Wednesday, July 05, 2006

pinky and mommy Posted by Picasa

pinky and her ears Posted by Picasa

She's a GIRL

Yahoo. After my long awaited ordeal about being preg... uth... uth... and LEFT by that no good dead beat mother f**ker.... I've been awarded with the MOST beautiful girl. Well of course I've got to say that... I'm the mom! But when "Pinky" entered the world on 06.21.06 at 8:10 am and weighing in at 7 lbs even and 19" long... I have this to say.... she has some UGLY damn toes. Oh and ears that are pointed... elf like, not as bad as spock... maybe hobbit like... hmmm... I will pull an internet Vangough and take a pic of them and let ya'll decide!

If I can get my photo thing to work.

Ok the long and the short of 06.21.06, they took "Pinky" by an emergency c-section and recovery hurts like nothing i've ever felt before. At first... like when they MADE me get my ass out of bed and walk... I thought that death might be more welcoming. 13 days later... I am still weak (or a major darn wimp... you decide) and still taking an occasional pain pill and that inital getting up bites donkey dick so does the first few steps.

Why did PINKY get stuck? Why the f**k did I have to have a C section? Sigh. All is well and I am ok so is the little girl. Oh and Sissy (Molly) is doing really good about helping out and accepting the new addition to the family.

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