Wednesday, February 19, 2014


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I am 42
I am overweight
I am an ex-smoker
I worked out today.


Why not? I can do a mile at a walk in 28 minutes. 

We did our measurements today. I am down 13 inches and down 15 pounds. Doc is down 12.5 inches and he did not weigh in.

Hey ya'll, missing inches is motivation to go back to the gym tomorrow.  Put it this way, I could not wait to go to the gym today.

Even if you don't go to the gym... do me a favor... keep a log of what you eat every day. At the end of the week read it. Are you eating healthy or even close to balanced? How much saturated fat is in your diet? Calories are an evil thing.  Use your food as health care and don't let it slowly poison you to death.

I would love to give all the credit to working out.  But I did the above.  I was sick to my heart over what I was eating.  Honest. I know better. Let me repeat that... I KNOW BETTER.  I cut calories but I cut them the smart way.  I took out a lot of saturated fats and junk foods and deserts. I upped fresh fruit and veggies.  Not canned veggies, FRESH. Fresh is VIP because there is no preservatives in them. I added smart rice like what is sold by Lotus Foods.  I added fish and took away most red meats.  I eat my lunch on five crackers instead of a sandwich and chips.

Buy yourself a juicer.  Yea, there are pro's and con's.  But you can add to your fresh fruit and veggies.  I take the pulp and put it in our baked goods and breads.  You still get the fiber if you use the pulp too.  Know what is super yummy? Instead of 8 ounces of water juice you 3 peaches and a bundle of fresh spinach.  Dilute what you get with about 8-10 ounces of water (you want the juice and the water to equal about 16 ounces or two servings). Mix the juice with two scoops of your whey (I use the chocolate by BodyTech sold at Vitaman Shoppe) and stick it in the blender with 6 ice cubes. Two servings (one for Doc and one for me). Taste great and has the right stuff in it to stop the post workout trauma to your muscles.

Why a whey protein drink.  Your muscles crave it.  When you work out you build up lactic acid (that causes the stiffness) and the lactic acid will eat away at your muscles because it just sits there. They whey drinks help to flush this out.  It is NOT for just body builders.  If you do not want to get stiff, add this to your diet.  Be sure to account for it in your calorie intake.

Another good weight loss tip is to manage your eating.  Eat your biggest meal at breakfast or wake up time.  And tapper them down. You should eat five to six small meals a day.  This fuels your metabolism.  YES I know this.  And YES I became a coffee for breakfast person (over the years).  Yes, I have changed this.  The results are up there. 

Also, when you are working out, be sure to do exercises that complement each other.  segregate yourself. Upper body one day and lower the next.

I was reading on FB about a friend that gives up when her back or shoulder go out.  Ok.  Think about your body as a machine.  One part will not work right if the parts around it don't work right.  Like the gears on a watch or the timing belt on a car. 

Shoulder issues: make sure you are working the Pec's (chest) and the Delts (upper back/shoulder) the same day you are doing shoulder presses and arm workouts.  Don't work the triceps without working the biceps.  Exercise smart.

Lower back issues: yes yes yes indeedy.  Who don't say... oh my back hurts? Especially those of us who are overweight (OK I have an excuse because I broke my back and arthritis set in... it don't stop me from working out). To avoid lower back pain strengthen your abs and gluteus Maximus when you are exercising. By strengthen I mean squats for the glutes and crunches for the abs.  I tie them in with my leg workouts. I also spend 20 minutes a day on the heavy boxing bag. 

Boxing bag workouts. I firmly believe in a solid core. Right now, mine is solid fat.  But back in December I bought the girls a heavy and speed bag because they wanted to join a local MMA gym.  I got to thinking about it.  When I was at my fittest, I worked out with the boxing bags.  I researched this.  It turns out that if you are executing you strikes correctly then you are working your entire core.  Twenty minutes on the bag will burn about 250 calories.  That is a lot.  30 minutes at a fast walk on the treadmill only burns 70.  Strike 15 seconds and dodge and protect 15 seconds is how I do it. Guess what? I was out of breath at about five minutes the first week.  Now I do 20 minutes and breathe like I never smoked and sweat like a whore on 2 cent day.

I see I went and got all wordy.  I am just sharing some tips with you on how I am doing it.  How your trainer or doctor or you want to do it is up to you as long as you are on this journey too.

Good luck and don't forget to be accountable to YOURSELF.  You can lie to anyone but you cannot lie to yourself.


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