Friday, September 26, 2008


On the agenda for today:

Laundry (1 million loads, or thats what it looks like)
Take General T back to the vet - He can stay there until the bandages come off.
Work on the "Hannah Montanna" jacket for Amanda and perhaps FINISH it. AND perhaps get ma WOW off my case on the Sewing topic.
Work on Spanish stuff, study for Bio - mid term lab exam, and get the posts in for my Psych Adjustment class.
Well that is what I want to do, who knows what I will end up doing.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said... go girl!
(I hope ya know I'm just a teasin' ya!! ...except the part about being proud of you! Cuz I am! You have a ton on your plate and you are "digesting" it all!)
Hope your weekend is relaxing...yea, Ol Ma here will let ya have a break **smiles

9/26/08, 2:45 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

;) Good because the only thing that got done was taking the dog to the vet, OH and a NAP with said fuzzball.

9/26/08, 5:10 PM  

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