Tuesday, April 08, 2014

with great reservation

Song of the day: "Timebomb" P!nk

Mood: Nervous

There is a moment in time, when as a parent, you realize how much you love your children.  I would do anything within my reach for my kids.

My reach is more like a grasp some days.  But today I bucked up and did the right thing.  I bought the kids tickets to the upcoming Smackdown event.  I really did not want to.  However, watching Lucy the last week and how she has been interacting with her softball friends and us (the family) I made the decision to do this.

Wrestling is that kids world.  I am stunned every time I think about her pure and unadulterated love of character Sheamus and the WWE universe.  She has picked a bunch of characters to enjoy that don't go together. Their story lines don't cross, their alliances don't mix (on the surface now... don't mean they didn't and won't...) and yet... she makes them make sense.  Her current favorites are:
Sheamus, AJLee, the Wyatt with the red beard, Triple H, ADR, Ziggler, and in secret Orton. 

This is interesting because she verbally hates the Wyatt's in general. She thinks they are icky and odd BUT loves the theme song. The theme song that the guy with the red beard is somehow linked to.  I catch her humming it in the shower all the time.  Really? And she has disliked Orton from day one until he saved Triple H from Daniel Bryan last week; when Orton made the two attempts to save Triple H from DB, Lucy said... "Wow... Orton is something. He has a daughter and he saved Triple H." which made my husband and I say..."WHAT???" and she promptly asked us not to tell anyone.  REALLY? Orton??? she likes Orton??? Cool damn kid ... that is what I have.

Yesterday I went through Lucy's bookbag. I found a note she wrote to her teacher and a reply from her teacher.  She told her teacher in the note that she was going to Smackdown.  I was overwhelmed with guilt at not having bought the tickets yet.

So, guess what? First thing this morning I ran down and bought tickets. Guilt and love are powerful things.  They are not the best seats and they are not in the section we normally sit in at the Bridgstone arena but... they will do. They are what was available in our price range. 

We are pretty close to where Clingon and her family are seated.  We are pretty close to where Bob and his family are. We are close to where Hunter and his parents and sister are. It is like... all 35 of us are there again but we are polka dotted around 3 sections. LOL. It will make cheer communication difficult where at the RAW event we were all in the same section and managed to re-arrange and sit the kids all together up front and us together. Oh well. It will be fun all the same. WWE is unable to fail at entertaining. I think for the next event I will just corner everyone and buy a group rate tickets so we are sitting all together.  I need to get with Bob and see what he says.

I also need to run to Hot Topic when they open and see about coordinating shirts for us 4. Meh. Nah, I will get everyone a new shirt of their favorite character and look for an Authority shirt for me. Do they have shirts for The Authority???


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