Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Shame of Walmart

Dear Walmart:

To Whom this may Concern:

I have now developed a great aprehension for shopping at the local Walmart stores. All of the stores in my area appear to feel it is all right to promote child pornagrophy. Why else would they sell thongs and MARKET them at children.

It is a grotesque example of marketing desperation. Child's thongs, stragically placed between the infants department and the childrens department. All the sizes on the panties are pre-teen sizes with the largest size not to exceed the equivelant of a 6x.

I think it is rather beastly and inappropriate. I think it is wrong; I feel that after repeated requests to the store manager of the Swainsboro, Georgia Store and to the 1-800-walmart phone line, the inappropriate underwear should be removed from the store or that display location.

In my view, you are promoting child porn. I say that because no one in their right mind would purchase these underwear for their small child. With your store continuing to display the panties they are inviting pedifiles into the childrens section and making it easy for them to prey on small children. This is a grave disgrace to our community.

I ask one last time to please remove these items. This time in writing. And if your child porn is not removed I will post a copy of this letter online and I will go to the press about this issue.

Thank you for your time
(my name typed out fully but not for blog purposes, also no spelling mistakes in the orginal, I am with my two kids and now two puppies and typing fast! SOrry and hope you all can read it ok.)

FOR THE RECORD, as of Aug 29, 2008 at two p.m., the panties were still displayed in Walmart. I have asked the manager 8 times in the last 4 months to remove them. I have called headquarters twice and mailed this letter 2 weeks ago. So I will leave this up for a week and then contact the local news and maybe even CNN, I want the panties gone. They don't belong there and WALMART has no right to violate children like that.


The fine taste of crow

I have officially ate crow

Molly and Lulu's addition

Annie the Yorkie

And Harry's b-day present

General T - the Min Pin

and I was never going to get another dog. Nope. Not me. And guess who got up at 4:50a.m. to take them out to potty?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I deny the color Black

Deny was one of my daughters words spelling words for this week. I had to think about this word. I looked it up in the dictionary! You have to use the word in the exact format. Deny. It cannot be used as, denied, denying, etc., so on and so forth!

I gave up on Eureka when the bugs escaped from the tent. That was about half way through it.

Nothing eventful today. I got my Biology outlined and nothing else. Oh well.
But I learned a few things yesterday from my 9 year old. Here is a snip-it of the conversation between Molly and Me.

We are watching COPS.
Molly: Man, she is all DUI, Drunk, peed her pants, and she looks like she just had sex.
Molly: That woman.
I look. Yes, she looks trashed. Me:DUI and drunk are the same thing. DUI means driving under the influence.
Molly, gives me a KNOW IT ALL look.:Oh mom, you know DUI is cop lingo for... well I can't say it.
Me:Go ahead, say it.
Molly: DUI is lingo for DUMBASS
me to sell: Yea, you got that right. Me to Molly:Um, no. (and I explain it.)
Molly:Ok, what ev. But she still looks like she just had sex.
Me: Why? Because she peed her pants?
Molly:NO. Your being silly. Look how she is dressed. Look how she is all leaning on the cop.
me to self: Your not suppose to know this! Me to Molly: She looks like a drunk dummy that peed her pants. And I don't want to have this conversation right now.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the Irony is….

Have you ever had a day when everything bites you in the ass? Where you fall in a pile of shit and don't come out smelling like roses? Ok, well, that sums up my day in two sentences. Maybe.

First… Irony. In the Spring 2008 semester I turned someone in for cheating. Now I did not mention her name or where she sat, I just told the instructor of that class that I had witnessed someone cheating and how he/she did it. The irony is… my chemistry instructor "pairs" students for labs… he assigned her as my lab partner. L And I am like, WHAT did I do to deserve this? But I said nothing. Then yesterday in lab she did anything but the lab work. So, I asked him today in private if I could have a different lab partner. He wanted to know why. I didn't want to tell him. I mean, she does deserve a fair shot at not cheating on exams in a class without the instructor assuming she is gonna cheat, right? So, he took the "Well I don't normally change lab partners unless there is a good excuse and your not giving me one… " So, I just told him. And he is gonna see what he can do about switching my lab partner. What a heel I am.

