Saturday, May 31, 2008

I finally found a quote that fits my personality!

"In some ways, you know, people that don't exist, are much nicer than people that do." Carroll, Lewis, pseud. of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, 1832–98

My humor of the day


Friday, May 30, 2008

only a few days left

*sigh* I was look at the school schedule for the Summer 2 and we go back on June 5th. Oh that bites. It just don't seem like there has been enough time off.

Lulu went to daycare today. She was experiencing a case of BAD GIRL and it was bring her to day care or go to jail. Well, not that drastic, but you get the drift. I don't know what happened. She and I were up for two hours and we were having a good morning. Her sister came downstairs and hell's gate opened up. It was a horrible hour. Food everywhere, slaps, kicks, and bites exchanged between the two girls... I told Lulu to get her shoes, I got her clothes and she refused to get dressed. So, I took her to the daycare in her diaper. She yelled and screamed and pitched a fit about halfway to the daycare then stopped. When we got to the daycare she threw it down again on the porch, inside the daycare and then at her teacher. Her teacher is such and angel. She wrestled her and got her dressed then informed her that she would go straight to time out if she acted out again. I left. Frusterated becuase she was being good for that lady.


I have five little outfits cut out. I am going to work on sewing them together tonight maybe. I get on these sewing kicks sometimes. I think first I will sew the top of Molly's dress. Sue is working on the Bolaro jacket that goes with it. SO much to do, less then a week to do it.

Oh, and I got a cold.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog unlocked

*Sigh* I was really looking forward to putting some of my writing over on the blog I made for it, but I can't seem to blog from blogger. I can put in the title and I can put what might go with it, but I can't type any content on the content box. I have this blog set up on my MS Word blog format, so all I do is type then click Publish. *sigh*

Today was the last day of fitness walking. THANK GOD! I am trying to get into webCT so I can show you all my grades. OK Loggin on again. Ok. IT is just sitting there. You know, the school switched their phones to VOIP, sense then it is almost impossible to get into webCT from an alternative IP. So far 14 minutes have passed.





Days Absent - 95 pts.:


Walking log - 95 pts.:


skill test:


written exam:



Took a nap today, 2.5 hours, and I guess I needed it! Lil bit is still sleeping; she did not take her afternoon nap, but fell down like a box of bricks about three p.m. But she is wiggling around right now and stretching. Opps she tooted, poor little thing.

I got mean with my ex last night. He gives me half of the day care expenses on top of child support. But he switched jobs and did not tell CSE, so I have not got child support. I have been after him for about a week. He said to make up for it he would give me all the day care expenses for this month (last Friday). As of six p.m last night he still had not coughed up either the day care expenses or the child support. So, I called him again. He let his voice mail pick up. Here is the message I left…

"You know, it is bad enough that you're so spineless that you walked out on me while I was pregnant for another woman whom was also pregnant, but you don't even have the nerve to pick up the telephone. Hmm, how about that. I guess I never should have counted on you to keep your word about child support and about paying for half of the day care expenses. Seeing all you do is lie. Why did you promise to do something you had no intention of doing? I guess that is a redundant question because you walked out on me in the middle of buying a house. You are not a man. Tony, your lower then pond scum and I hope one day you suffocate and wallow in your own shit."

Needless to say, less then an hour later he called me from the Western Union and asked if I wanted the money in minute's option or next day.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oops forgot this

Tom Cruise announced and unveiled his official web page today. I half expected the web page to be (don't follow that link I don't know if it goes anywhere or not!) but his web page is and it is all about him. How about that? An official web page about the person who owns it. Who would have ever guessed that one? He does appear to have a sense of humor so I really expected it to be the first link I showed. Oh well. There I go thinking again.

Yea, Yes, Yep, Yeah, and WOOHOO

And no, I did not open a WaMu checking account. I am just elated. Tomorrow is the last day of the Maymester and that means the last day of fitness walking! Thank God. He tired to run us into the ground today. I felt it. The last fifteen minutes of the walk was just torture for something. I am sure it was 'God' s way of getting payback to me for one or a dozen of the horrid things I did growing up. And my elbow hurts. Go figure. It is probably irate from using the weed whacker yesterday. LOL. I am a wus. That is it. Blogging about pain, Hmm; that just don't fit with the title, now does it?

