Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 weird or random things

Visiting Dawn's blog she tagged anyone and everyone so I am going to do the same. Site 7 weird or random things about yourself and post it on your blog with a link back to mine. J

  1. When I lived in Connecticut and took care of Ms. Knapp, I commuted home every weekend that I could. When returning to CT one Sunday, a 747 landed on I84 and traffic was blocked for hours.
  2. A few weeks ago I saw a giant spider web (it covered the dirt road I live on from ditch to ditch) and I got out and looked the web over and found the spider, he was about the size of my pinky nail.
  3. I often forget important things until it is to late
  4. I enjoy taking the time to watch sunsets
  5. I want this semester to be over, I don't feel like I am learning anything!
  6. I am second guessing my choice of dropping the Chemistry class and changing my major
  7. I want to move back west! It don't have to be back to California, I will take Arizona, Washington, Nevada, etc! There are too many weather disturbances here on the East Coast and I am tired of them, heck, I'd even move to Mexico, or in the US side, NM. LOL.


There, now if you read this, your tagged and you must comply VIA blog etiquette. JJJ I have a headache and Spanish to work on! I can't fail the class and I can't drop the class. I am porked!

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