So, did I mention that last week I had a semi-stalker? Prolly not. Now this started last semester, I guess that was when he was picking his prey. I saw him around campus a few times and he was friendly and nice and just appearing as a normal person. I need to mention that he is not a student. OK. He rides in with his brother and spends the day at the college. I just kinda ruled him as an odd duck and went on. Well let me tell you about this dweeb. First day of class he was like, Oh… I have been wanting to talk to you sense I saw you last semester but I never got your number. Me- Oh I am on the way to class I will chat later. HARMLESS RIGHT? Yea, right. So, later he walks with me to my car and I get a smoke and swap my books around… blah blah blah, he came out with me and has a smoke also. NO Biggie. Boy, am I dumb. So, anyway he sits with "Philly" (Name changed to protect her) and me at lunch and he just keeps going on and on and finally Philly and I were like, we got to go to class (I really didn't but I wanted to get away from him and be nice) and so, I was like damn I forgot something in my car, I will meet you there Philly and I go out one door and she goes the other way. And he is there. He is like, Hey wanna go out some time? And I said, well no, I am really not looking right now and being a mom and full time student, I really don't have time to date. He was like, Oh ok. And he stopped and turned back to the building. But then, I get to my car and hit the unlock button on my key fob and he gets in my passengers side seat… I was a little shocked because I didn't know he was there… I thought he went back inside!!! So, I still was like unphased because you have to be in your car to smoke and I had invited the devil in earlier! So, whatever, I have a smoke with him, tell him I really got to go, get a book I don't need out of the back of the car, and lock it up. Done and over. He was waiting for me when I got out of lab. That gave me the creeps.

Ever onwards. I didn't see him again last week. That was on Monday the 18th. So, today comes around. Shouldd today be any different then any other Tuesday? Busy, hectic, and EUREKA Tuesday; that is all there is to that. MMhhhhmmmmm.

First thing, I see "Bobby's" computer and mouse pad already on the table that Philly and I study at. I don't see him. I quickly go to my first class and text Philly that "That creepy guy is here and his stuff is at our table." And I shut my phone off so she don't call while I am in class. Then I go to my psych adjustment class, (I have now turned my phone one vibrate and she calls between classes) and we have like a three minute conversation about him and agree to meet up in a different location. So, after psych adjustment, she calls me and says that she saw him get in a truck and leave with another guy. Well, ok. So, we meet in the Café and order our lunch and are just chatting in general. I tell her about my lab partner and we just laugh. And I look out the front window and who is walking in? So, I run into the bathroom and Philly says she will call me when he leaves. OK, well five mintues later, I can't put anymore mascara or chapstick on, and I have washed my hands an unlawful amount of times, and I am getting some strange looks. So, I come out.

The long and the short. I ended up calling campus police on him and filing an official complaint.

The short of the long, he was waiting for me at my car after Spanish 2001. Boy was I scared! But another gall saw him and tried to run him down! I just jumped in my car and locked the door as fast as I could. And I am on the phone with the other gal and we are both like all valley girl talking about this, ya know, like OMG, did you see that girl, ya did you, OMG, OMG, … etc… Our infinite maturity!

So, I call Philly and leave her a voice mail about what had happened and then I call the school counselor and asked her to make a report (she made a report after the first incident) and I am driving to get my older daughter and Philly calls me back. She says, You sounded frazzled, what did you say? And I repeated it to her the best I could, leaving out half of the OMG's… Man, what a fricken day.

And let me tell you this, Philly is so sweet. Honest to gosh she is. At one point today she walked me to the counselor's office to file the report because I was so intimidated by this guy. She just took charge and was a friend, a body guard, an emotional support group, and then followed up on it all.

I did not come to college to make friends. Honest I didn't. BUT, I am so glad that I have. Because I have found the nicest, most genuine person… IN THE ENTIRE WORLD… at East Georgia, and I am honored to call her my friend!

Thank you Philly, you and Gal know who you are and you're the best women on earth and I will make today up to you two, somehow, somewhere, and maybe without even realizing it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I made like an egg and ... scrambled

I will be the first to admit, that in the area of looming danger, I am the QUEEN of the Chickenshits.

Eariler this afternoon we were under a tornado watch. I did my little errands around town and then got my kids. As I was filling up the gas tank the siren started to wail. I did not know that Swainsboro had some emergency thing set up wiht the fire house and the fire whistle. I made the comment to the lady on the other side of the pump that I wondered where the fire was. She peered around all wide eyed and listened to the siren. "No ma'am, that is the signal that there is a tornado warning." Me.... shocked silence

Then the fire whistle changed again (I am about 3/4 of the way done filling the tank) and the woman on the other side of the pump screams, "TORNADO". OH hell no. I look wildly around and see... murkey it is gonna let loose and rain skies that we have had all day Me to the lady, "WHERE!" Lady, "That siren means a tornado has touched down, seek shelter." and she like jumps in her car and speeds away. I hang my pump up and close my tank up and wait for the receipt. I look over towards my daughters school (in that direction and I already have my kids, remember!!!) and the sky is this puke color greenish yellow and kinda glowing. Me.. Bump the recipt. GOTTA GO! and I jump in the car, remind Molly to buckle up and head west.

