Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thin Places

Thin Places are an interesting phenomenon. The Celtic's believed they were places on Earth where the physical space between them and GOD was smaller. As Christianity spread so did the belief in Thin Places. Stone Henge is one of the more popular Thin Places in existence to mankind. People travel from all over the world to view Stone Henge.
There is another theory of the lights of Aurora being where the Angels dance.

And a more common place to find peace and tranquility and a closeness to God is a sunrise or sunset. Many people feel a divine closeness at watching either.
The other day we were driving the girls to Georgia to visit with the grandparents for the holiday. This was the day after Doc had delivered his service about Thin Places. We were on I20 and the moon was on the rise. It was oblong shaped and a fiery red color. What we would commonly refer to as the Harvest Moon. For the first time in my life I saw "The Man on The Moon" ... other than in pictures or in cartoon drawings. I said to Doc, "There is my Thin Place".
Now, in that picture found on the internet, you can't really see the Man on The Moon but it is a nice moon shot. Can't find the silly thing when your looking for one!

Where is your thin place?


Monday, March 01, 2010

oh yea, um... I am not the sharpest tack but don't ask DOC

Song of the day: "Sunny Came Home" Shawn colvin, A few small repairs (1996)

Quote of the day: "Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

Here is an example of a day in the life of me. Now, I am going to give you a pieced version of the general consciousness of what may have happened. But first I am going to tell you what lead up to it.

When I was about Amanda's age and a little older, we spent many summers running up to the town of Lake George, NY. And more specifically to Lake Champlain I learned how to water ski there. I also learned about the legend of Champ. Image of Champ and Craig Olsons account of Champ. I was reminded of the lake and swimming by the winter Olympics and Amanda's sudden interest in swimming in the summer games. It was just a memory and I didn't share it with any members of the house hold!

Now, onto better things. Doc went to work and the night entertainment started here. Amanda found a "hair" down there and there was much shrieking about her turning into a boy. Do what? Really? Well kids were in the bath when this happened. Amanda had actually rolled over in the bath screaming and scared the tar out of Lucy. Lucy did the soccer game streak down the hall screaming and running like the devil himself was chasing her. I had to reach down and yank Amanda up by the head fearing certain drowning incident! Jeeves peacefully stood in the door, bounding back and forth barking. SEE HE WARNED THEM that bath time was evil!

Needless to say, i did not start housework until almost ten and went to bed a little after 3am.

So, should it be any great surprise that when Doc came home and got into bed at 6:15am and made one simple request, "Jenn, hunny, move over a little bit." that my answer was something like:
Doc: Jenn, hunny, move over a little bit.
Jenn: I am sorry, I can't do that right now, I am water skiing and I just hit my head on a plank.
Doc: What?
Jenn: You wanted Swiss Steak for dinner right? I will follow the recipe for boiled crab.
Doc: Let's just forget we had this conversation, baby, and move over, I am tired.
Jenn: OK, you walked the dog right.

He promptly turned his back to me in the bed. I guess he was scared I was contagious!

There was a little more to it than that but i don't remember all that was said now.

Moral of this:
I talk in my sleep. Please don't engage me in conversation when I am sleep because you just wont get it..

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