Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I will post pic's of the halloweeners tomorrow. I am beat. We got home around 9pm and we left at 5 pm. We tricker treated in L'ville. I wanted to do just the one street we always go on but then we ended up crossing the highway and doing the back neighborhood and then circling around. About the last leg of it Lulu got tired and I carried her for about a half a mile and then she wanted to tricker treat at Mr Lewis's house... LOL... then... she had Karina carry her the last 1/4 a mile to the car. Boy was I relieved. We had the stroller in the car but Lulu had a nonnononono fit when we tried to bring it. LOL. On the third block we ran into a group of Mollys old friends and ended up having 8 tricker treaters then 10 then 11 then 8 LOL... wowow. It was crazy. I named them 1-8. And it worked. I would yell 1 2 and 3 stop at that road... and they did.... yea... hmmmmhmmm

I have no earthy idea what we will do with all this candy. Mine are not candy kids. They like a little Hershey bar now and again and bubble gum (when they can get away with it) and a liollipop from the bank... and that is about it. They tease for stuff like bananas and apples (Yea) and don't worry about the rest.

The woman that runs the daycare made a comment that Lulu threw away most of the junk food today but ate the good stuff. She said, "I ain't never seen a youngin turn down a brownie and a rice crispy treat and pie" Ummmhmmm that is because we don't eat that crap. Well... I do... LOL... I like it, but rarely is it over kill. OK, I do admit that the fudge has been hit pretty hard but... wow... we just don't eat crap, OK? I didn't say to her but I had an ADHD thought pertaining to it.

Pic's tomorrow. Got some good ones. Molly dressed up looks like my mother. Sigh. I tried to text a pic of her to Brian but it wouldn't go through. I will have to call alltel tomorrow and bitch. My bill is paid, dang it.

And I scared the kids comming home. LOL. Grrr. I told them that I saw a ghost in the woods then reached back and grabbed DJ's leg. He screamed like a girl. OOOOOPS.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keep it clean

Ok. I have always prided myself on keeping a clean computer. I have always bought the BEST (at the time) computers, softwares, and virus control/adware control. Hmmm. Well, I was working on my Spanish this morning and a friend of mine Brad came in. We were chatting and I was fussing about the connection at the college as far as wireless went... being S L O W. Well Brad is like really super smart and he works at a tech support center. He was chattin away with me and fooling around with my computer, :I am just doing a little maintenance for ya: me :ok: and then he downloads this program from called ad-ware 2008.

It found 94 infections.

And it was free. SO, go check it out~ lol~ WOW. and it is not like I go to porn sites or anything, I have no idea how all that crap got there. SIGH. But I do know that qvc is guilty of some because the campus internet blocks that web site due to spyware.

The other download we did was for AVAST home edition. That is a free virus thing. Brad said that was the best one out there right now. It is free to try for up to like 27 virus removals then you have to buy it. And the cool thing about that is that it runs all of the time and will catch the viruses that are attaching to computers on "boot up" process. So, there is some free advise from my really cool smart friend.

We had a blast at out luncheon today. 8 women, how could it not be fun? LOL. And our waiter "Tony" was just a peach. He was looking over my cheat sheet and telling me different words for different things or stuff like in Mexico we use .... and not what is there ... or there are two words for mushrooms (YUCK) and I asked him what the name was for Bisque. Suprisingly he knew one ( I wrote it down) and he said that they made a seafood bisque back in Mexico that would make New England Bisque look sad. He said he would see if he could find his grandma's receipe and then pass it on to me next time I come over (which will be next week at the rate I am going).

I made rice crispie treats for the day care for tomorrow and then made fudge for us here at the house. Ummm hmmm. Fat girl made her sum fudge! Oh hell why not? I never make the stuff and even more rare do I get a chance to find some already made up (that taste good) ... sooooo I made my Aunt some fudge and that was my excuse. Then I had to try it. So, I told her, "Gee Sue, I don't know what I did wrong but this fudge turned out horrible, don't eat it."

But I guess saying that as you lick the goopy (it was still warm) sloppy fudge off of your fingers... welll is not convincing. Sigh. I guess I have to share.

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some times the horn don't honk when I lock it

Oh no, it is the migit parade! I am sitting here in teh library and I have looked up to see a bunch of youngin's (in single file) getting the world tour of the library. ~~HI THERE MUNCHKINS~~

I realized today that not all college students are destined to be smart. I have been boondoggled by someone with a subzero level of intelligence. Our parking has moved (temporarily and today only) to the over flow lot by the library... THANK GOD IT IS NOT THE BACK 40 as it was in the low 30'f when I arrived .... Anyway I parked on the front line of overflow and went to class. I ran out to swap my books and there is an igiot parked less then 3 inches off of my bumper. Hmmm. How do I get out? I know it is a jeep but I don't exactially want to go curb jumping with a bad upper ball joint.

