Sunday, September 28, 2008

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Today there is nothing important to talk about. Well there is but for the most part the interesting things were already covered by other bloggers. Like, NYPINTA spoke about the dangers of being a fanatic and how judgmental people in supposed power can be. W.O.W. covered the topic of what is junk and what is not and how quickly it accumulates in odd places. I would post about the dear departed Paul Newman but the penguin lady got that for me. End Sat post.

Sunday evening. I sit here, it is late for me, I am tired, and feeling guilty. See, I am posting that up there so you know that I was going to dump another lame blog in attempt to actually avoid blogging myself. But the truth be said, what is left to blog about? I wanted to say something to Governor Perdue or the Petroleum executive (whoever said it) and his little attempt to cancel the football game.


I never laughed so hard in my life. You think a Gasoline shortage is going to keep diehard BULLDOG fans away from a game in Athens? OMG.

After that there is only the political forefront to conquer and I am not into the mood right now. I am ready to vote communist after the little charades that are going on.

Here is how my Sunday went. Up way too early. No nap. I worked on Spanish homework for a little bit in the morning and then again this afternoon. The blister I got rushing on Thursday night (while helping Molly with her project) from the hot glue gun still has not popped and is hindering my typing abilities. Went to the store (wasted gas, see gas shortage) to get Harry some pecan swirls and ended up spending almost three hundred bucks. SIGH.

Got home, unloaded the car, went to put the puppies outside and realized Freckles was running on the opposite side of the fence line. I yelled at Harry to help, slid on my boots without socks and ran. Waddled actually, in a fast manner, out to the pasture and called my horse. He tromped through the woods and whickered his greeting. His eyes were wide and his coat foaming and he was blowing. I asked him where he got through. He looked down the fence and whickered. Oh the pond? He whickered again. LIKE HE KNEW WHAT I WAS SAYING. I think he was just reassured I was there and I would fix this. I sucked in my gut and squirmed through the barbed wire and pointed my finger at him. Look, I am wearing shorts, and no socks, IF I GET BIT BY ANYTHING OR POISON IVY; you're going to the dog food factory, GOT IT?" He whickered. Mmmmhmmm. So I put the lead in a mock halter (the hunters have cut all our halters off of the horses or stole the one I hang on the fence) and brought him through the woods to the power line and Harry opened that gate. But let me tell you about our walk through the woods. HE is such a chicken shit. He let me lead him through the shrubs and rubbish and when there was a little clearing he would lead the way. First sapling the size of a finger in front of him, He would stop dead and push me with his face. Silly critter! The tree spiders were gonna get him, I reckon. So, I led him trough the gate and turned him loose. I helped Harry put the gate BACK on the hinges and secure it then I walked down to the other gate and opened the back field. Where was Freckles? Two feet from me. Ok, wait, after the fence repair I did get the brush and scrapped and clean him up a little, then walked down the field to the other fence, but all the same. I stunk like sweaty horse!

Harry decides that we are going to fix the dog run. That takes about two hours. Of course General T and Annie hate it, but hey, who has time to sit outside with the puppies and make sure they don't run under Freckles feet?

Feed and bathe the kids, bathe my stinky horse smelling sweaty self, and put Lulu to bed. Molly is the good one tonight. She went right to bed. Lulu wanted to cut up and throw a fit. So, I bribed her. I told her if she laid down and tried to go to sleep then I would put Annie in bed with her. So she did and I did and dog and baby are both happy.

This dog thing is just not working out. Annie has been in bed with Lulu and I all week now. And she is the great protector. Let me tell you about last night. I stretched and knocked something off of my dresser. Annie… shoots up the bed 100 mph and barks like a mad ewok. I calmed her down and told her she was a good dog, gave her kisses, and then she checked on the baby, saw she was ok and planted herself between the baby and the dresser. Awww, isin't that cute in a fluffy puppy kind of way?

And finally I took some pictures of different stages of the pecans ripening. Maybe I will get around to downloading those pictures tomorrow. I am beat now and I have to go and find some sinus pills.

And through all that fun and excitement, the blister did not break. Hey how about that?

So, I am going to go and take time to catch up reading some of my blog friends. Dawn, Lady Holiday (lady has a cool pic of NYC and a fog creeping through the buildings), the Spanish one that I follow and try to better my Reading abilities, Dave but he hasn't updated, The good Dr and lovely blogger/writer, and that is about it. Everyone else I've peeked at and didn't comment or commented. Hard to tell with me.


Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Well, it sounds like you had all kinds of excitement today.

Me, I came home, went to bed, woke up, and went back to work. Pretty much the same every weekend.

9/28/08, 8:40 PM  
Blogger NYPinTA said...

My cat, or a good rendering of, is on your blog. How'd she get on there? Man, it was bad enough when I was online and all she wanted to get on was my keyboard! Now she wants to be on peoples blogs?

Today I got rained on. End of story. ;)

9/28/08, 10:05 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Sounds like you had just a wonderfully Soggy good day! Me? Just a lazy, no incentive to do anything kind of day...DULL is the proper word.

9/29/08, 1:35 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

You had a busy day!! It sounds like a good weekend overall!! Thanks for the shout out!!

9/29/08, 6:30 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Doc- you can come here for the weekend sometime, I will give you a reason to go to bed. Like hey, FENCE repairs, they are always a great excuse for a long hot shower, bengay, tylenol, and bed! It would break your routine.

NYPINTA - I stole him from another blog. Linda's I think. I thought of Chedar when I saw him, and I loved that rotten cat.

WOW - perspiring is soggy? Oh ok, I get the damnp conneciton.

Dawn - YVW - your weekend sounded a lot more fun then mine!

9/29/08, 8:51 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...


9/29/08, 8:53 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Annie sounds so adorable, even when she starts yelping in the middle of the night!

And what a weekend you had! Makes me tired just reading about it. But it is a funny read! I enjoyed it, Jenn.



9/29/08, 6:47 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Thanks Renie.

9/29/08, 8:19 PM  

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