Thursday, October 09, 2008

I can count…

…on one hand the number of frivolous things I have bought in the last year. 4 of them are sleeping at my feet. The other was a Nintendo hand held jobber that I put away for Molly for Christmas. We are also frugal in this house. I couldn't tell you when the last time was that I bought something for myself. I am posting this in response to Barb's postie at her blog. I can't post a response; I keep getting a blank white screen+! Anywho, I buy non-needed want only things as I feel I have to but I don't flaunt it or embellish in the fact that I can or did do that. Most of the time I can't be frivolous with money because I just don't have it to be like that with it; and when I can be, I choose not to be. I don't count things like the sewing machine as frivolous, I needed a new one, I use it on a regular basis, and I already have the stuff (thread, fabric, et al) that goes with using it. What belt loop can I remove to be more economic friendly?

I would never swap my home with someone else (cooties) and I most defiantly have nothing left to loose. We have conserved on energy to the point of cold showers (we shut the hot water heater off until a half hour before bedtime and bathe at night) that saves about 30 bucks or 610 kilowatt hours per month. We shut and sealed off the upstairs and are all bunking downstairs (so that we could not a/c upstairs and save on the power bill that way) and it is crapped and sloppy. We are down to near the bear minimum on groceries. If I cut our diet anymore we are either going to have to live on potato chips and water (sarcasm I am down to the bare minimums on a balanced diet for all five of us and if I cut anymore then we will be eating outside the general food pyramid.). I haven't worked in two years come January. We are very frugal.

So, Oprah, the next time you're in a charitable mood, please throw some cash my way. I know I am not black, and I know that I am not out having babies to stay on welfare ( I picked good daddies, if nothing else, I get child support), and I know that I am not voting for Obama ( I am not voting at all for that matter), and I know that the only thing you and I have in common is that we are both women. But I also know that I watched your show when you were the black chic on the block and the laughing stock of the nation. I listened and watched and enjoyed you thoroughly and withstood the scrutiny of my peers. I also took a personal offence to the remarks that American's need to take responsibility for their actions. I watched the show (in parts) and in quite honesty, why group everyone together there?

Yes, we are all in the same boat but we are not paddling up the same creek. The creek I am paddling has a line of white water rapids in it and I am blind but navigating my way through. When I get to a resting point I reflect about the journey and I respect my ambitious attempt at being human. All I ask is that when you are going to have a show on scrutinizing Americans and their economic practices, please take in mind that there are some of us that are in a bind and not from over borrowing and not from miss-money-management. There are people in a bind that have lost their employment through no fault of their own and have lost everything but their pride (in self and country) and that are still out there trying to make it work.

I also wanted to mention that you are still a beautiful woman and you still have a great show. I just feel like you are becoming insensitive to things that matter to all your viewers and picking up on the ones that matter to certain demographics.


Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Thank you Ms Jenn for your thoughts...which are similar to mine! Wonder why you were getting a blank? Am I being sabotaged because of the post?? ;)

10/9/08, 9:51 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

Well, I have to admit that I have not been very frugal so far. I know I should be. Maybe after today...after I go lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

And I never watch Oprah. I used to, but havenn't in a few years now. And I am not voting for Obama! I am thinking of writing in a candidate.

Have a good weekend!



10/10/08, 7:21 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

YVW Wow, I was gonna leave a comment like yours and then I got thinking about what you said and I just had to get an entire two cents in.

Renie -I am having cesear salad for lunch. I made it up yesterday, I am just gonna add the freshly grated parm cheese and some dressing. YUMMERS. And that will be a frugal attempt at being cheap, I made enough for the whole family for two days for the price I would have paid for one salad if I ate out.

10/10/08, 11:41 AM  

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