Friday, January 31, 2014

talk to me

Song of the day- "My Life" Billy Joel
Mood - shockingly GOOD

I am in the mood for a new tattoo.  I have been for awhile. I debate on it because I have a teen.  Do I do this or just wish I did.

See, I am gun Ho for just do it. Live your life and don't look back and say I wish I did this or why didn't I do that.

And I am thinking a few kisses.  Why? I like kisses.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Hokey Pokey (turn your self about.. Hey)

Song of the Day: "If I fall" Five Finger Death Punch
Mood: Oh Yes

My family has been in a downward spiral for awhile. I have been working to change that. I feel at every obstacle that comes up I am getting the giant head butt from hell. From each of them. None of them are excluded (myself ?? YIKES)

I am at a loss of what to do except to keep pushing.

I have (mostly) turned the household diet around.  This was met with curiosity and minor resistance. I have no choice. Kids have put on extreme amounts of weight over the winter. The teen has gone up one size and the little one has gone up two. In the little one's defense she has grown 7 inches taller sense November to last week. Hubby and I have pop overs but not the money to replace our wardrobe because we just replaced half of the kids clothes. Maybe next month.

But maybe not. I made (evil awful wife I am) my husband join a gym.  Of course I joined too. I have always loved working out.  He has gone and gone through the paces as his time permits. Me... Me...?  You ask???

I fell back into workouts (Hook Line and Sinker) like I'd never stopped. In two weeks (with minor diet tweaks and by minor... I mean adding calories) I lost 11 pounds.  That is a bag of flour folks.  My pop over is not a flop over but a minor pop over.  Next goal... baggy pants and or a size down.  I do have big long term ambitions but for right now... we will go for small goals.

Things happen and we only see what we want to. I am serious as fuck about that. Look in the mirror if you don't believe me. What is the first thing you see? Your best asset. You know it and I know it. I know it because I looked. I gave myself a long hard look in a full length mirror.

Guess what? I didn't like what I saw.  And IT was hard to admit that. I am not fishing for a compliment.  The mirror said... FUCK.  And I reflected the word back to it.  That was a few months back before Comic Con Nashville.  I was insulted.  I was hurt. I was mad at myself.  I looked for outlets to place the blame and they all boomeranged back to me.  Which made me madder.

That was when I started to add more fruits and veggies and less sweets. Of course winter and baking hit and holiday food.  I seriously tried to limit sweets.  I put on another ten pounds. So, you can say I  have taken off what I put on over the winter holiday mess. 

I think half of the problem is the mental stigmatism that because we don't have winter snow... we don't have winter sports.  So, after the softball season (probably during it... I have not quite worked out the logistics)... we are joining the DoJo.  Why? Because that is something I have always enjoyed doing and I am dragging them into healthy with me.  Healthy is not just diet but you have got to have a balance of exercise.  I am also secretly hoping that I can meet my smaller goals by working out at the gym and not feeling like a fat momma at the DoJo.  I want to be able to do the kicks like I used to.

Strikes I am not worried about. I have a heavy bag boxing set-up at the house and I do plenty of strikes.  But I have made that a routine too. By just committing to hitting the bag 4 times a week... guess what? I have strengthen my core.  How do I know this? Getting in and out of bed for starters.  Bending. There are so many cues, I am not listing them all. 

Guess what we do people?  When we have a problem we work with it instead of addressing it.  Ever notice you do that?  I have a -8.75 vision issue in my right eye.  Instead of putting my mascara on with my other hand I reach over my face and do it with one hand.  You can tell the people that do that because their mascara is heavier on the eye closer to them or their eye shadow is uneven.  Use both hands. THAT is why you have two.  Small things.

I have not set weight loss as a new years resolution because I have been working on this since October with the family.  Maybe being healthier is the resolution.  I don't set resolutions normally because I think that they are just unrealistic goals.  My goal is to be healthy and my family is going down with me.  Will you join us?

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