Good news. For Spanish today we go on a field trip. :) to the mexican resturant, thats where... oooooohhhhh I am already ordering me some Chimmychanga's or however it is spelled. And yes, tonight I shalt fart. Or play the Kazoo... depending on how heavy they are with the refer beans. But leading up to that I am at until my bio lab at 12:20... then offfffff to the land of ... YUM.

Bio today was boring. OMG. OMG... did I say OMG? He went into this full blown speel of the Thyroid (as a deminstration of how and why hormones work and their pathway) and although he did a fantastic job... I was fighting to stay with him. I was just... brain dead to the whole thing. No, not brain dead, just a topic I was familar with and I couldn't settle into thinking about it. Bio class ADHD. But it reminded me that I wanted to ask the doc to check my thyroid levels. Maybe put me on a thyroid pill as a booster! I think that will fight the depression better then anything. Because I am not depressed any right now, just lazy! I have no energy.

Like sitting there last night cutting the pumpkins for the girls. I had a dozen x 50 things running through my head about what I could be doing or more acuratly SHOULD be doing. All the pictures I took show the general disorder of the house (it is clean just messy) and like I was sitting below the silverware drawer and guilt tripping. Major big time guilt tripping. Those two drawers (in nothing else gets done this weekend) will be sorted. LOL. Want before and after pictures?

And just a little reminder to Doc to go and do something special like take a day trip to the massage palor or something. Hope your day is blessed blog buddy, I am rooting for your and for you to get through today. My prayers are at your doorstep.((root 3 (rt, rt)
intr.v. root·ed, root·ing, roots
1. To give audible encouragement or applause to a contestant or team; cheer. See Synonyms at applaud.
2. To lend support to someone or something.))

Okkeee Dooookie, off to

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today is Wed

Oh My. I am having a difficult time thinking in English as I have been devoted to my Spanish studies for three days this week, last weekend, and Thrus before it. Ahhh.

Went mid-week grocery shopping and spent almost $250 and while there looked for the bisque in the frozen seafood dept. NILCH. Looked in the fresh seafood. Double Nilch. Broke down and looked with the condenced soup and powered soup... Strike three. I asked the clerk and she got the dept mgr. Dept mgr looked at me like I was dressed for halloween. I calmly asked the woman if she'd ever traveled outside of Swainsboro and she repiled, (suprisingly) "No, why?"

So... Fermi... maybe up by Hotlata they got it in the grocery store but down here East of the boonies and West of East BumF**k... they've never heard of it.

But I did squander a few pumpkins and we just got through carving them. I took a few pictures and I will post them tomorrow night as I am too tired to deal with it now. Actually I just can't remember where I put the Camera down less then five minutes ago... but why go there? LOL. EEEK
three hours later I emailed them to photobucket... Ha take that.
pumpkins (taken in the dark, damn good flash)
Lulu (also taken with the lights off)
Molly "fainting because she saw a ghost" in the dark (lovin this flash, eth?)
Lulu helping Molly faint

OK that was fun. I just took a mad dash through the kitchen and looked all over only to find it in plain sight on the kitchen table. I know I looked there first!

Hang on I will move a photo over to photobucket and post it. Or I will just play a minute, photobucket is wanting to be a pppooooppp!@

Ohhh and I got added to This Site... woohooo isin't that neat? or
a few extra pic's that I never got to posting
Karina and Harry's b-day party ... LOL... does the cake fit the two of em?
Karina and Kayleigh (one of the kids I was mopping about over the summer, oh yea, they are back )
B-day boy Harry (he was telling all the kids to blow because he just couldn't do it alone... kids loved it)
Sue, Lulu, DJ (the other kid from the summer - isin't he a sweetie pie?)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Sunrise the day before the jeep broke down

Got the Jeep back yesterday. My uncle lent me the money to get it out of the shop. I still have to address the broken UPPER balljoints that are not covered by the recall. F-en cars. Can't they wait until after Christmas?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Blogger referal

OK I am sending my whole ten readers over to lady Holidays blog and I would like you to go to the post that is titled Right Now, and someone please answer her question about vampires. :) Thanks.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Insight for the day

Please go and Check out 700BlankPages and the little tid-bit there on Battle Ship War. Who has been the battle ship, who has been the lighthouse? ;)

Oh and I changed my ID picture in the spirit of halloween. Meow.

I have only visited a couple blogs I like to view tonight. the left side of my laptop is being super sensitive and my mouse keeps jumping and re-creating words when it does it and .... lol.... i don't catch that it moved on me. Garrr. I don't have the money for a new laptop now. It has to wait until after next semester is over!

