Monday, February 20, 2006


Sometimes I just amaze myself. I got off work this evenin (how about that) and all I wanted to do the whole drive home was write. That's it. Get home, quick shower and poof... the steam ran out of me! Really tho, I need to work on SAM, and I don't want to wait until I go on maternity leave to do it!

Song of the day "Suck my Kiss" red hot chilli peppers
Mood of the day.... amazed... excited (damned if I know why) and still dissappointed in Tony *fucker*

Lots of things rattling along inside of my head and nothing worth bloggin about. Sawwry.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I have been tagged by graceland to tell three things about myself that you really don't know.

1) Tho my writing can be quite well when I am focused, I fear that I will never be published

2) I don't understand why everyone finds me unloveable (is that a word)

3) Sometimes I wish I were not so strong willed and could allow myself to have a nervous breakdown, but I am thus an unbreakable fool.

4) Wonder Woman is muh mom... wink wink

obscured freewrite

I was just thinking that today would be a good day to walk to the park. Just to walk down a sidewalk and visit unknown territory, not necessarily a per Se park, but a a walk along the avenue. Down the boulevard. To the lane that leads to the highway to cross a bridge and find a new venue. Just a walk in the park is like a walk in the woods on a fall day.

What fell on a fall day? Leaves would fall, naturally. But you could also trip over a tree trunk and fall. Or sit on a tire swing and lean back to far and your hair will fall to the ground. acorns fall. all nuts fall. But then ripe fruit falls ad your fingers fall upon a keyboard or a piano’s keys. hear rises but cold falls. Why does cold fall?

Coffee Falls upon my lips. Then slides down my throat. Ode to the cup of coffee. It is good. better Hot. Much better with french vanilla fat free creamer (fvffc). Is enjoyed as expresso, capichinno, frapichinno, on ice, mixed with ice, but not left out a day old cold. I enjoy mine with equal and fvffc. or half and half.

Half in the day and the other half at night. Could go a long way.

blogging to be updated

Ok lets see. I've got cervical cancer. UM. OH MY. UM. No that does not complicate things with the expected lil bit, but it was quite radical news. I'm ok ... otherwise!

Oh Tony dumped me. He said that he just didn't love me. (F**KER) and though he wanted a baby now he is not quite sure. And they say women are complicated and can't make up thier minds. I have a list of 4* words to use on this topic~@! I just realllly wish he would have told me all this before I got preg and before I stood by his side for his heart attack. No... it is not a question of another woman... he just don't love me. Hmmm.

Jeter is peeping in the window at me and barking. Peepin G.

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