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blocked and blacklisted ... thanks wwe

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I can't believe how much WWE has changed our lives in 7 short months.  I can't believe it has been 7 months. I  am still trying to wrap my head around the changes in the girls and the affect WWE has had on their ASD symptoms.

Each girl is maintaining their favorites.

I am really a Randy Orton fan.  And the following may lead you to believe other wise but hopefully I will get back to Orton.

First off, I am not going to apologize for what I said about Orton dating a teen.  Be it in real life or for that Diva program; it crossed the line.  I am hated by the WWE for having an opinion on this.  Yes, the young lady is or was 18 and that is legal.  I am not mad at Orton or the woman involved. And that is what I want to clarify. 

It made me mad that my 7 year old daughter found a picture and blog post on their relationship and asked me, "Why is that little girl dating a daddy?"  And I had to sit there and explain that the woman was in fact not a little girl and that YES Randy Orton is a daddy but not her daddy.  I really can not set a parental control on that.

What I don't know is if it was true.  And I will apologize for jumping to conclusion.  It makes me angry to think that the WWE creative team would come up with this as a possibility to draw more business to the Total Diva program.  However, I do not know if the creative team came up with paring Orton and JoJo up for the show.  If they did, shame on them, bad business.  I am not alone in that thought.

I don't know if it was fan-fic or a personal choice. Those are other possibilities.  Fan-fic path... screw you internet asshole. Personal choice... really?  I thought a lot higher of both of you.  But at the end of the day it is legal.  Have at it.

I really do not want to reel Lucy in on her internet searches. I firmly believe this child is going to be a historian.  She looks up world leaders all the time and historical figures.  She also looks up every wrestler mentioned on the air or on the WWE page or in related searches. Lucy, at 7, knows more about wrestling than I ever will. And she tests her family daily on wrestling knowledge. 

I really do not think that warrants being on a black list and blocked by the WWE superstars.  Fuck you very much.

I sat down a few nights ago and figured it up.  We roughly spent $2400 on wrestling stuff since the children discovered WWE in July 2013.  How much does the average wrestling fan spend a year on WWE?

What has being black listed cost WWE?  For starters, I did not buy 4 front row tickets to WrestleMania (as we had planned).  I did not buy (in advance) tickets to Jackson (Tn) Live event or to the Smackdown (Nashville) events.  All would have been in close proximity to front row or VIP tickets if available.

What WWE gained from Black Listing me.  My last order to the wwe shop got shorted an AJ Lee t-shirt for Lucy.  I never bothered to call and tell them. So, you gained $20 bucks. But that entire order was screwed up. I was shorted a Sheamus flag (which I did call about and they did promptly send). They duplicated an order on a Randy Orton coffee cup (at my expense, 2 cups $25... ouch). I did not realize the shirt was shorted until the great hide in the closet to wrap Santa stuff.  I double checked the order then and I was charged. But oh well.  You gained an extra twenty on the shirt and an extra sale on the Orton mug.

That is really small potatoes when you look at the potential $8,000 -10 K depending on the spot we could have got for WrestleMania or better you lost on not just ticket sales but merchandise sales at these up coming events.  Will you make it up on another family or fans; probably.  But you also lost my faith in you and your brand.  And that may cost you two life long fans.

How? Well, if I don't take the kids to events... they loose the thrill of the show.  Loss of the thrill will eventually lead to loss of interest in the sport.  Softball season is coming up and I can very easily make the transition.  And,yes, I have taken the kids to several events that relate to WWE.

My dilemma is this; do I make the transition because I am made about being black listed?  That is a pretty good topic. See, I firmly believe that wrestling has saved my family. 

How did you save us?  This is a long and personal story and I have tried to intelligently write on the subject before. I still have the blog post but have hidden them.

But I will tell you this much.  My girls both fall in the ASD spectrum.  Communication with them is testy at best.  I have often felt robbed as a parent and an individual. 

I like to play.  I always have.  I was so excited to have a baby.  Even though I had to have Amanda alone; I was hell bent to make the best of it.  At 18 months (hours after her shots) my dreams went up in smoke.  I spent the next 13 years being very angry.  Being very robbed.  I couldn't get my child to play.  Kids with ASD lack the ability to make believe.  I was utterly and completely crushed.  Can you imagine waiting 14 years to play with your child?  I read post on social media where parents bitch about their kids wanting attention or how they had to watch that damn cartoon again.  Do you know what I would give to feel that? 

And the subject has brought me to tears.  It is so selfish of me.  To feel this pity for myself at being robbed of playing with my kids.  At least they are healthy.  That is what I have to tell myself to stop the tears.

Well, WWE gave me... THAT.  They gave me a chance to play with my kids. In a matter of minutes. Boom. My life changed.  The first match we saw was a Randy Orton v Alberto Del Rio competition.  The girls hated Orton from the word go.  I initially decided to play the devils advocate and root for Orton to see what happened.

The girls wrestled.  The girls tackled the dog, me, and each other.  The cats sort of said "fuck this" and hid.  Cats are smart that way.  By the end of the first week, the girls loved Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Ziggler, and Alberto Del Rio.  To this day, 7 months later, they are still rooting for them. The only one that ignited them into a debate was if I rooted for Orton.  The other heels were tolerated.  That is why I stuck to rooting for Orton.

I decided I liked Orton; after a bit.  His story line is fantastic.  It got better when he isolated and alienated everyone.  I guess that leads to why I said what I did about him dating JoJo.  It is not that I care who he dates...

I was disappointed that my kid had one up on me.  I was disappointed that she had a reason to doubt and hate Orton. I really do not want my kids to hate Orton.  I would like them to see the Greco - Roman moves he uses (especially in matches against Ziggler... wow).  I really do not want my child to doubt Orton. I would like Lucy to admit that Orton is a good wrestler on merit.

Yes, the way I approached the topic of whom Orton dated was rude.  And for my word choice on social media, I do apologize.

I have never been a fan of anything but fun.  I have never gone out of my way to meet superstars (although I have met quite a few through my past occupations).  Twitter is an interesting tool.  It gives a large fan basin a chance to interact with their hero's.

In July, I didn't know I needed a hero.  I didn't know I needed tears.  I didn't know that I had given up on my kids ever being normal.  I didn't know my marriage and health was in the shitter.  I did not know I needed friends or social media.  I didn't know I needed a click.

When Gundy died a big hole was jabbed in my heart.  He was the only friendship I bothered to try to maintain over the years and miles.  My husband told me that I had lost my soul mate. I never once told Gundy that Amanda was diagnosed with ASD.  The week he died was a reunion of team flannel.  I had calls from people I had deliberately alienated. I left NY for a reason.  Amanda was my reason.  I took her far away and hid from my world. I tolerated the calls and letters and friend request on FaceBook. I know they were reaching out.  We all lost a major person in our interlocking lives.  I can pinpoint his death to my downward spiral.  I threw in the towel. 

WWE threw it back at me.  WWE gave me a chance to play with my kids.  And I am fucking sorry that I used the word choice I did on social media.


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