Oh and I got a case of fluffy 80's hair tonight. I blew dry the kids hair after bath time and then... didn't have the nerve to come out of the bathroom into the cold ass house without blowing mine. LOL. Queen chickenshit at your service.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Do I see the stocks rising for ICANN ? IS that even a stock name, I will have to check. I was reading this article and they are talking about buying your own suffix (like the .com only it could be .jenn) :) wooooo... I could be the world wide webb! ok icann is not a stock name. Grr. TOOO BAD, but I would love to know what the internet in general trades under.

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Hi Betty (LOVE YA)

Look under the Septemer and October 2008 archives to see the pictures. Just click on the month/year and it will bring up the post's there that have been archived due to page space.

Love you and Chloe is doing great. As soon as I get my car out of the shop I will take her to get her last shot and health certificate. You mom is gonna send her after the first. We will give you a date.

Love you
The Georgia Family

Friday, October 24, 2008

what a TIME

OMG. I drove the 30 something miles to Swainsboro today, dropped the baby off at the daycare and then got about 2 miles down the road to Molly's school and the check engine light came on and the Jeep shut off. I thought I missed the gear or something, put it in N and tried to start it. It cranked but wouldn't start.

I love Molly to death. She panic's, "Mom, does this mean I am going to be late for school?" and I am like.... Don't worry about it, this is a valid excuse. So, I call the house and let them know and one of Amanda's teachers pulls up and I ask her if Molly can ride with her and she just loves Molly (Amanda, I call her Molly...) and was like yea, and she also calls 911.

Cops push me out of the road (no ticket and not Mr Hottie either, darn it) and it is pouring rain. No one stopped to help me (Cept the teacher n the cop n some red neck stopped to help the cop push my car out of the road). I would like to know what ever happened to chivilary? Where did it go?

My uncle gets there about the time I think to call my insurance company and see if my roadside assistance will cover a tow and it will! Yea.

Chrysler calls me shortly after that to say it is the timming belt and it will run $350-$375 if there is no valve damage because this is an interference engine but it won't be done until Monday or Tuesday and do I want the recall done while it is in there? Hell yea, I'm tired of puttin tires on it because of the inspect part of this recall misses the busted balljoint every time the recall has been issued. Besides it will give the dealership money.

It would be nice if these things happened when I had the money for the repairs, but alas, that is not how it works. The kids have worn almost all of the clothes I bought them the other day, so I can't return them for mullah. Grrrr. We will see what happens. I won't get into the Brian saga.

Anywho. I sjust want to give the local PD (Swainsboro, GA) a shout put for being so gosh darned nice. I want to give State Farm insurance a shout out for looking up the number for a towing facility and picking up the tab on that, and I want to give Ms Debbie a shout out for helping get my youngin to school. Oh and my uncle for comming to get me and then for taking me back over there to get my kids later in the day (and facing the wild and crazy people on the road this it was bad).

And the day ended really good! It finally stopped raining about 6:30pm and we ran out to get the last few minutes of sunshine. There were a gallon bag full of pecans on the ground from all the rain and wind today and we picked up pecans (a whole gallon bag worth ;) ) until almsot eight and then called it a night. We watched some cops (no one got tasered) and just relaxed.

I guess it was worth getting caught out in the rain, eth?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

just for the laugh of it all

OK, we have all had personal moments that are just so funny we have to share them. Here is what happened last night. For the people that read this blog that are under the impression of certain gender related things, ie: boys don't cry - they have alergies, girls don't fart - they fluff... then this post is not for you to read and please stop now.

Last night I had gas. Not normal for me, if I have gas, I burp... and I can do a fine job of that. For the purpose of this post, I don't really fart much. Whatever. So when it does happen, I think it is funny! Ok, well the point:

I was in my PJ's and sitting on the hard wood chair. All the puppies were in bed except for Ani. She was alseep at my feet. I farted and it was a loud repetive sound (like if your drumming your fingers on the table top. Ani shoots out from under the chair barking like her tail was on fire.

What was going through her doggie brain. Here are a few suggestions I came up with, please add some in your comments.
"C'mere lady, let me rub your nose it it and whack you on the butt because I know you just shite!"
"See General T, there is an alien in there and he is trying to get out, mom, don't move."
"OMG the chair is alive."
"wake up everyone, it's time to poop"

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I hurt

I hurt. It started about noon today. I am just in so much pain, my back, my lower hips, up my back on the left side. UGH.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about yesterday (Tuesday, October 21, 2008). I had another incident with Lulu and the police. This time, I was at fault 100%. Molly gave Lulu a penny (Why? I have no earthly clue.) I just so happened to catch a glimpse of that in the rear view mirror before the girls went to fighting over the penny. I did ask what was going on and Molly did tell me that she gave Lulu the penny. I asked her why and she retorted with the infamous, “I dunno.” And I grabbed a handful of junk mail off of my (as you have seen in prior pic’s) dashboard and chucked them at her and told her to trade Lulu something for the penny. Well, when I did this I ran over the yellow line a bit.

