Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buenas Dias, Como esta, usted?

Bien. Muy Bien, et tu? And that is how I am feeling today. I am thinking (for the most part) in a foreign language thanks to studyspanish.com and the CD system that I ordered from them and we are listening to every morning on the way to school. LOL. Lulu can now speak phrases in Spanish that she can't in English, and my mind is not doing the switch back to English so well. UGH. I guess when my two morning classes are done, I will just go with it and work on my Study Spanish that I am behind on for my Spanish class. URGH. How can you get behind in the class you like the most?

Well with all good intent, I was going to finish this post eariler and post it, but I got a case of writers ADD. :) I was going to make finish this but then I had two classes back to back, and then I had to go meet Philly for lunch, and we looked at pictures of the aftermath of the car accident. Oooohie. Then we looked at the course offerings on the web, then we surfed, then she had to go to class and I said, All right, I will work on Study Spanish and got distracted by some things that came up that I wanted to get for Christmas so... I started to surf and look for them, LETS SEE... Oh then Spanish Class, and I showed the instructor some "pay for" things at the study spanish site... Oh and ... lol, it is 9:26 pm and here I am gettin back to this post.

One other noteworthy deviation. Dancing with the stars. I was rolling through the channels and I saw that so I switched over from Sponge Bob. And There was about ten minutes left or so and it was the Jitter Bug. I couldn't help it, I had to sit and watch that last couple. They were dressed up like Dessie and Lucy for the I love Lucy show, and they were good. I have always liked to both dance the Jitter Bug and watch it (more of the latter because I always got insecure feeling about my boobies just a swinging.... Lol) anywho... it was cool and capitivating. On the comercial break between the shows (I figured why not, the other night I gave Paris Hilton and her BFF a shot) I brushed my teeth and woofled down a half a tuna sandwich (not in that order, I realized that I hadn't eaten since eleven (with Philly) and I was hungry ( I did a few little chores when the kids ate dinner).. blah blah blah, so they opened the second show up with Brian Spitzer and his band singing Stray Cats Strut. One of my most Fav 80's songs. Then because I am selfish and I don't really wanna get caught up in a reality show, I flicked the TV off, showered, and came in here to finish this blog. Awww, I smell nice for ya's! Arn't I just a sweetie.

So, the other avenue of blogger ADD is... what to blog about. I was on top of my game in Spanish (even tho I didn't finish catching up at www.studyspanish.com ) but I knew my por and para's! It was great. I made the snitty little know it all's in the back row look like doggie poohie. And really what better way to have revenge on a twit that has treated everyone in class like a lesser authority the whole semester... then TO BE SMARTER THEN HER AND LOOOOOOK SMARTER THEN HER? Eth, eth... ooooh it felt damn good.

The other what to blog about... OMG... we had to talk about sexuality in my Psych Adjustment class and the instructor kept putting his foot in his mouth, not that the Four Amigops in the front row (me and an unamed three) didn't help by making border line lewed gestures to each other.... it was funny. But then what is life if you can't be open and playful about sex and human sexuality.

And in Biology the instructor was completing his speel about cellular respiration and he asked if anyone knew what it meant to run through the wall and I said yeas. He look at me and muh obeaaseidiness and asked me to explain. I retorted (ha ha... I used to run... a lot... often... every night... worked at a fitness center... was a personal trainer... nah nah nah) "The wall is where you feel you have reached your limitations, running through it is where you reach the point that you can go on and on until you choose to stop because you have reached a balance of manufacturing ATP and using it, your using what you spend when you run through the wall and you can go on and on until your resources are burnt up (stored fat, water)." stunned shocked silence echoed the walls of the room now housing four students and the president of the college.

But it is a great anology for todays world with the economy failing as it is. You need to have a reserve to bank on when your spending your energy currancey (Atp in the above case) gas in the real world. If your don't have a reserve to draw from then you need to come up with an alternative souce of income (I choose crafting) and find a market (this time of year is great, fairs, they are all over and packed full of bargin hunters) and go go go go go go (supliment your income).

Do I think that one can survive in todays economy? Yes. I am treading water. I am not swimming up stream but I am not sinking either. If anything I am going against the current and getting there... because I am learning and willing to learn... and because of that ability to change... I am succeeding.

