Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine Day

Song of the day: Can't Help (Falling in Love with you) UB40
but the REAL meaning of love and Valentines is: Wild Thing The Trogs
Annnnd what is Valentines day without: Silly Love Songs Paul McCartney
For Measure, this is #4 on Billboard top 50 love songs: How Deep is your love BeeGees
For the SOLO: Love hurts Nazareth

Mood: Lovey

At the end of the day of the 13th of February, every woman has expectations.  Even the most pessimistic of those that proclaim Valentine's is for Bozo's (me notwithstanding.) expect something.  We are bred and born and raised to expect something.  I always looked at the holiday with distain.  I hated it.  If I had a beau on Valentines he didn't give anything and if I was single well... you laid in wait... both scenarios just suck.

Now that I am married... well I really don't want it. I don't want the chocolates or the flowers or the cards. BUT Doc really picks out the best freaking cards ever.  Did you know that? If you want or need a card... Doc S is the best. Honest.  I love to look at the flowers.  I do like roses.  But the mixed flowers make me smile.  Don't get me wrong, the dozen long stem roses screammmmmm... dude you are getting laid...

All kidding aside. Valentines has now become a VIP thing for the kids.  WHY WHY WHY. So, we baked and baked and sprinkled and baked. I'm so sick of baking. And we sat and did Lucy's valentines cards for her class (after the great hunt to find Hello Kitty Valentines) and we ran here and there and you know what?  Screw you society for making this a market. Valentines should be fun and all about love and shit like that. Not some fiasco of who can one up another.

But for supper the kids are having a heart shape pizza and I've made my dear husband veggie beef stew. Stew just sounded so good.

Happy Valentine's day. Single or married or refusing to commit. You are special to me.


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