Well, GSP just so happened to be pulled off the shoulder on the opposite side of traffic when this happened. Wait; let me back up about a half a mile. I did deliberately swerve over the line to miss a Sprite box that was in the driving lane and it could have been full of cans, I didn’t want to take the chance but there was no oncoming traffic and it was a broken line on my side. So, there was a pretty good chance he saw both cases of swerving. And he wasted no time in turning around and getting behind me with the ominous blue lights flashing.

I slowed down and eased off the road (you have to be careful here because if you do this in the wrong spot, you’ll go in the ditch!) and came to a stop where I could be far enough off the shoulder so we and the cop did not get hit. He did the classic approach to the car, touching the left QP and all. He asked me if I knew why he’d pulled me over. I said, “Well, I know it wasn’t for speeding because I just crossed the 4 lane (southern lingo for the divided hwy with two lanes of traffic going in each direction) and I was going up the hill.” He smiled and asked for my license. Um, OK. I also grabbed my tag receipt (registration down here) and my insurance info. He just took the license. He looked at it and then at me. And boy was he ever a hottie! OOOOH.

“I pulled you over for swerving over the yellow line.” He stated.
“Oh, back there coming off the 4 lane? There is a sprite 12 pack in the road” (now mind you I was nervous and it didn’t really dawn on me that he was speaking of … Oh.. Where I did it right next to him!)
Officer- I didn’t see a soda box.
Me- I looked him dead in the eye and then in my rear view mirror. “It is right there, I can see it from here” And he trustingly turned and looked.
Officer – OH, well, no, I meant right there where you compromised the line right next to me.
Me- Yeah, that.
Officer – Well, what happened?
Me – I told him what I did.
Officer – Let the back window down.
I did and he looked in the window and verified the story with the girls. He asked Amanda If she did what I said.
Molly, “Yes sir.”
He asked Lulu if she was fighting with her sister.
Lulu- Yes.{Pause} Tazer?
Officer – No. And then he gives the girls a very short lecture about how they need to be good and not fight when Mommy is driving because mommy’s job is to pay attention to the road.
The kids both looked like they had been forced to swallow hard boiled rotten eggs. Molly was as white as a sheet; Lulu was leaning back in her car seat and staring at him. He asked if they understood.
Manners Molly – Yes sir.
Lulu –Yes. {very weak and quiet voice} tazer?
Me –{snorting down and choking on fits of laughter, eyes watering}
Officer-{suddenly at my window} Do you own a tazer?
Me – No, the girls watch COPS of G4.
Officer – Look me in the eye (the one thing I don’t want to do because I don’t really want to bust out laughing in the mans face, it is not his fault, he had nothing to do with this and I in no way shape or form want to show ANY IOTA of disrespect).
Me- I don’t think I can. (hopping he hears the strain of laughter in my voice) but I comply and look at him. He is as tickled as I am about the kids and he holds this serious GSP face but is eyes are glistening with tears. He hands me back my ID and tells me to please keep it between the lines esp. on hills. I thank him and we head out.

So, that is twice now in six months that Lulu has got a GSP officer. I reckon now they are going to start pulling me over to get a laugh or something.

Other then that I would like to know how much Obama is paying for this 24 hour paid ad on Dish Channel 73.

Lastly, I would like to hit on the topic of Paris Hilton and her BFF show. I succumbed and watched it again tonight. Hell, why not, it is clean entertainment. When it came down to elimination time and she asked the one girl who she would choose… Man, I wanted the young lady to get a back bone and say both of them. Honest to God. Although I think Ms Hilton is going about this BFF thing the wrong way, I do find this to be clean entertainment. This is very light weight stuff for Ms Hilton. I have really enjoyed watching this show. The few times they do show Ms Hilton, she does seem very real and very interesting. I still have problems with what she is looking for in a BFF, but the show is a good idea for her image. It has been kept very professional and I feel like I have a very different opinion about Ms Hilton. But, I am not stupid either. NAH NAH NAH, I know that there is a crew of highly paid people that are editing, air brushing, coaching, etc to keep this show clean and running smoothly. I know this. But on the same hand, Ms Hilton needs some credit for taking part in it and how she is displaying her image. She does get a lot of bad press and there are some very jealous people out there saying a lot of really negative things about her based on half truths and what they see but don’t really know. I see a person that I would be friends with if I met her tomorrow at college and didn’t know her from a hay seed. She has a really fun idea of life and likes to go where she is embraced in a positive manner (like the Japan show). She is coming off as playful (joking about the fried live baby chickens, WAS VERY FUNNY AND ORGINAL) as well as her genuine interest in how the competitors work under pressure (tonight’s show) and I am really getting wrapped up in watching this. If you go to and search BFF you will find highlights of the show and a schedule of the show. No it is not a replacement for EUREKA! And I was working on my homework while watching that.

