Thursday, May 22, 2008


Compulsive complaining.

So, I am reading this and I get to thinking, they mention all the important things. But they don’t mention the outlandish price of milk. Here in Georgia milk is going for $4.25 a gallon. They don’t mention the gouging at the grocery stores for the items that WIC pays for. Look at the price of eggs. It is cheaper to buy egg lands best over the no name. Why? I think this is because WIC pays for the no name brand. WIC pays for the 64 oz V8 juice. Look at it next time you go to the grocery store. The next size up of V8 juice is about twenty cents more. WHY? And again WIC pays for the 64 oz bottle. Just humor me and check it out. All the items that WIC pays for you can’t afford to buy on a regular basis. I mentioned this at the WIC office and the woman said, no, you must be mistaken. Then a week later she calls my house. She asked me what stores other then the local stores did this. I honestly told her that all the stores I’ve shopped in. She calls me again after about three days and informs me that she has turned the price gouging in. Where, I don’t know. Maybe it will put a stop to it here. We go through a gallon of milk a day, once in a great while every other day.
On to other monumental things; I lost my temper big time at the college today. There were a series of events that happened that made it impossible to finish my fitness walk along the professors designated route. So, I varied the route so that I got the benefit of the distance. We are up to 2.8 miles and we have to do it in less then 45 minutes. That don’t sound hard, and when I ran a lot, it was not hard. I am now 100 lbs over weight, I’ve smoked for 20 years, but I do it. When I got done with my walk, I went to the professor’s office to let him know I finished and to get my stuff and the man starts to yell at me. Needless to say I was not intimidated. So, I start to leave and he goes all Drill SSgt on me and follows me screaming at me. I turned to him and told him, “Look you murdering son of a bitch, you do not intimidate me. You will stand down and leave me alone.” We are alone in the hallway and he starts advancing on me and begins to yell again. Ok, so I start thinking about how his wife’s murder in his bed in his home is still unsolved; but I stood my ground. He saw the look in my eyes and I guess he decided to back down after all and walk away. About fifteen feet down the hallway he starts to yell at me again. I turned and walked out the other door and went to see his department head. Outside of the dept head’s office I see the instructor again and he tries to give me a pep talk, I just ignored him and walked past. Here is a link one of the articles.
His boss was not in the office and not expected back until Friday and the secretary instructed me to send the department head and email. Which I did. This email I cc'd to the VP of the school, the counsler of the school, and to the instructor who verbably assulted me.
Professor Pleads Not Guilty
Feb 20-- An East Georgia College professor is pleading not guilty in the death of his wife last year. Walter Mason's attorney entered a not guilty plea for his client last week. The professor was arrested last May after his wife was found in their home in Swainsboro with a fatal stab wound in her throat. He's been out on bond since last June pending a trial which has yet to be scheduled.”


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