Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just a note

My MSN group will be deleted as of March 31... YIKES! MSN has had a policy change. Sorry for the inconvience. I will be temp posting all my copyrighted poems here until I can find another online spot to store them, as well as molly's stories. *SIGH* enjoy the read. (smile) Uth... Dang MSN! I will have no choice but to move them when I get off work tonight, hellova notice MSN. GRRRRR.

other then that, all is well on the home front. Molly is doing exceptionally well on her testing these last few days. 10 days of testing. heck of a school system. I spent most of the day Saturday putting together her entertainment center. I hate that assemble at home shit, should take an hour to assemble. TRY 5 hrs. But the reward is a better organized play area. no wires all tangled and her sense of Pride. This is viewed as a reward by her for doing so well last week on her tests. YIKES. LOL. and her father comes down from NY on Saturday so I reckon that is her reward for doing great the 2nd week of tests. Hmmm... I think I gave the better present. LMFAO.

Working on laundry. Never got to it on my days off. *sigh* but... but... grrr.... I need to iron my uniforms, polish my boots and get as much laundry washed as possible. and there is like 7 loads of wash. MY HOW IT BUILDS UP IN 6 days. 6 days. NOT FAIR!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Really I'm fine

Well, sh!thead backed out on the deal for the house. Can it get any better then this? Yes T has lowered himself to the ranks of heathen in my book. I hope he goes straight to fucking hell. Or I will see him in court for child support.

Other news. Hmm. The intresting thing of all this. Molly's dad "B" called the other day. He loves me. eth? He said I'm like a breath of fresh air and he just don't understand why he let me leave NY 7 years ago. eth? So, nothing like a mind fuck to end a perfect week.

ok and I had a really messed up dream the other night. I was at a swimming pool that was also a bar. The bar was in the pool. Everything was in the water. Well I was talking to a man and his cell phone rand and I asked if he was gonna answer it. He said no he had to wait for his parrell self to answer it or risk throwing off the balance of the universe. I looked down the bar to see himself dressed a little differently answering the cell phone. (the alternative self was dressed but at the bar in the swimming pool.) OK, I woke up going.... WTF?

I have also had family around all week. If I were not how I am, I'd prolly be drunk. My aunt and uncle came up from fla, my cusin and his brother came down from NY and my daughter thinks cusin Chris looks like Shrek when Shrek turns human in Shrek2. Whatever.

So much for having nothing to splog about.

The farrier was down yesterday. I forget how young he actually is. He was asking me questions like why do people go to prision and then about homosexuallity in the prision system. I was kinda shocked at first and as I spoke I realized he was as horrified as I feel every day going to work. They are all mental health if you ask me (the inmates) but no one asked me. LOL.

And I just hit a button on my keyboard and it beeped at me. Does that mean my blog is done? LOL.

Yes I can still laugh. I've had a week from hell and feel ok about it. Imaginate that one.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lucy off the wall ... sorta...thinga ma jiggy

ok.. well I did something completly out of the Lucy relm of the world. I went to the doctor and asked for a prescription for prozac.

Stunned silence.

I just have been feeling so down sense T and I went our seperate ways. I went over the different things going on in my life and ... begged for an anti-depressant. Imaginate that. The strong, the mighty, the Lucy... crashed. Well that is not really the right term. Doc said it might not be depression, but more.... hormones. Hormones. Hmmm. Grumble grumble bitch bitch. I sick of hearing about hormones.

She also changed my script for my blood pressure meds. my BP was 106/64... a tad to low but she said that a different type of BP med might help it to regulate better.

So... currently I am happy (oh hell) and my BP feels right... I am not sure... um... Happy was the goal I was looking for, just not feeling so blah. LOL. So, Happy Happy is not quite Lucy either but it sure as hell beats the repressed feeling I had.

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