I also took a few minutes tonight to watch some of Game 1 of the big baseball game. That was fun. I haven’t got to watch Baseball in years and the game at inning 4 was still moving very fast.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ruby Tuesday Post

Tch Tch, Without Eureka, I forgot it was Tuesday. How about this picture, is this not where we all want to be on a blustery cold day like it has been? This was taken this summer at Tybee Island, Ga.

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Buenas Dias, Como esta, usted?

Bien. Muy Bien, et tu? And that is how I am feeling today. I am thinking (for the most part) in a foreign language thanks to and the CD system that I ordered from them and we are listening to every morning on the way to school. LOL. Lulu can now speak phrases in Spanish that she can't in English, and my mind is not doing the switch back to English so well. UGH. I guess when my two morning classes are done, I will just go with it and work on my Study Spanish that I am behind on for my Spanish class. URGH. How can you get behind in the class you like the most?

Well with all good intent, I was going to finish this post eariler and post it, but I got a case of writers ADD. :) I was going to make finish this but then I had two classes back to back, and then I had to go meet Philly for lunch, and we looked at pictures of the aftermath of the car accident. Oooohie. Then we looked at the course offerings on the web, then we surfed, then she had to go to class and I said, All right, I will work on Study Spanish and got distracted by some things that came up that I wanted to get for Christmas so... I started to surf and look for them, LETS SEE... Oh then Spanish Class, and I showed the instructor some "pay for" things at the study spanish site... Oh and ... lol, it is 9:26 pm and here I am gettin back to this post.

One other noteworthy deviation. Dancing with the stars. I was rolling through the channels and I saw that so I switched over from Sponge Bob. And There was about ten minutes left or so and it was the Jitter Bug. I couldn't help it, I had to sit and watch that last couple. They were dressed up like Dessie and Lucy for the I love Lucy show, and they were good. I have always liked to both dance the Jitter Bug and watch it (more of the latter because I always got insecure feeling about my boobies just a swinging.... Lol) anywho... it was cool and capitivating. On the comercial break between the shows (I figured why not, the other night I gave Paris Hilton and her BFF a shot) I brushed my teeth and woofled down a half a tuna sandwich (not in that order, I realized that I hadn't eaten since eleven (with Philly) and I was hungry ( I did a few little chores when the kids ate dinner).. blah blah blah, so they opened the second show up with Brian Spitzer and his band singing Stray Cats Strut. One of my most Fav 80's songs. Then because I am selfish and I don't really wanna get caught up in a reality show, I flicked the TV off, showered, and came in here to finish this blog. Awww, I smell nice for ya's! Arn't I just a sweetie.

So, the other avenue of blogger ADD is... what to blog about. I was on top of my game in Spanish (even tho I didn't finish catching up at ) but I knew my por and para's! It was great. I made the snitty little know it all's in the back row look like doggie poohie. And really what better way to have revenge on a twit that has treated everyone in class like a lesser authority the whole semester... then TO BE SMARTER THEN HER AND LOOOOOOK SMARTER THEN HER? Eth, eth... ooooh it felt damn good.

The other what to blog about... OMG... we had to talk about sexuality in my Psych Adjustment class and the instructor kept putting his foot in his mouth, not that the Four Amigops in the front row (me and an unamed three) didn't help by making border line lewed gestures to each other.... it was funny. But then what is life if you can't be open and playful about sex and human sexuality.

And in Biology the instructor was completing his speel about cellular respiration and he asked if anyone knew what it meant to run through the wall and I said yeas. He look at me and muh obeaaseidiness and asked me to explain. I retorted (ha ha... I used to run... a lot... often... every night... worked at a fitness center... was a personal trainer... nah nah nah) "The wall is where you feel you have reached your limitations, running through it is where you reach the point that you can go on and on until you choose to stop because you have reached a balance of manufacturing ATP and using it, your using what you spend when you run through the wall and you can go on and on until your resources are burnt up (stored fat, water)." stunned shocked silence echoed the walls of the room now housing four students and the president of the college.

But it is a great anology for todays world with the economy failing as it is. You need to have a reserve to bank on when your spending your energy currancey (Atp in the above case) gas in the real world. If your don't have a reserve to draw from then you need to come up with an alternative souce of income (I choose crafting) and find a market (this time of year is great, fairs, they are all over and packed full of bargin hunters) and go go go go go go (supliment your income).

Do I think that one can survive in todays economy? Yes. I am treading water. I am not swimming up stream but I am not sinking either. If anything I am going against the current and getting there... because I am learning and willing to learn... and because of that ability to change... I am succeeding.

