Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Awoke with a start and it wasnt st nick

Crack boom bam...I jump from the bed near FIVE am on Tuesday morning...rush to the window...throw back the curtain and start screaming for the kids TO GET TO the bathroom.  I chased them in there and threw a mattress over their head and told them to HANG each other..the mattress ...whatever!

They said it was an EF2 in surrounding areas but said nothing about here.  It landed a portion of the tree in my parking spot and up against the house. INCHES from the house. 

There are times in my life when I have said I fell in a pile of shit and came out smelling like a rose. This is one. Let's rewind to the night before. Kids and I ran out for an errand. When we came home...I overshot my parking spot. So I parkd in Doc S's. He was at work. I brought my keys out 2X when I walked the dog with the intent to move it...and fianally resolved that HE could park in one of the 2 remaining spots when he got off work in the morning.

The tree was placed in my parking spot. God was looking out for us!

We spent a few days in STL area

...we had a few unexpected days of downtime in STL. We were visiting Doc S's dad in the hospitial. He is in critical condition. If you pray may I ask for your supportive prayers. Thanks.

The baseball season distraction

As Phineas is pointing out... baseball season has reared its head and we are full swinging STL Cardinal fans.

In other news. Doc S bought me the complete works od Aristotle at the used bookstore the other day. Been busy busy busy reading. Ahhhhh brainfood.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's day to all

to the men

to the ladies

Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy Anniversary of sorts

Song of the day, "Darlington County" Bruce Springsteen

"The Cumberland River has crested at 12 feet above flood level" Scott Potter, Director of water services, Metro Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.

If you are reading this and live in the metro area or one of the countless counties that were affected by the May 2010 floods, congratulations you survived. We have reached our benchmark one year anniversary since the historic day.

Many homes, including ours, were affected by the flood. Many homes, including ours, is still under a rebuild situation. FEMA did not offer enough money (well actually when you have to appeal 2x and beg for assistance, they don't offer a damn thing and by the time they helped it was to late) to make the repairs. By the time they did help the original damaged had spread. They refused Mitigation repairs.

Our foundation is unstable because we had to fix the bathroom floors where the water seeped in. We had to do this before we had an issue with mold. This took precedence over fixing the foundation. FEMA awarded us $1600 to cover the damage to the air duct vents, to dry out the crawls space and fix damage to the underlay (that prevents exposure to Radon), repair the foundation, and fix the areas (bathroom's and back kitchen wall) where water had seeped in. The reality was it was enough to buy the supplies to fix the floors and lay one floor down. They said we could take a SBA loan. I am happy we elected not to as the people that did are being told to now REPAY IT or have their homes taken from them. REALLY?

FEMA and the insurance company refused to help us with food, and our driveway, and the water moccasins. Having no power for extended days, the food in the freezer (and everything in the fridge) had to be tossed as we do not currently own a generator. The driveway was washed out, as a matter of a fact the FEMA inspectors had to park at the neighbors and walk in because they would not cross the raging river of our driveway. See May 2010 post for pic's of that beast. It cost over $2000 to fix the driveway. There is also an issue with the retaining wall in back of the house. That is crumbling. But that is considered mitigation and FEMA would not assist in that. The other side affect of the flood were the influx of water moccasins. One of the 5 deadly snakes in the USA and we had a nest of over 50.

FEMA allowed us to live an entire year in hell and terror. Might as well live in a 3rd world country.

If our county received monies for mitigation they did not fix the county road in front of our home. The road shows signs of imminent fatigue and I await the day it collapses so we can sue.

We can't sell our home like it is. We do not have the money to fix it and there is NO aid for people. Although the GRAND OL OPERY received 20 BILLION dollars in FEMA aid. IS that right or fair on some scale? There are thousands of people in the situation we are in and they gave GOO 20 BILLION and Gaylord entertainment BRAGGED about it.

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Zippity DO Dah

Song of the day, "In the air tonight" Phil Collins

Quote of the day, "Osama Bin Laden is Dead" Headlines nationwide.

Last night President Obama announced to the US people that Osama Bin Laden is dead. That he had been killed a week ago in a drone air strike. The US military confiscated the body and performed a DNA test against his sister's brain.

I have a lot of feelings about this and possibly none are good.

I would love to celebrate and be the sheep behind closed eyes. However, my brain don't work like that. I am under no illusion of nationwide grandeur. We need to understand that although this appears to be a good thing, the man behind the terror attacks on the US has been removed from existence of life; but we need to consider the hierarchy of government.

The Romans introduced the structured governments that we know today. Many places use similar governments. Removing one person from the government, vacates a spot for another to take his or her place. A prime example being our government. When JFK was assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson took over the position of Commander and Chief until the next election. Because the structure of our government is set up like that. Please do not fool yourself. Terrorist are not much different.

The second in the line of command for al-Qaeda is Ayman al Zawahiri. This man has been in training since he was 15 years old. He was born on June 19, 1951. You do the math. He has been a terrorist in training for as long as I have been alive. You can read more on him HERE.

Please as you celebrate, understand, this is a false sense of security. Our security levels has been elevated to ORANGE for a reason. Either our informants have notified us of talks of retaliation on the matter of OSB or something else.

When they first announced that the President would speak last night, we firmly believed that this had to do with Qaddafi. That he had swore a vengeance for the loss of his son and grand children. Maybe he was killed to and we will hold the body on ice until closer to election to make it look good. And claim he was killed in a different Nato air strike. The government did withhold critical information for over a week on OSB.

Keep your wool, my eyes can see.

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