Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I will post pic's of the halloweeners tomorrow. I am beat. We got home around 9pm and we left at 5 pm. We tricker treated in L'ville. I wanted to do just the one street we always go on but then we ended up crossing the highway and doing the back neighborhood and then circling around. About the last leg of it Lulu got tired and I carried her for about a half a mile and then she wanted to tricker treat at Mr Lewis's house... LOL... then... she had Karina carry her the last 1/4 a mile to the car. Boy was I relieved. We had the stroller in the car but Lulu had a nonnononono fit when we tried to bring it. LOL. On the third block we ran into a group of Mollys old friends and ended up having 8 tricker treaters then 10 then 11 then 8 LOL... wowow. It was crazy. I named them 1-8. And it worked. I would yell 1 2 and 3 stop at that road... and they did.... yea... hmmmmhmmm

I have no earthy idea what we will do with all this candy. Mine are not candy kids. They like a little Hershey bar now and again and bubble gum (when they can get away with it) and a liollipop from the bank... and that is about it. They tease for stuff like bananas and apples (Yea) and don't worry about the rest.

The woman that runs the daycare made a comment that Lulu threw away most of the junk food today but ate the good stuff. She said, "I ain't never seen a youngin turn down a brownie and a rice crispy treat and pie" Ummmhmmm that is because we don't eat that crap. Well... I do... LOL... I like it, but rarely is it over kill. OK, I do admit that the fudge has been hit pretty hard but... wow... we just don't eat crap, OK? I didn't say to her but I had an ADHD thought pertaining to it.

Pic's tomorrow. Got some good ones. Molly dressed up looks like my mother. Sigh. I tried to text a pic of her to Brian but it wouldn't go through. I will have to call alltel tomorrow and bitch. My bill is paid, dang it.

And I scared the kids comming home. LOL. Grrr. I told them that I saw a ghost in the woods then reached back and grabbed DJ's leg. He screamed like a girl. OOOOOPS.

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