And it has been a long hard swim. Yes indeedy. Did I think a year and a half ago I would still be in college? Hell No. I planned to be back to work before the first semester was done. Was it easy to make the transition of a working consumer to a non-working consumer? Hell no. I resented every penny I lacked the ability to spend. I wanted things so bad it hurt, I ached for them, I drempt about them, I pinched pennies to get them only to spend my squandered cash on something that came up. Has the toll of hardship has been worth it? Hell no/Hell yeas. What? No, because I had to give up a life style I was accustomed to (SELFISH ME) and no because I had to need and I had to want.,no because at times I felt like my sanity was amongst the items I had lost. Yes, because I realize that by making the sacrifices I am a more complete and whole person. I understand that knowledge is power (and school house rocks was not lying to me on PBS as a child) and with that kind of power there is an estacy of fullfilment. Would I do it all again if I had prior knowlege of how things would turn out... Hell Yes. But I would like to be able to go back further and never quit college to begin with. Oh well. I have a goal and destination now and that is what counts.

My advise in this day and time is quite simple. Set a goal. Take small steps to reach that goal. When you cross milestones along the way, take a minute to re-evaluate your goal, nip and tuck as nec, the start chugging again. Before you realize it you will see the horizon and wonder why this whole obstical seemed daunting before.

Quote of the day, Neil Young, "... And the sun burst through the sky...There was a band playing in my head and I felt like getting high, look at mother nature on the run in the 1970's..."
Second quote of the day, Hank ROllins band, Hero Time, "It's time to align your body with your mind, it's hero time"
Third Quote of the day (heck why not, I don't quote ever), Metallica, Trapped under Ice, "Freezing, can't feel my hands,.... I am dying to live... I'm trapped under ice." NYPINTA can fill in the blanks here.
4th quote of the day, Mich Jagger (band name escapes me), Going to a go go, "I'm going to a go go, everybody, going to a go go..."
5th quote of the day (clash of the music montage, eth?) the musical theme song of Benny Hill.
6th quote of the day, Charles Dickenson, Moby Dick, "My name is Ishmal..."
Frost, " leaf subsides to leaf, Eden sank to grief, as dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay..."
Dorthy (Wizard of Oz) "Has anyone seen my little dog?"
A little phonic's here... sorry... I can't remember all the words and i am too lazy to look up the proper name spellings. I think I got maggie right, tho.
Lastly, Pink Floyd, Flecher Memorial home, "Brisgna took Afganastan, and Began took Beruit, Guilter took the Union Jack, and Maggie, whom went to lunch one day, took a cruiser and never gave it back... mmmmhmmmmummmmummm ...take all your over grown infants away some where, and give them a home, a little place of their own, the fletcher memorial, home for incurable wasters... life at need... are you having a great time.... FUCK ALL THAT WE GOTTA GET ON WITH THIS, WE GOTTA COMPETE WITH THE ... The FILM SHOW... SO FUCK ALL THAT WE GOTTA GET ON WITH THE SHOW...are you having a nice time... and now the final solution has reached that point..." Or something along that line (LONG TIME)
Pink Floyd, the final cut, "I held the blade in trembling hands, prepared to make it hurt, just then the phone rang, I never had the nerve to make the final cut..."
Ani Defranco, 32 flavors, "...squint your eyes a little closer,I am not beyond your pererferial vision, I am a poster girl with no poster, I am 32 flavors and then some... and I will probably eat most of the words I just said..."
Artist... Can't think of her name...TOm's Dinner, "I am sitting at a dinner, on the corner of the..."
Crap, I have a swirl of Ani songs going through my head head and just can't thing of anything now.... SIGH.

Anyway, take that monage and put it together, and that is about what I think of the economy and where is is heading. We (the people of the United States of America) can pull through this. We just need to pool our resources and come up with a plan. Go vote of Nov 4th.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long days

Average Sunday, day full of laundry. Grrr. I had to run to the store and get the stuff for Molly's Solar System project. I planned on getting them both two sets of sweats so they have something warm to sleep in in our sudden chill. I spent $311 bucks. I can't win for freakin loosing!

Other news, I am watching Paris Hilton's my new BFF. I am laughing so hard. I'm sorry. It is cute in a way, the people are die hards. OMG. My opinnion on this show? Shouldn't a BFF be like someone who is there to watch your 6's? Does it matter if they have the best fashion sence or the best body, or the best ... ? I kept thinking about when Paris got arrested and as they hauled her butt off she started crying for her mommy. That was substance. Why did she call for her mommy? Because she had no one of substance to call for! Thats what I think. And if this is her life and how she perceives her friends need to be... wow.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congradulations, you have just enter the solar system

Have you ever had a day where your brain waves overlap with your visual stimulation? Well, when I opened my home page this morning, that is what happened. I glanced at the page and was thinking about random thoughts of nothing while waiting for the JCPenney Ad page to open. And the title to this document is what I read. Was it in Black and white on anything I was doing, NO. It is cold this morning. The first day of hunting season and the butthole hunters let us know that they are present by the loud Rhatt a That tat of their guns reports. Fuckers.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Please go visit...

the good Doc and take part in his post about breast cancer awarness. Thanks

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a few things about tv

am I the only one that feels if the Baseball playoff's are going to be delayed for thirty minutes because Barack O'bama has taken out a thiry minute ad... That Barack should at least throw out the opening pitch for the game?