And it has been a long hard swim. Yes indeedy. Did I think a year and a half ago I would still be in college? Hell No. I planned to be back to work before the first semester was done. Was it easy to make the transition of a working consumer to a non-working consumer? Hell no. I resented every penny I lacked the ability to spend. I wanted things so bad it hurt, I ached for them, I drempt about them, I pinched pennies to get them only to spend my squandered cash on something that came up. Has the toll of hardship has been worth it? Hell no/Hell yeas. What? No, because I had to give up a life style I was accustomed to (SELFISH ME) and no because I had to need and I had to want.,no because at times I felt like my sanity was amongst the items I had lost. Yes, because I realize that by making the sacrifices I am a more complete and whole person. I understand that knowledge is power (and school house rocks was not lying to me on PBS as a child) and with that kind of power there is an estacy of fullfilment. Would I do it all again if I had prior knowlege of how things would turn out... Hell Yes. But I would like to be able to go back further and never quit college to begin with. Oh well. I have a goal and destination now and that is what counts.

My advise in this day and time is quite simple. Set a goal. Take small steps to reach that goal. When you cross milestones along the way, take a minute to re-evaluate your goal, nip and tuck as nec, the start chugging again. Before you realize it you will see the horizon and wonder why this whole obstical seemed daunting before.

Quote of the day, Neil Young, "... And the sun burst through the sky...There was a band playing in my head and I felt like getting high, look at mother nature on the run in the 1970's..."
Second quote of the day, Hank ROllins band, Hero Time, "It's time to align your body with your mind, it's hero time"
Third Quote of the day (heck why not, I don't quote ever), Metallica, Trapped under Ice, "Freezing, can't feel my hands,.... I am dying to live... I'm trapped under ice." NYPINTA can fill in the blanks here.
4th quote of the day, Mich Jagger (band name escapes me), Going to a go go, "I'm going to a go go, everybody, going to a go go..."
5th quote of the day (clash of the music montage, eth?) the musical theme song of Benny Hill.
6th quote of the day, Charles Dickenson, Moby Dick, "My name is Ishmal..."
Frost, "...as leaf subsides to leaf, Eden sank to grief, as dawn goes down today, nothing gold can stay..."
Dorthy (Wizard of Oz) "Has anyone seen my little dog?"
A little phonic's here... sorry... I can't remember all the words and i am too lazy to look up the proper name spellings. I think I got maggie right, tho.
Lastly, Pink Floyd, Flecher Memorial home, "Brisgna took Afganastan, and Began took Beruit, Guilter took the Union Jack, and Maggie, whom went to lunch one day, took a cruiser and never gave it back... mmmmhmmmmummmmummm ...take all your over grown infants away some where, and give them a home, a little place of their own, the fletcher memorial, home for incurable wasters... life at need... are you having a great time.... FUCK ALL THAT WE GOTTA GET ON WITH THIS, WE GOTTA COMPETE WITH THE ... The FILM SHOW... SO FUCK ALL THAT WE GOTTA GET ON WITH THE SHOW...are you having a nice time... and now the final solution has reached that point..." Or something along that line (LONG TIME)
Pink Floyd, the final cut, "I held the blade in trembling hands, prepared to make it hurt, just then the phone rang, I never had the nerve to make the final cut..."
Ani Defranco, 32 flavors, "...squint your eyes a little closer,I am not beyond your pererferial vision, I am a poster girl with no poster, I am 32 flavors and then some... and I will probably eat most of the words I just said..."
Artist... Can't think of her name...TOm's Dinner, "I am sitting at a dinner, on the corner of the..."
Crap, I have a swirl of Ani songs going through my head head and just can't thing of anything now.... SIGH.

Anyway, take that monage and put it together, and that is about what I think of the economy and where is is heading. We (the people of the United States of America) can pull through this. We just need to pool our resources and come up with a plan. Go vote of Nov 4th.

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

I love Dancing with the Stars, and the jitterbug is my kind of dance! LOL. Did a lot of jitterbugging in my time.

We can make it through the tough times! Yes, we can!

Got to go. See you again, soon.



10/22/08, 6:17 AM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

You are amazing Girl! You sound like tons of ‘energy’ whirling around doing the jitterbug yourself! Keep teaching the kids Spanish! That is to become the way of the US, ya know..

10/22/08, 10:37 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

The last one is Suzanne Vega.

10/22/08, 10:42 PM  

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