Regular summer semester starts on June 5th, so I will have something else to complain about. Or maybe not. I do have statistics; I am sure I will be crying and cussing over that one and have little time to blog. I will just beat my head into my book and cry and then I won't be able to sell the book back on account of water stains. College would not be so bad if it were not for the math. Let's see, I am also taking American Government, wow, that's a class I really want to take. It is just something to make me more anti-government, but a big time waster and a requirement. Biology I, service learning, a wimpy computer course, weight lifting and that is it. In the fall I get another Psych class, Bio II, Pre-calculus, and Spanish 2001, and two Psych classes at Georgia Southern. But the bright sides, I only need 30 credit hours to have my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. That doesn't seem bad. I have only been back to school for a year in the fall, I guess I should have just stuck it out in the 1990's.

So, that is all that is new in my world. Just crap! Woohoo, tomorrow is the last day of school for less then a week. SO DARN UNFAIR. They could have at least given us a whole week!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blaging because I can't spell Blog anymore

I ache and hurt all over tonight. Not only did I do my "Fitness Walk" (and live through it!) (but with a few down right evil glares from the instructor@) but then here on the home front I spent about two hours wrangling weeds that have just cropped up sense our last set of storms. I think the weed eating was harder then the darn 2.9 mile walk. Or... I am a known wimp, so... maybe it is just mental.

We have 701 million barrels of crude oil in reserve in underground salt domes in Texas and Louisanna (anyone want to go on a raid?) but "Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman on Thursday rejected a call by some members of Congress to release oil from the governments emergency stockpile, saying oil is needed to respond to future supply emergencies and not to influence prices." -Associated press ... entire article

Annoyed with myself because I can't remember stupid blog tricks like making a word and not a link. You know what I mean. I can't get new things on my sidebar and I have to take old ones off about 5 times before they stay off.

I am a techie retard. I can't even get music to download to my NP2 player... or is it a MP3 player :) ... joking about the name, but I can't load anything of mine to it. I did get an audio book to download ... BUT.... well that does nothing for me on the walk!

Tomorrow is the follow up for Amanda's nurologist. I just don't want to drive all the way to Augusta. It is hot. Gas is astronomical. I have less then a half of a tank of gas and a dollar in the bank. Baring no "what if's". I think it would be best just to no show to the appointment and reschedule. "Yes, ma'am. I would like to make a follow up appointment for when gasoline drops below $2.50 a gallon because I just can't afford to get my child's brain rechecked." Yep. That makes me sound like I will be in the runninf for the mother of the year award. You know, sadly, if I did actually say that on the phone they would probably call 1-800-child neglect. *SIGH*

Hmm whats this, a black box, yea I wish I found that years ago too. That would be the honest answer to life the universe and everythign... Oops.. I meant that as a reply on someone's post.. ha ha. ~waves at Nothing New Under the Sun~ Oh and I copied that, I did not imbed it. I can't even remember how to imbed a link on a picture. **BIG**sigh

Wot else? Kevin Smith still don't want me. My emails to view askew are now getting rejected. WTF.

No Comments

*Sigh* I am glad to see that I don't post anything worthy of commets.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Prices going up

It would be fine and nice if something would give. Two weeks ago I bought a bag of rice for five dollars and change. The same bag this week is twelve dollars. What inflation?

During the 45 mile drive to the grocery store we must have heard five Kenny Chesney songs (Kenny Hell) and a bunch of ads for you to donate to this and that happenings overseas. Well my aunt and I were talking about the ads. It is like … well problems here on American soil are not important. Everyone wants us to give to this problem or that problem in another country but they forget that there are some major catastrophes happening right here in our back yard.

Example; The county I live in, Johnson County, Georgia; is the second highest in the state for sex crimes on children and in the top five counties for child abuse. I would rather donate my last penny into a task force to prevent wither of them.