Has anyone noticed the abrupt stop in ad's for insurance companies on TV? I don't watch a lot of tv but I have noticed that the big ones have not been advertising sense AIG did their belly flog, also the banks are not advertising as much sense WaMu dropped down to rescue point, and femine products all the sudden are non-existant? Just something I have noticed.

*edit* something else I noticed. Went to fill the horses trough this mornign and there was a dead squirl in it. GROSS. I had to dump it out and scour it with bleach. GROSS.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy Day

What went wrong

I almost hit a deer this morning. And Molly hollard at me when I applied pressure to the breaks and swirved to miss the stupid thing. I pointed out the obvious and she very quietly said, "oh"

The president of the college aka my Bio teacher did not like the presentation we gave him on cellular respiration. Et al.

I blogged when I should have been working on Spanish! Then looked for Philly and couldn't find her or reach her via text or telle. SIGH.

Malo left and went to eat out (while I was looking for Philly) so I switched my books in my bag around and went to talk to my spanish teach about Spanish 2002.

My mom called (that is always a day killer). Philly tried to call in when I was on the phone with mommy, but I saw her through the glass wall and waved to her. Poor thing was weighted down with her bags. I was trying to describe some stuff around the parking lot to my mom and instead of saying Philly was waddling towards me I said she was toddling towards me and my mom asked if she was drunk. MOM. Grr. Then I couldn't think of the word waddle or how to describe it so I told ehr I had to go!

I sat wiht Philly and another girl while hey had lunch and we talked about the ill affects (effects) of anitdepressents! That was followed by Philly walking me to my Bio lab. The lab went great. Only thing all morrning that went as planned!

Philly got out of her class before I got out of lab so we missed saying g'bye. Now, before I go on, let me tell you this. Last few weeks Philly has not been feeling to well, either being sick or dizzy spells, or the never ending visit from Aunt Flow, So, I have been calling and making sure she got home ok or asking her to call me. Today, I didn't. I saw her jeep was gone, I was kind of in a fog due to this antidepressent et al.

Spanish was a backwards clusterf**K, but If I was uptodate on my stuff it would have gone ok.

Pick Molly up from school, she announces the fall fest is today at five to seven. I take her to my school, set her up in the library and I go switch my declared major and pay my graduation application fee. On the way back to the lib I call home and let sue and harry know that we will be late getting in and I am taking the kids to mcD, et al

I get two steps into the lib and get a phone call no one wants to get from their best friend.

Phone rings: Philly Home Calling
Me: Hey girl, kinda late, eth
Philly: You know you didn't call me today
me: yea, but you seemed ok
Philly: I had a car accident
me... catching cell phone as it starts to slide : WHAT ARE YOU OK

she was ok, a little stiff but her Jeep is totaled. Some guy T-boned her and she called her hubby and he went to save the day, etc so on and so forth. I felt horrible. Would it have been to much for me to make my normal phone call????? So, I gave her a few words of advise on how to treat the whiplash if it sets in and how to head it off and how to make a bed buddy (dry rice in a sock, nuke it a few minutes and tie the end of the sock off and use it as a heating pad).

Molly was texting me frantically that she was done in teh lib, I walked up to get her and got us all in teh car, headed out to get LULU. Got lulu, waited ten minutes at the pump to fill up (red light was on, I had no choice) but it was nice to pay less then three bucks a gallon for a change! Get to the fall fest and realize that Lulu's shoes are not in her bag, Go back to day care pick up her shoes, get the kids mcd's and go back to festivil.

What went right.
Kids had a really good time at the festival. Spent seven bucks. Lulu won a cake. That was funny. It was the cake walk. They had to dance from numbered pumpkin to numbered pumpkin to the music and when the music stopped they had to stand on a numbered pumpkin. Then they would draw a number out of a plastic pumpkin. LuLu was on Pumpkin 12 and that was what was called. She got so excited. She ran over to get candy out of hte plastic pumpkin only to find out that she got to choose, FUDGE, CoOKIES, or a CAKE. SHe looked at all three, I suggested the fudge. She looked at the cookies, Molly suggested them because they were snickerdoodles. Lulu pointed at the cake. Chess cake. Never heard of it. I asked if it was suppose to be cheese cake, and I know better then to ask stuff like that down here. Chess cake is a heavy buttery cake that taste like cheesecake. HUGH? And somewhere in all that mess of fun and games Molly's daddy called my cell phone. SIGH.

