Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Update

I added my writing blog to the bottom of my Blog Call. It is only there temporarily so if you want a glimpse of why I hate and why I hurt, there you go. The blog will be there in cyber space but it should be hidden if you look on my profile and I plan to tuck it back away neatly soon. I opened it up because of a request from a friend, but I warn you, there is a bunch of mushy love stuff there and I really don't want anyone to … think of Jenny as Mushy Love Stuff. Got it? So, we are all adults and have this etiquette amongst us and honor among thieves amongst us, and… well… while it is up … pick your favorite! I am up to 40 post there tonight and I have like 15 more to go... UGH... my mind is gone, I can't remember which was requested.... ack.


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