It moved. The kind of movement you see out of the corner of your eye.
Yea well, I focused on that movement and tripped myself, upon impact with the street I did this chin/bust /palm/abs/ thigh/knee/shin glide.. bounce.. roll.. and ended up face first in an old Oak tree.

Now, Scared, hurt, BLEEDING... I look wildly around and realize the "Stick" that I THOUGHT was a snake ... was actually the reflection of the electric wire going to the light post...

So, there you have it. I BROKE my own NOSE over a shadow and an overactive imagination! I was scabbed from chin to shin (pun intended) for over a month. Everyone kept asking me if I was in a motercycle accident :roll:

But the Oxygen was a good thing. I used quite a bit of is as I gasped in pain and admitidly cried the long limp home. And it was like ... hysterical crying. I laugh at myself now. I was crying more because I was annoyed with a prior incident then because I was hurt. Crying over the physical pain came later. When I saw it and sat there with the Iodine bottle.. all right I'm stealing my post here and blogging it! As posted at the Askew Message Boards...

Pink Floyd "Boom boom, bang bang, lie down your dead"

Have you ever had a time in your life when an music album influenced you beyond all means? I have. To this date I still find myself waiting for this one line from the song, "Two suns in the sunset"

"...Like the moment when the brakes lock and you slide towards the big truck.... you have no recourse to the law anymore..." From Pink Floyd; The Final Cut.

I actually love the whole album. I’ve bought several copies of it over the years. This CD is starting to skip, SO I will be buying another, GRRRR. But it stages the set of my mind about leaving California. It was like a nuclear blast to the skull.

I also wonder about the song, "Not now John". Would he be referring to a political leader in the USA at that given time. Like McCarthy? I just wonder.

Word of the day... or more precisely I need a definition for. "Cenotaph" how it is used in "Southhampton dock" is "... gathered at the cenotaph, all agreed with the hard on heart, to sheath the sacrificial knifes...."

But I would go insofar as to ponder the name sake song of the album. "The final cut" when the lyric sing or read however you wish to view that..."... I held the blade in trembling hands, prepared to make it hurt, just then the phone rang, I never had the nerve to make the final cut..." I don’t really think he is referring to suicide. I am torn between
a) the final cut being that he never bared his soul to his partner ... like he carries on earlier in the song the what if’s if he did...
b) or the blade being a pen... like he was going to write down his life...
c) he never had the courage to carry on his life as he planned because we were in the fallout of the cold war.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

What If?

All Right here is a big what if....

Cancer is not really a disease as WE believe it to be, but the next step in human evolution. What if the scientist are looking at it all wrong. We don't need to cure cancer but we need to help our bodies adapt to the evolution?

Like they have all these things out there that are carcinagins (sp) things in every day society that to some extint we can choose to "avoid" or not use and other things we have no control over.

What if the body recognizes the potential threat and is attempting to create a "new organ" to take place? I am stroking at the fact two organs in our body are basically "extinct" already. Ie the appendix and gallblader.

more on this later, rain let up and need to work on the gate at the end of the drive.

Rain, Humidity, Bones, Gravational Pull, Put me on the Moon

Again, Rain. I am going to slosh down to the pond and take pictures of what was a beautiful 4 acre pond. That is take a picture of the now "Jennyland Lake". It is about 1/2 an acre over the bank. You can't get (um unless you want to wade in questionable water) close enough to "cast out" your line. Today would be a great day to go fishing.

I say great because we are getting that "Mist" type rain. You know the type if you are out driving in, it is to hard to not have the windshield wipers on but to much to have the wipers off.

It is so HUMID. Every joint in my body feels like it is at the breaking point. This is what 150% humidity feels like? GOOD GRIEF. I want to move to the moon. I was unaware that an increase of humidity would affect (effect?) the gravitational pull. But apparantly it does.

I wish I were a scientist. LOL. I'd have all the answers on that one.

But living on the moon is a brilliant idea. Really. No one could say you were to fat to function beacause you would be rendered weightless. I dear say I wonder if my atomic bullets would work on the moon.

Working on my project "The Real Planet B" I am under a quam if I should make the gravity the same as the Earths or more similar to that of the moon. I know if I make it like the Earth's then the transition period of moving the characters to RPB would be smoother. However, I am rather fancy the Idea of having a low to non-existant gravational pull. I wonder what the long term affect would be on the body. Would we become weightless blobs, would we ... yes rather, would we mutate to a slug like creature with no internal sketal structure? Slime like adhisive that keeps us attached to the planet and from drifting off into outer space?

I really don't want to work on RPB right now, I am very involved in The Hollow Tree. HOWEVER, I can't stop thinking about a new body glad that produces a substance in the sole of the foot to keep us on our planet.

My other question would be if the acceptable humidity level is now going to be 150% does that mean our gravational pull is changing? I ask because before the rain started it was a "crushing" like experience. Walk outside of "a/c" controlled atmosphire and into the real one and take a deep breathe. Near impossible and it felt like trying to breathe with someone standing on your chest. A big guy. Hulk Hogan. Does he still wrestle? Whatever, you know what I mean. It was not hot (as it was about 5am and the sun was not up yet) but it was dank. I guess like attempting to breathe underwater. An experience I'd rather not do again. However, the weather is calling for it to be like this through sunday night.

Well, I am off. Going to appempt to bury the horses feet in the mud and get a "STUCK" pictire!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

It has now rained here for the 4th day straight. We can get absolutly nothing done. The ground is so saturated the fields are mini rivers that are drowning the ponds that have banks already overflowing. GRRRR. Horses are sticking to the high ground ( up here by the house).

We started to put new gates at the end of the driveway. This means, getting the auger set up, dragging new railroad ties and gates out. Also rigging so we can use the drill. All set up and one old gate down and the downpour starts. GRRR. So, here is your chance... come visit, the hot wire is down and there is one functioning gate at the end of the driveway.

Getting ready to rain again. We are suppose to have a brief (few hr) reprive from the storms then they are to start up again around six pm. 90' with .. get this... 150% humidity for sat and sun. Will someone explain to me PLEASE how you can get 150% humidity when at 100% humidity is the breaking point before it rains? That is what the local "VIPER" weather center is saying. AHHH GEEE CRAMBA!

Horses. Freckles don't like to get wet. He hates it. He hates even more getting his feet wet (the hoove is all healed up now, for whoever wants to know.) So, Freckles has spent the last week in the high ground of the roundpen. No grass to wet his feet just mud. MAKES SENSE TO ME! I let them out of the pastures yesterday to work on mowing the lawn for us. THEY really are wonderful mowers. :) They did the backyard before the downpour and they were forced to run for the barn. I had to laugh. They ran for the barn via the backyard and couldnt get in so they had to be led from the backyard to the round pen (where their access is to the barn). And they were thinking.... a new barn door would magically appear because they ran to the wrong side?

View my photobucket link. Put two pics in I took of the freaking looking clouds from yesterday. Tri-tone grey storm clouds. go figure.

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