The town of Kite, Ga.; not six miles from my back yard, suffered major damage from the tornadoes on mothers day. How about some government funding for them? There was a notice up around town that said you could get reimbursed for groceries lost during the power outage (we were without power for four days) from the tornado. It said where to go. So, I went. WITH MY RECIEPT for $319 dated May 9 (Tornado was May 11)! You know what they told me? Only people with food stamps will get reimbursed. Well that's not really fair. We are sitting on the poverty fence here. We make too much for food stamps but we can barely get enough food for the month. Well, that is, unless I want to put junk food on the table and weight on the waist line. It is just not fair.

Tomorrow maybe I will blog about my last evil ex. The one who left, me pregnant with Lucy, two years ago, I've some good gossip from his mother on that one.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Oh I See. My children are supposed to run wild and act like bohemians. I am not supposed to reprimand them or lead them in the right direction and down the path of least destruction. Right? I am beyond a doubt furious! I corrected LuLu, she was just being bad to be bad, and my uncle jumped to her defense and said the next time I slap her hand he was going to slap me in the face. Oh it made me so darn mad! I told him fine. I would let her be bad and when she falls and breaks her neck, when she gets electrocuted, bit by a snake, so on and so forth, to consider it his fault. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LEARN IF SHE IS NOT CORRECTED. Period, point made, end of story.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kevin Smith don't want me

I am kind of annoyed here. I started to post again at view askew, this is actor/director Kevin Smiths web page, and I went into my profile. I noticed that my email was absolete, so I changed it and got locked off of the boards. I notified View Askew of what happened a week ago (twice) and still am locked out and still have not got a reply to the email. This really bites. There are some posts there that I am intrested in (for a change) and I can't reply to them! URGH. Please note* The problems with the web page do not affect my likes of Kevin Smith and his work.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Eulogy to Grace’s Dad

I remember Tom. Grace may not have liked him much all the time and I know Ma Grace had her differences with him some of the time. But not I; I always liked the man. He always had something to say to me. That was something I didn't get a lot of at home. He might not have anything to say that I was very interested in, but he spoke to me. Tom spoke in circles. It was fun trying to keep up with the conversation. And even more fun when you realized you were back to the point you'd started at.

He had a fridge that stayed outside that was modified into a keg cooler and dispenser.

Ma Grace threw a turkey through a plate glass door when he locked her out.

He would forward the phone to a bar called the 119. That was interesting.

Tom would get a cold and after a day of being sick he was "Dying" and that always cracked me up. Sometimes he wouldn't even be sick a day. He was such a wimp.

The man could get a bronze tan in a few hours. After a week he resembled a member of another race. He bought a pool for the back yard but I never saw him swim in it.

Those are a few of my favorite memories of Tom.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Compulsive complaining.

