Saturday, January 21, 2006

Splog worthy

Yes Splog... just my mental feeling about blogging right now. Ok so, I think I made the word up, LOL. Just a note. I've spent the last week or so researching Tony's dream. This home. Lord. If I never talk to a realator or contractor again I will be happy. Happy Happy Joy Joy. But I think we've just about decided... and we have this NEED to hurry, OMG I AM SHOWING. EEEEEK.

Dang I've got to sign into my yahoo. Imaginate that one. Um... whats my password again? Damn.

I've got things to do, a youngin to play with... a shower to take... etc so on and forth.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Day

HI! I am here. TIRED but here. 16 weeks. WOW! I tell you what, I feel slap darn wore out! T and I are thinking about buying a house. WOW. How the world can change with the addition of a heartbeat. Got to get ready for work but wanted all to know it is going good. Busy but good.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It is Hell, Hell I say

I have spent so long working days, that now I am faced with working 2-10pm... UGH.... IT SUCKS!!!! Ok well I have to be there at 1;30 ... grrrr ump. Well that is that. Working at the prision is NOT what I expected. I would expect that it is very similar to working in a day care! LOL. Post more later as time permits, working on laundry that is backed up!!! YUCK

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