Wednesday, March 12, 2014

coffee ... workouts...

Song of the day: "I want a new drug" Huey Lewis and the News
Mood: Yes

I know... I know... I have not been blogging. Things have been hectic. Such is a day in my life. If it were not hectic then I'd worry something was wrong... wrong... wrong...

phone died, cat sick, kids sick, blah blah blah.

But I am still working out. I just have not posted about it. Are you working out? What did you do today?

I picked the above Huey Lewis song for a reason. Working out has become my new drug. Honest. Not that I needed another crutch in life. Am I using it to replace coffee? Yes. Do I want coffee? Yes.

Today I do.  I am so cold and I'd love a cup. But I made a vow to God to give up espresso for 40 days as a forgiveness.  In one way I feel like I made a poor decision. In another way I feel like it is showing me just how strong I am.

Every time I have an urge. I pick a video from Ken Shamrock's (It is a paid service and well worth his fee) and watch it. If the exercise is something I am physically able to do (I do try them to make sure) I add it to my routine for upper or lower body workouts.  It is not easy. I have picked up four exercises to add to my routines.  Not really a punishment. Just pushing it a little further.

I am not sure about this coffee thing. I almost feel hyper without it. Is that withdrawals?  I never feel hyper when I drink coffee.  I never feel driven when I drink it. It don't even wake me up in the morning... I just feel like I've had something warm. I never feel giddy or like I have to go, go, go... but not having it... I am half crazed. I wonder if coffee is not a contributing factor to my weight problem? Who knows.


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