Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NO GAS... or um $4.39 a gallon :O oh my

ok there are no bones about it here, the deep South has come to a SCREECHING halt. All the local cities are running out of gas and the major cities (Macon) are gouging the price at $4.39 a gallon as of 4pm today and that comes with a ten gallon limit. (faint).

The bus driver told me today (School bus) that school was going to stay open until they ran down to 1/4 of their reserves of fuel at the bus garage. (YIKES)

Work called and told me not to come in today because we have no fuel and hence... no customers to wait on...


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


aghhhhhh. the trauma gets worse. Ok not for molly now for me. My degree in Criminal Justice is obsolete. Can you imagine that? Ok let me re-itterate that. To work in the CJ field in Georgia I need to take the CJ courses down here, not the math and english ones. So... what they are saying is .... as long as you got penial code down right who cares if you can count how many ppl you have in each cell block? and who cares if you can read or write, it is after all all about the criminal. AGGGGGGGGGHHH I am tooooo OLD to go back to collegeeeeeeeeee.

oh and look forward to new and exciting news pertaining to my cusin "G" and my mom. (EYE ROLL)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

FED the F**K up

If it is not bad enough to have to deal with the school and my daughter I find out today in the parent teacher conference that my aunt is going up there and harrasing the school. I told my aunt it was not her place. That twice I have caught her lecturing my daughter after I had done it and now going to the school on top of that, ,,. It is not her place. I also accused her of trying to take my parential responsibility away from me. She got all bitchy, but then when someone is on the defence and they know they have been caught doing wrong, that is what they do. Anyone want to adopt me and my daughter and the dog and the jeep?

Monday, August 15, 2005

I hate school

I really thought when I got out of high school that I would never have to utter those words again. Ha. I thought wrong. There is more god-damned bureacracy in fucking first grade then we have crooked politicians. And to top that off they announced this morning on CNN that there has been a nationwide law passed that children can miss no more then five days of school without the parents ending up in court and or jail plus fines for what the school would have received in gov't funding. BULLLLLLLFUCKINGSHIT!

I had to spank my daughter today. I got another note home from the teacher. CUNT. The teacher, not my child. But I asked my daughter for a clarification on the letter and she ommited to chewing up five pencils and erasers. I told her I was going to slap her for each pencil she chewed but I only had the heart to slap her bottom twice.

Lastly they say for every one thing you did to your parents growing up you get back twice in return. Oh shit, I'm in touble.

Oh one more thing. I got a new credit card in the mail. I had to laugh. It ends in 42.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

oooh ohhh lookie who got big n brave and got her ears pierced! Posted by Picasa

the un-doggie pornshot of my dogs hair cut and um.. close shave down there! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I said.... ok maybe I didnt

I had made a comment at one point that I wished dr pepper came out with the cherry vanilla dr pepper in a non-diet form. Now it is available and YUMMY.

Nypinta... for the record I got a job waitressing at "The Royal Waffle King" (cough cough) and I really don't like it. I did blog about getting the job but you must have missed that. It is at a little truck stop. I don't mind working the day shift, but I cant stand working nights on the weekends. Nights on the weekends all the people of color come in and they do not tip. Or shall I say they do not tip the white waitresses. But they are after all still fighting the fucking civil war in georgia and 10 generations later us white people have been the ones to deprive them. Well hell, maybe if they went out and got jobs they wouldnt be deprived. Welfare will only pay them so much and I think in georgia it is 235 a month not to exceed 18 months in a lifetime.

Amanda got a 60% out of a possible 80% on her first graded week of first grade. Yes we get report cards every week. That aint right. She had one time out and two green marks. I am not sure what green marks are but I will find out Monday morning. She also came home twice this week and said a little brown boy in her class punched her. Fridays punch was in the back of the shoulder and was bruised and she was stiff to move her arm. I called the superentendet of the shcool and showed my ass (southern term for getting nasty mean with someone)

Hmmm, pool still open and still swimming. Oh and G-man got another summer hair cut. I need to catch him tomrrow and post a pic of him so you all can giggle at how my "mr man" looks shaved. Awww poor himmie. His fur averages anywhere between 6-8 inches long in the winter he is shepard wolf mix. But clipped he looks like either a great dane or a reallllllly big gray hound with a big head. Oh and my aunt keeps picking on his nuts. Clipped, his nuts loook like well... they are ... um... big (groomer shaves them too! I asked if he could get a wax but the groomer saw no humor in that)... so... my aunt keeps pointing this out to me that G has big nuts. Did I have to mention that? yea, I did, it makes me laugh. I mean... most people judge a pet by how well it behaves or how healthy it is or how well it looks ... and in my family, apparantly we judge them on the size of their nuts.

I am heading offline. I need to get ready for my shift tonight. I am graced with the lovely 6-11pm shift which means I might make five dollars in tips and it will have cost me more to come to work then what I would get paid for. Thats frustrating esp with the price of gas. And they had on CNN that the goal is to have the price of gas at $3 by the end of August. That is pathetic.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another Tear- 1988 reprint per request

Another tear
slides down my face
another step
into emptiness
then I opened my eyes
and saw you were gone
another tear
slides down my face
I had to close my eyes
I couldn’t watch
as you walked away
another tear
slides down my face
will you forget
will you remember
but as for now
it's not to late
won't you hesitate
turn back your pace
Another Tear
Slides down my face

just to stir up jealousy

My first two weeks back to work ... I lost 11 pounds.

Back to School WOOOHOOO

School started on Aug 2. Yea. I loved watching the betime hour deminish. Well, thats what I got out of the first week of school. LOL. Bedtime went from 10-11pm to 8pm in 4 days. (BIG GRIN) OMG I got MOMMY TIME. Who wants a phone call? OR an email? lmfao.

But I went in it with the right attitude this year. (first grade we got kicked out of kindergarten remember?) I spoke to her teacher on open house and said verbatim "For what I pay in school taxes you will teach my daughter on her level. You will not allow my six year old to manipulate you or snowblow you or drive you crazy with pointless questions. She writes sentences. She makes up her own stories. She obviously knows all her letters and can write them (as well as count to 100) well higher but for the sake of it I said 100. We went around the room. I said Molly knows her months, Molly tell me all the months in the year. She did. I said she knows the days of the week and how to keep track via a calander. Molly told us the date and then reviewed the days of the week. Coins. etc. Time we have not worked on. The teacher said at least she had something left to teach my daughter and laughed. I told the teacher about last year and all the headaches the kindergarten teacher gave me and my youngin. The teacher (miss Jodi) promised me she would try to be smarted then my daughter. I then told her about the Autistic label. She was shocked.

1 week no incidents other then the school wants the kids to eat breakfast and luch at school. Molly is a pretty picky eater and is fussing about this and taking her own luch to spite the rule. Which is allowed. They can bring lunch but are ridiculed for it.

Molly is driving me steadily nuts with Kenny Chesney. Loves his music. Wants him to come visit her. Right now is watching the special on CMT about him and his songs. *sigh* First crushes.

Shhhh. Here is a secret. Grace stop laughing. My first Crush was Rod Stewart "..and cha think I'm sexy... c'mon baby let me know" I was about Molly's age when that came out and I sang that and many many other Rod songs. But we won't tell anyone that little secret now will we? Oh shit, I just blogged it. LMAO at me.

So is Kenny Chesney my punishment for putting my mother through the Rod Stewart craze?

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