Friday, May 30, 2008

only a few days left

*sigh* I was look at the school schedule for the Summer 2 and we go back on June 5th. Oh that bites. It just don't seem like there has been enough time off.

Lulu went to daycare today. She was experiencing a case of BAD GIRL and it was bring her to day care or go to jail. Well, not that drastic, but you get the drift. I don't know what happened. She and I were up for two hours and we were having a good morning. Her sister came downstairs and hell's gate opened up. It was a horrible hour. Food everywhere, slaps, kicks, and bites exchanged between the two girls... I told Lulu to get her shoes, I got her clothes and she refused to get dressed. So, I took her to the daycare in her diaper. She yelled and screamed and pitched a fit about halfway to the daycare then stopped. When we got to the daycare she threw it down again on the porch, inside the daycare and then at her teacher. Her teacher is such and angel. She wrestled her and got her dressed then informed her that she would go straight to time out if she acted out again. I left. Frusterated becuase she was being good for that lady.


I have five little outfits cut out. I am going to work on sewing them together tonight maybe. I get on these sewing kicks sometimes. I think first I will sew the top of Molly's dress. Sue is working on the Bolaro jacket that goes with it. SO much to do, less then a week to do it.

Oh, and I got a cold.


Blogger fermicat said...

I feel sorta bad now about all the stupid fighting over nothing that my sister and I did as children. I'm sure we were continually stepping on her last nerve. That kind of crap would drive me crazy now!

5/31/08, 8:46 AM  

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