Sunday, October 05, 2008

Complaints Dept… Please leave a message

I am aggravated tonight. My ex-Brian (Molly's daddy) called this morning. It seems he had something to say. I don't know why he bothers honestly; it is always a big fight. I mean, I want him to call and speak to Molly, but I really don't want to speak to him, myself, my personal, and my bad. Whatever. I kind of threw a few run on sentences his way about how I was kind of busy and called Molly to the phone. And I was busy. I was taking clothes out of the washer when he called. Not that he'd believe that, he prolly thought I was inside f**king a cucumber or something. SIGH… do we have one… JUST KIDDING, anyway, when they finished talking I was back outside and hanging the clothes up. TO hang them up I had to take some dry stuff down… you know the drill. Anyway, Molly comes running over and states firmly, DADDY wants to talk to you. I roll my eyes, "Tell him I am busy" She states, "I did but he said it was important." So, I take the phone and fear the worst. Did his mom finally die? I cringe. No, he wants to talk about not coming for Christmas.

And you wonder why the man makes me mad? OK, only 1 Christmas out of now 10 has he bothered to spend with Amanda. ONE. And that was last year and only because I got in an absolute uproar. Today was no different. Once again this might be his mothers last Christmas and once again he is going to stand his ONLY child up because of his mother. In the years past when she was sane, he couldn't come for various reasons, all relating back to the fact that he can't cut the damn apron strings. I told him (in a very loud voice) that he had to choose between his mother and his daughter. I informed him that I was tired of reasoning with Molly about his issues and point blank, I didn't give a damn. I let him know how he has managed to ruin every Christmas for his daughter except for one. ONE. Ok, well back up. Before I got into an uproar, I said (calmly) why not just wait until April and her spring break. Use your tax money to fly out here. And it would have been fine if he had left it alone. But he didn't. He had to do the speech of how this might be his mommy's last Christmas.

So, I cut the speech off. And he sputter and spazed a minute. I let him have that and then I interrupted him with, "Well Brian, you choose. The choice is yours, Mommy or Manny. And when Manny is 18 and she blows off steam about how her daddy only ever gave her one Christmas, it is on you. Because you momma has always and will always …." He hung up on me. (… Interfere with your relationship with your daughter.)

I was just like… ASSSSSSSHOOOOOLLLLLLLLE. And barky, woof woof, doady, dingle berry, and the fluffy thing all came running and licking my feet. Molly was picking up the handful of clothes I missed throwing at the basket and she looked at me. "Mommy, I really don't care if he comes or not. I am tired of his lies. I don't like my daddy because he drinks and it is really ok for him not to come." She shakes some leaves off of the clothes. "But if he calls back and apologizes, I am ok with Going off to TYBEE ISLAND in April, but only if you come too."

Me to myself, "Well gee, thanks, do you honestly think I would let him take you off alone? Not on the world."



Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Sounds like the kid's got it figured out.

10/5/08, 10:07 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

yes, yes indeedy. Thank you for noticing.

10/6/08, 5:08 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenn,

Well, Molly does have it figured out, but poor Molly, having to put up with that at her age!

And anyway, this whole post just reminded me of what I went through 3o some years ago. Ugh! You have my symphaty, but you're a tough gal, my dear. I had to get tough as well.

Hugs and prayers,


10/6/08, 7:01 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Thanks for the encouragment. I just wish it didn't have to be so tuff for us.

10/6/08, 7:12 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Just remember Jenn, just because a man can be a 'sperm-donor'...says he's the father...that does NOT make for a Dad!
I feel for Molly, as my sis is raising 2 grandkids 5yr & 10 yr...their "sperm donors" are the same way! These girls hurt...but You my dear friend...can nurture them along as you are into great lives ahead...WITHOUT "S-D"!

10/7/08, 1:12 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

as long as my uncle Harry (the one I refer to as G'pa or s'head depending on my mood) is alive, then the girls will be ok. They refer to him as g'pa and he is the MAN in their lives. Yes I get mad at him, but it is easy to get mad at the people you love, right? right. As for B the butthead, I am mad at him, but I think more, I am hurt that he does not love Molly as much as I do. I feel there should be no choice. Choose your kid. I choose a long time ago my child over my mother and I never regretted it.

10/7/08, 8:38 PM  

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