Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog unlocked

*Sigh* I was really looking forward to putting some of my writing over on the blog I made for it, but I can't seem to blog from blogger. I can put in the title and I can put what might go with it, but I can't type any content on the content box. I have this blog set up on my MS Word blog format, so all I do is type then click Publish. *sigh*

Today was the last day of fitness walking. THANK GOD! I am trying to get into webCT so I can show you all my grades. OK Loggin on again. Ok. IT is just sitting there. You know, the school switched their phones to VOIP, sense then it is almost impossible to get into webCT from an alternative IP. So far 14 minutes have passed.





Days Absent - 95 pts.:


Walking log - 95 pts.:


skill test:


written exam:



Took a nap today, 2.5 hours, and I guess I needed it! Lil bit is still sleeping; she did not take her afternoon nap, but fell down like a box of bricks about three p.m. But she is wiggling around right now and stretching. Opps she tooted, poor little thing.

I got mean with my ex last night. He gives me half of the day care expenses on top of child support. But he switched jobs and did not tell CSE, so I have not got child support. I have been after him for about a week. He said to make up for it he would give me all the day care expenses for this month (last Friday). As of six p.m last night he still had not coughed up either the day care expenses or the child support. So, I called him again. He let his voice mail pick up. Here is the message I left…

"You know, it is bad enough that you're so spineless that you walked out on me while I was pregnant for another woman whom was also pregnant, but you don't even have the nerve to pick up the telephone. Hmm, how about that. I guess I never should have counted on you to keep your word about child support and about paying for half of the day care expenses. Seeing all you do is lie. Why did you promise to do something you had no intention of doing? I guess that is a redundant question because you walked out on me in the middle of buying a house. You are not a man. Tony, your lower then pond scum and I hope one day you suffocate and wallow in your own shit."

Needless to say, less then an hour later he called me from the Western Union and asked if I wanted the money in minute's option or next day.


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