Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yea, Yes, Yep, Yeah, and WOOHOO

And no, I did not open a WaMu checking account. I am just elated. Tomorrow is the last day of the Maymester and that means the last day of fitness walking! Thank God. He tired to run us into the ground today. I felt it. The last fifteen minutes of the walk was just torture for something. I am sure it was 'God' s way of getting payback to me for one or a dozen of the horrid things I did growing up. And my elbow hurts. Go figure. It is probably irate from using the weed whacker yesterday. LOL. I am a wus. That is it. Blogging about pain, Hmm; that just don't fit with the title, now does it?

Regular summer semester starts on June 5th, so I will have something else to complain about. Or maybe not. I do have statistics; I am sure I will be crying and cussing over that one and have little time to blog. I will just beat my head into my book and cry and then I won't be able to sell the book back on account of water stains. College would not be so bad if it were not for the math. Let's see, I am also taking American Government, wow, that's a class I really want to take. It is just something to make me more anti-government, but a big time waster and a requirement. Biology I, service learning, a wimpy computer course, weight lifting and that is it. In the fall I get another Psych class, Bio II, Pre-calculus, and Spanish 2001, and two Psych classes at Georgia Southern. But the bright sides, I only need 30 credit hours to have my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. That doesn't seem bad. I have only been back to school for a year in the fall, I guess I should have just stuck it out in the 1990's.

So, that is all that is new in my world. Just crap! Woohoo, tomorrow is the last day of school for less then a week. SO DARN UNFAIR. They could have at least given us a whole week!


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