We had to call home so that lulu could tell grandma about the cake and all LLULU did was grin and nod her head and say, I won tate.

What is the fall festival
this is something the schools put on down here for the kids. That way the kids are assured to have a safe trickertreat. I bought seven dollars in tickets and the kids did all the games and each got almost a full bag of candy and cheap toys. And a chess cake.

we got home at 7:45 pm and they told g'ma and g'pa about their night and went straight to the tub where I washed off the face painting and spray painted hair. Lulu had a Georgia G and white hair, Molly had balloons and glitter hair. I just hope I got it all out, with their hair color it is very had to tell esp when wet!

Then Lulu says, I tarvin. I was like, WHAT you ate a whole happy meal (cb with apple dippers and a coke) and my FF! Lulu giggled and took three pieces of hard salami out of the fridge and ate that like she had a case of tape worm. Molly took her antibotic and said she was still full and brushed her hair and teeth (different brushes) and went to bed.

So, then we had to doctor bug bites and off to bed. It was nine before they got into bed! so, I have been trying to do a system restore on this computer, sue accidently earased her game she has been playing for two years and lost all ehr points. I can't figure out how to undo that. SIgh. I have been typing for twenty five minutes an d my finger pads hurt because I nipped my nails this morning and am using a different part of my finger! Never ends.

All in all it was a good bad day? Or a bad day with a good ending? You know.

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7 weird or random things

Visiting Dawn's blog she tagged anyone and everyone so I am going to do the same. Site 7 weird or random things about yourself and post it on your blog with a link back to mine. J

  1. When I lived in Connecticut and took care of Ms. Knapp, I commuted home every weekend that I could. When returning to CT one Sunday, a 747 landed on I84 and traffic was blocked for hours.
  2. A few weeks ago I saw a giant spider web (it covered the dirt road I live on from ditch to ditch) and I got out and looked the web over and found the spider, he was about the size of my pinky nail.
  3. I often forget important things until it is to late
  4. I enjoy taking the time to watch sunsets
  5. I want this semester to be over, I don't feel like I am learning anything!
  6. I am second guessing my choice of dropping the Chemistry class and changing my major
  7. I want to move back west! It don't have to be back to California, I will take Arizona, Washington, Nevada, etc! There are too many weather disturbances here on the East Coast and I am tired of them, heck, I'd even move to Mexico, or in the US side, NM. LOL.


There, now if you read this, your tagged and you must comply VIA blog etiquette. JJJ I have a headache and Spanish to work on! I can't fail the class and I can't drop the class. I am porked!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday, this mornings sunrise

SOmething red... how about todays sunrise?
oooh the scarey dashboard... lol.. most of that is reflection!
and these were taken at almost hwy speed! LOL. It sure felt faster with the window open and it being dark and the flash on the camera making that eeeerie light.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

just so ya'll get a nosey glimspe of our weekend

Mind you, prior to the pictures being taken, THE KIDS WERE CLEAN, every day, honest, I swear. NOT THAT THE PICTURES ARE INDICITIVE OF THiS.

You can't see me behind big boy
Lulu bagging up pecans
Puppie pic's of Chloe for Betty
before the hair cut
asleep at the bone

I am sure Dale will love this trait of Chloe's
after the hair cut... OH MY.. IT IS A POODLE
next to the 4" wonder so you can see size, she is tiny

playing with T
Puppies in general

Kids and puppies, Lucy and Scarlet
Manny doing what manny does

Who is on top?
Manny and Ani
Is it a deer?
Nope it is a itty bitty big mouthed puppy named scarlet, note that is a 20 oz pepsi bottle so you can get an idea of how HUGE she is
Bear in the hole that Chloe keeps trying to steal
T - unable to help himself came over to see what I was doing and sat on Scarlets head
Scarlet recovers
another pecan shot, picking up dropped pecans
Manny and Ani, Luly and Scarlet
Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha I am gonna pick on you now

my boobie
it is so big I can't get it to upload, imagine how the bra feels! LOL
Haha you thought it was gonna be dirty... Foooled ya, it just got in the way of taking a pic of temper tantrum girl
Lulu and Chloe
Bear sleeping still

All in all we had a pretty good 4 day weekend. Chloe is at the vet for her rabies shot and grooming, the rest of the kids and puppies are sleeping! I am trying to get the pictures of the weekend to upload and that way I don't have to Blog. :) I am tired of this crap with photobucket, I am making an account with shutterfly right now. BRB.
While I am waiting if anyone uses IM at yahoo I am bigchickeno and at msn I am, now I don't receive email at either of those,I use for email. I am looking at my friends list and noone is online so I thought I would todd that stuff out there for ya'll.
OMG I am on my myspace page. LOL. I din't know there was email there... LOLOLOL I have mail that is like three years old there and some freakin hotties too!!!!!

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