So, I am reading this and I get to thinking, they mention all the important things. But they don’t mention the outlandish price of milk. Here in Georgia milk is going for $4.25 a gallon. They don’t mention the gouging at the grocery stores for the items that WIC pays for. Look at the price of eggs. It is cheaper to buy egg lands best over the no name. Why? I think this is because WIC pays for the no name brand. WIC pays for the 64 oz V8 juice. Look at it next time you go to the grocery store. The next size up of V8 juice is about twenty cents more. WHY? And again WIC pays for the 64 oz bottle. Just humor me and check it out. All the items that WIC pays for you can’t afford to buy on a regular basis. I mentioned this at the WIC office and the woman said, no, you must be mistaken. Then a week later she calls my house. She asked me what stores other then the local stores did this. I honestly told her that all the stores I’ve shopped in. She calls me again after about three days and informs me that she has turned the price gouging in. Where, I don’t know. Maybe it will put a stop to it here. We go through a gallon of milk a day, once in a great while every other day.
On to other monumental things; I lost my temper big time at the college today. There were a series of events that happened that made it impossible to finish my fitness walk along the professors designated route. So, I varied the route so that I got the benefit of the distance. We are up to 2.8 miles and we have to do it in less then 45 minutes. That don’t sound hard, and when I ran a lot, it was not hard. I am now 100 lbs over weight, I’ve smoked for 20 years, but I do it. When I got done with my walk, I went to the professor’s office to let him know I finished and to get my stuff and the man starts to yell at me. Needless to say I was not intimidated. So, I start to leave and he goes all Drill SSgt on me and follows me screaming at me. I turned to him and told him, “Look you murdering son of a bitch, you do not intimidate me. You will stand down and leave me alone.” We are alone in the hallway and he starts advancing on me and begins to yell again. Ok, so I start thinking about how his wife’s murder in his bed in his home is still unsolved; but I stood my ground. He saw the look in my eyes and I guess he decided to back down after all and walk away. About fifteen feet down the hallway he starts to yell at me again. I turned and walked out the other door and went to see his department head. Outside of the dept head’s office I see the instructor again and he tries to give me a pep talk, I just ignored him and walked past. Here is a link one of the articles.
His boss was not in the office and not expected back until Friday and the secretary instructed me to send the department head and email. Which I did. This email I cc'd to the VP of the school, the counsler of the school, and to the instructor who verbably assulted me.
Professor Pleads Not Guilty
Feb 20-- An East Georgia College professor is pleading not guilty in the death of his wife last year. Walter Mason's attorney entered a not guilty plea for his client last week. The professor was arrested last May after his wife was found in their home in Swainsboro with a fatal stab wound in her throat. He's been out on bond since last June pending a trial which has yet to be scheduled.”

Monday, May 19, 2008

Damage to the swing set from Tornado


This was from the mothers day 2008 tornado. I think we got lucky.

Just complaining today

Today is a day like all others. I feel tired, sore, grumpy, stiff, and just blah. We walked two miles on the fitness walk and that got rid of some of the stiff, but I am still grumpy!

I got the rest of my books for my summer classes today. To the tune of almost three hundred bucks, and they (sadly) were used books. Prices today are so outrageous for so many things. I cringe at the thought of where the economy is going. Every day I hope I have enough gas to get Amanda to school and me to school. Every day the pocket feels the punch. Why?

I am trying to go to school to better myself. Finish my education and have a brighter tomorrow for me and my kids. Is that too much to ask? Is it to much to ask to have an open door out of the house of Harry?

I am so sick and tired of his crap! So sick and damn tired of it. WHY the hell does he have to be an ass? I swear. He waits until you get good and comfortable in how you live then turns into the dick of the century.

Sue is not well. She is now on blood pressure medicine and gets dizzy a lot. She is going up to lie down 3 and 4 times a day. She claims it is mostly stress that does it. Stress from Harry. I don’t know. She has a bad color to her.

I have cooled off enough I am going to get a drink. I am waiting on my lunch. I decided to order here today. That walk made me hungry. And of course they are taking for darn ever!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Disappointed in myself

What an unexciting trap I live in. Trap? Wait, I mean life. I really expected to be someone by now. Wait, I am someone, I’m a mom. I am not living up to my expectations. Sigh.

I am back in school. Oh my exciting. Fun really. Why did I want to be a recluse? Oh yea, men. Sigh. I’ve made some neat friends the last two semesters. I’ve got some good grades. I’ve changed my major twice. I am back listed as a Nursing major. I have been accepted to Georgia Southern, however, I don’t know how I am suppose to get there with the price of gas and there are no online courses I can take until I get through the primary nursing classes.

Second problem is that I really don’t want to be a nurse. I mean yea, I’d like the money. But, I’ve re-discovered Psychology. My first choice of majors at the first college I attended. Sigh. I’d really like to stick with going to school until I could get my Masters in psychotherapy. Will there be a market then?

My second love is my writing. But I know that the market is going to fall on that.
We survived the tornado. It hit all around us in this big question mark. Maybe I am the only one who noticed that. It made me think of a billboard that I saw the day I was leaving NY, “Where do you think your going? – god” and I remember thinking. “I am going to get my life back together”. I remembered that when I looked at the towns and highways that got hit. The trail of destruction forms about a fifty mile or larger question mark. Hmm, is that a sign or what?

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