Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy Day

What went wrong

I almost hit a deer this morning. And Molly hollard at me when I applied pressure to the breaks and swirved to miss the stupid thing. I pointed out the obvious and she very quietly said, "oh"

The president of the college aka my Bio teacher did not like the presentation we gave him on cellular respiration. Et al.

I blogged when I should have been working on Spanish! Then looked for Philly and couldn't find her or reach her via text or telle. SIGH.

Malo left and went to eat out (while I was looking for Philly) so I switched my books in my bag around and went to talk to my spanish teach about Spanish 2002.

My mom called (that is always a day killer). Philly tried to call in when I was on the phone with mommy, but I saw her through the glass wall and waved to her. Poor thing was weighted down with her bags. I was trying to describe some stuff around the parking lot to my mom and instead of saying Philly was waddling towards me I said she was toddling towards me and my mom asked if she was drunk. MOM. Grr. Then I couldn't think of the word waddle or how to describe it so I told ehr I had to go!

I sat wiht Philly and another girl while hey had lunch and we talked about the ill affects (effects) of anitdepressents! That was followed by Philly walking me to my Bio lab. The lab went great. Only thing all morrning that went as planned!

Philly got out of her class before I got out of lab so we missed saying g'bye. Now, before I go on, let me tell you this. Last few weeks Philly has not been feeling to well, either being sick or dizzy spells, or the never ending visit from Aunt Flow, So, I have been calling and making sure she got home ok or asking her to call me. Today, I didn't. I saw her jeep was gone, I was kind of in a fog due to this antidepressent et al.

Spanish was a backwards clusterf**K, but If I was uptodate on my stuff it would have gone ok.

Pick Molly up from school, she announces the fall fest is today at five to seven. I take her to my school, set her up in the library and I go switch my declared major and pay my graduation application fee. On the way back to the lib I call home and let sue and harry know that we will be late getting in and I am taking the kids to mcD, et al

I get two steps into the lib and get a phone call no one wants to get from their best friend.

Phone rings: Philly Home Calling
Me: Hey girl, kinda late, eth
Philly: You know you didn't call me today
me: yea, but you seemed ok
Philly: I had a car accident
me... catching cell phone as it starts to slide : WHAT ARE YOU OK

she was ok, a little stiff but her Jeep is totaled. Some guy T-boned her and she called her hubby and he went to save the day, etc so on and so forth. I felt horrible. Would it have been to much for me to make my normal phone call????? So, I gave her a few words of advise on how to treat the whiplash if it sets in and how to head it off and how to make a bed buddy (dry rice in a sock, nuke it a few minutes and tie the end of the sock off and use it as a heating pad).

Molly was texting me frantically that she was done in teh lib, I walked up to get her and got us all in teh car, headed out to get LULU. Got lulu, waited ten minutes at the pump to fill up (red light was on, I had no choice) but it was nice to pay less then three bucks a gallon for a change! Get to the fall fest and realize that Lulu's shoes are not in her bag, Go back to day care pick up her shoes, get the kids mcd's and go back to festivil.

What went right.
Kids had a really good time at the festival. Spent seven bucks. Lulu won a cake. That was funny. It was the cake walk. They had to dance from numbered pumpkin to numbered pumpkin to the music and when the music stopped they had to stand on a numbered pumpkin. Then they would draw a number out of a plastic pumpkin. LuLu was on Pumpkin 12 and that was what was called. She got so excited. She ran over to get candy out of hte plastic pumpkin only to find out that she got to choose, FUDGE, CoOKIES, or a CAKE. SHe looked at all three, I suggested the fudge. She looked at the cookies, Molly suggested them because they were snickerdoodles. Lulu pointed at the cake. Chess cake. Never heard of it. I asked if it was suppose to be cheese cake, and I know better then to ask stuff like that down here. Chess cake is a heavy buttery cake that taste like cheesecake. HUGH? And somewhere in all that mess of fun and games Molly's daddy called my cell phone. SIGH.

We had to call home so that lulu could tell grandma about the cake and all LLULU did was grin and nod her head and say, I won tate.

What is the fall festival
this is something the schools put on down here for the kids. That way the kids are assured to have a safe trickertreat. I bought seven dollars in tickets and the kids did all the games and each got almost a full bag of candy and cheap toys. And a chess cake.

we got home at 7:45 pm and they told g'ma and g'pa about their night and went straight to the tub where I washed off the face painting and spray painted hair. Lulu had a Georgia G and white hair, Molly had balloons and glitter hair. I just hope I got it all out, with their hair color it is very had to tell esp when wet!

Then Lulu says, I tarvin. I was like, WHAT you ate a whole happy meal (cb with apple dippers and a coke) and my FF! Lulu giggled and took three pieces of hard salami out of the fridge and ate that like she had a case of tape worm. Molly took her antibotic and said she was still full and brushed her hair and teeth (different brushes) and went to bed.

So, then we had to doctor bug bites and off to bed. It was nine before they got into bed! so, I have been trying to do a system restore on this computer, sue accidently earased her game she has been playing for two years and lost all ehr points. I can't figure out how to undo that. SIgh. I have been typing for twenty five minutes an d my finger pads hurt because I nipped my nails this morning and am using a different part of my finger! Never ends.

All in all it was a good bad day? Or a bad day with a good ending? You know.

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Well, with all that went on that day, I'm glad the kids had fun at the festival and Lulu won a cake! Yes, that's a pretty good ending, I would say.

Enjoy your weekend!



10/18/08, 12:08 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

My sweet tooth is hollerin’! I didn’t know cake walks were still done these days..thought there’d be something more “modern” whatever it’d be I dunno…Glad LuLu won a cake tho! Hope you all saved a bite for me! ;)

10/22/08, 10:47 PM  

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