Friday, October 24, 2008

what a TIME

OMG. I drove the 30 something miles to Swainsboro today, dropped the baby off at the daycare and then got about 2 miles down the road to Molly's school and the check engine light came on and the Jeep shut off. I thought I missed the gear or something, put it in N and tried to start it. It cranked but wouldn't start.

I love Molly to death. She panic's, "Mom, does this mean I am going to be late for school?" and I am like.... Don't worry about it, this is a valid excuse. So, I call the house and let them know and one of Amanda's teachers pulls up and I ask her if Molly can ride with her and she just loves Molly (Amanda, I call her Molly...) and was like yea, and she also calls 911.

Cops push me out of the road (no ticket and not Mr Hottie either, darn it) and it is pouring rain. No one stopped to help me (Cept the teacher n the cop n some red neck stopped to help the cop push my car out of the road). I would like to know what ever happened to chivilary? Where did it go?

My uncle gets there about the time I think to call my insurance company and see if my roadside assistance will cover a tow and it will! Yea.

Chrysler calls me shortly after that to say it is the timming belt and it will run $350-$375 if there is no valve damage because this is an interference engine but it won't be done until Monday or Tuesday and do I want the recall done while it is in there? Hell yea, I'm tired of puttin tires on it because of the inspect part of this recall misses the busted balljoint every time the recall has been issued. Besides it will give the dealership money.

It would be nice if these things happened when I had the money for the repairs, but alas, that is not how it works. The kids have worn almost all of the clothes I bought them the other day, so I can't return them for mullah. Grrrr. We will see what happens. I won't get into the Brian saga.

Anywho. I sjust want to give the local PD (Swainsboro, GA) a shout put for being so gosh darned nice. I want to give State Farm insurance a shout out for looking up the number for a towing facility and picking up the tab on that, and I want to give Ms Debbie a shout out for helping get my youngin to school. Oh and my uncle for comming to get me and then for taking me back over there to get my kids later in the day (and facing the wild and crazy people on the road this it was bad).

And the day ended really good! It finally stopped raining about 6:30pm and we ran out to get the last few minutes of sunshine. There were a gallon bag full of pecans on the ground from all the rain and wind today and we picked up pecans (a whole gallon bag worth ;) ) until almsot eight and then called it a night. We watched some cops (no one got tasered) and just relaxed.

I guess it was worth getting caught out in the rain, eth?

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

You were lucky Jenn, to have so much co-operation on your side!...except for your car of course!
See....if we'd all go back to horse and buggy...there wouldn't be all this other crap to go through! ;)
Rain??? What is that??

10/26/08, 6:28 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Well, it was very frusterating that nobody would stop and help me for the police. There were a lot of "able" young men that went by.
Horse n buggy would have worked. If I'd thrown an axle or wheel or something of that nature, I'd have put Molly on the back of a horse and rode the rest of the way in. But all in all, those that did help - did make an ugly situation turn out ok ('cept for the repair bill that is up and comming).

10/26/08, 8:38 PM  
OpenID mysecondjournal said...

You have more "experience" with the police than anyone I know.. What are the chances that a teacher drives by?? LOL

Thanks for adding Open ID

10/27/08, 1:42 PM  

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