Monday, May 26, 2008

Prices going up

It would be fine and nice if something would give. Two weeks ago I bought a bag of rice for five dollars and change. The same bag this week is twelve dollars. What inflation?

During the 45 mile drive to the grocery store we must have heard five Kenny Chesney songs (Kenny Hell) and a bunch of ads for you to donate to this and that happenings overseas. Well my aunt and I were talking about the ads. It is like … well problems here on American soil are not important. Everyone wants us to give to this problem or that problem in another country but they forget that there are some major catastrophes happening right here in our back yard.

Example; The county I live in, Johnson County, Georgia; is the second highest in the state for sex crimes on children and in the top five counties for child abuse. I would rather donate my last penny into a task force to prevent wither of them.

The town of Kite, Ga.; not six miles from my back yard, suffered major damage from the tornadoes on mothers day. How about some government funding for them? There was a notice up around town that said you could get reimbursed for groceries lost during the power outage (we were without power for four days) from the tornado. It said where to go. So, I went. WITH MY RECIEPT for $319 dated May 9 (Tornado was May 11)! You know what they told me? Only people with food stamps will get reimbursed. Well that's not really fair. We are sitting on the poverty fence here. We make too much for food stamps but we can barely get enough food for the month. Well, that is, unless I want to put junk food on the table and weight on the waist line. It is just not fair.

Tomorrow maybe I will blog about my last evil ex. The one who left, me pregnant with Lucy, two years ago, I've some good gossip from his mother on that one.


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