Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What the heck, one more day in paradise

What the heck? I had just settled down to finish my Spanish translation and to finish my verb flash cards for Spanish verbs in different tenses. Yeah, I know, I should have done this long before today but things keep cropping up. So, one more doomed Spanish day. I get a phone call from the school (Molly's). This leads to me storming out of the house ready to beat someone's ass. That leads to me going to the police station. This leads to me getting the school social worker down. Then it leads to me pressing charges on the asshole black boy that spit in my daughters face. Leads to my feeling of guilt about this but also leads to satisfaction. The GOD B DAMNED School won't do a blessed thing about situations until the parents have to go to extremes.

The boy just got out of ISS for messing with my daughter last week. So, after calling her a bitch and a jackass (because she told on him and what he was doing to bully her) he goes to the water fountain and gets a mouthful of water and spits it in Molly's face. Molly does the right thing, she goes to the office and tells the vice principal.

Does the boy have AIDS? Don't know. I pressed 3rd degree assault charges on a nine year old. Why? Why can't the damn schools handle bullies? Don't make sense to me. This is the same boy that has been giving Molly a hard time from the first day of school. I really hope his parents warmed his ass up after today. Honest to God. If I see them out in public I promise you I will shame the FUCK out of his parents. I am so flipping mad right now. Here it is 9:22 p/m and I am just sitting down to finish this translation. Will I be able to focus on either of my mid-terms tomorrow? I doubt it!

My child (ren) comes first. Always. But why on Spanish days? This is something I want to learn, I need it for my major, and I want to do it right! I am sitting on a D right now, without this help! I mean, like, why the heck can't it be when I am in the middle of a different subject that I don't feel an underlying need to perfect?

OK Jenny, why are you blogging now instead of translating? Truth be known, I did the translation. I was so mad, I just sat down and hand wrote the majority of it in English. Ha. That pissed me off more. LOL. It was like thirty minutes and done. See, it is not hard if you just sit down and do the damn thing. I still have the flash cards to do, but I am suffering mommy anger! I needed to vent.

I requested from the police divine intervention. Why? Because I did not want this guilt, I just wanted to force the school to do the right thing. Do I wish the boy ill, no, but I will shame his parents (if I am given half a chance to). Why shame his parents? Because he is crying out for attention and the only attention he is getting is bad attention. I told the social worker that. She agreed with me. I also told her that I was not going to press charges if he has the type of parents that are going to beat him near death. She was familiar with the boy. She assured me that no harm would come to him because half of the problem is he is not disciplined at home; there is basically no parental care at all. Okay; If you say so. She said that he would not be in Molly's class tomorrow. I informed her that moving him tomorrow might not be the best idea because they have a science test. She looked kind of shocked. What? Is that to much to ask for the boy? He is not mine, but I am sure my child would do poor on an exam if uprooted the day of the exam. I elaborated that point.

I am madder then Hell that this happened to my child. I could eat bullets and flatus an atomic bomb over it. BUT, I don't think the boy is really doing anything more then crying out for attention; be that attention bad or good. Am I wrong to rationalize that way?

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