Wednesday, March 05, 2014

workout - Lent - giving up something

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Today Is ASH Wednesday. I am not going into the history of Lent. Either you are Catholic or you practice Lent as part of Passover or you don't. Lent last 40 days.

For Lent I am giving up Espresso.  I drink Espresso instead of normal coffee. I have committed to giving up Espresso for Lent. I will most likely include regular coffee in this. Not sure yet.

I plan to pray a lot.

I plan to use Ken Shamrock's

Every time I want a coffee... I am going to workout.  This worked to quit smoking (working out not profit).  I think giving up coffee will be harder than giving up smoking. Why? It is my last crutch and my longest lasting bad habit. 

Here is how committed I am.  I wanted coffee after dinner.  I pulled up and did straight leg crunches (episode 79). I did not have anyone to hold my legs, so I strapped them to the back of dinning room chair (that I weighted down the chair bottom first) and used my 5 pound ankle weights to strap my ankles to the chair. Not a perfect fix but it worked for me for the exercise that called for two people.  I did 2 sets of 30 straight leg crunches. Suddenly I really did not want the coffee anymore. 

I wanted water.  I drank some water (warm water slowly! I'd have drank Ken's Shamrock Slam but I am waiting for an answer as to where to get this product!).  I returned and did one more set of 30.  I drank serving of whey protein drink (because I did work the muscles... and chocolate... duh) mixed with water and fresh juiced spinach. Don't knock it. Fresh spinach juice is awesome!

Join me in using to combat your urge to fall off of your Lent. Also follow him on twitter.

Don't forget to pray. This is Lent.

Please note, you can not pay to be on my blog. I only endorse products that I use and believe in. Thanks.


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