In the moments like... when you feel like you are in inament danger... there are a few things that occur. In this case here are a few things that bothered me:
1)The gas pump was abnormally slow
2)Sound of rushing water was flooding into my ears
3)My hands were shaking and this made closing my gas cap abnormally difficult!
4)When my oldest daughter asked why the sky was funny colors and if we were in danger... my voice sounded oddly peaceful and nonchelount (AND INSIDE I FELT ON THE VERGE OF HYSTERIA AND PANIC AND THE NEED TO GET MY KIDS TO SAFTY)
6)How slow people are at the stop sign to get out of a parking lot. (What they think we got all day to die or something?)
6)(the other six, messed that one up) How slow people drive at 30 mph. And why do people actually slow down for RR tracks that have not been used in 10 years?
7)People that stop and look both ways at RR tracks that haven't been used in 10 years.
8)How fast my heart can race when I am sitting at a red light and looking at the eerie sky in the rear view mirror (The only reason I didn't run it was because there was a police car in front of me sitting at the same VERY DAMN LONG red-light)
9)How long a red light actually is. And how long two minutes is.
10)How when you are finally on the open road and you notice your toes are shaking as much as your hands and that you are covered in a cold sweat and still looking in the rear view even thought the sky ahead of you is blue with murkey grey clouds.
11)How you know your high on adreneline and you are actually jonesing for another rush because it felt good to live
12)How 27.3 m iles later your hands are still shaking and your mouth is dry.
13)You are stopped (by courtsey) at the only stop sign in 20 miles, and you realize you are holding your breath, wonder how long you've been holding it, and praying you are not about to pass out. Breathe damnit Breathe.
14)How you actually feel like your going home when you turn on your road
15)How you feel reveived to see your family and hug your kids as you get them out of the car, just to hug them. (We don't hug getting out of the car, so I got two strange looks.)
16)Lastly, how the day after you type your panic post, you realize all the good details you left off it, and revise it for 20 minutes instead of make a new post of the day.
If I am gonna die.... it is gonna be home with family. TYVM.

**Edit** I took some pictures of Thongs that are marketed towards children. They are in the isle between infants and kids. They are in kid sizes. I have asked the manager of our local walmart to do something about this display ... like move it to the PANTIES section of the store or get rid of it all together. When I download the picture, tomorrow or the next day, you will get a wise ass post to go with it. SO, Look forward to the mean and sarcastic post that is up and comming.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eureka, just a little research

Here is a copy and paste from WWW.SCIFI.COM THANK GOD I am not the only one pissed off about Stark!

(August 21, 2008 09:41 PM)
I did not stay up past my bedtime to watch Stark get offed. But if everything got returned to Henry's garage, this can be fixed. He still has that gizmo with the artifact piece in it. HINT. That and SCI FI lost my ratings if Stark is really gone!

(August 21, 2008 07:50 PM)
I did not see that one coming. Stark is too arrogant and the chemistry between him and Carter is too funny. He has got to be out there floating around somewhere.

Dave in RI
(August 21, 2008 01:57 PM)
Stark can't be gone. He is too selfish to sacrifice himself by volunteering for a lethal mission. He knew the machine better than Fargo, thus, he also knew he was not going to be destroyed. He vaguely knew where he was going where no man had gone before...

(August 21, 2008 12:26 PM)
he's not gone! he'll be back, i'm sure of it

(August 21, 2008 04:51 AM)
There is something wrong with the whole season. The chick Carter was dating last season just went MIA and now Stark is atomised, then there is the evil money lady. This season seems to be all out of wack. Like it is in an alternate reality of its own, like Henry created a few seasons back. Maybe time and reality is trying to right itself from that incident.

(August 21, 2008 03:34 AM)
I just watched it again because i was a bit distracted Tuesday night. why oh why did they have to take Dr. Stark off. It canot be permanent. Also, where is Taggart?

(August 21, 2008 01:59 AM)
Bring bakc that sexy beast now!!! I loved Stark and Carter's chemistry. The show won't be the same without Stark. :(

(August 21, 2008 12:39 AM)
Very disappointed by the disappearance/death of Stark. Bring him back!

(August 21, 2008 12:30 AM)
I'm a big whimp. I'm sitting here tearing up and crying because Stark is gone! He's pompous, egotistical and plain old annoying. But there is no WAY his leaving can be permanent. I love the way Carter and Stark fuss and fight over Allie. BRING STARK BACK!

(August 21, 2008 12:06 AM)
I think Carter and Allison will get closer and closer the rest of the season, only to have Stark show up in the finale to mess things up. I agree that he's too important a character to be gone for good, however, for at least a few episodes, Thorne seems well suited to fill the role of the "bad guy" . . . that kinda sucks because she annoys me, but I guess any good antagonist should, right?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

calling all dingbats... calling all dingbats

First there are a few things I would like to address...(and I am not calling ya'll dingbats, that is reserved for me for later in this post)

Fermi -- HOW MANY DAYS... and good luck and thanks for all the fish! I mean.. it will be well worth your months of torment... I mean it will be well worth the months of you getting prepared for this. It is your big day. Your time to shine and you will be like the northern lights. We will have to call You AURORA. HUGS and lots of luck on the exam.

Renie-- I sent the link to the book you contributed to to my Psychological Adjustment professor and asked if I might use that book for my "Extra Book" we need to read for his class. He told me eariler today he was going to find a copy of it and get back to me! Darling, you've been introduced to my college. ;)

WOW -- Thank God for you. Sometimes I feel like the internet is a wasted little ghost town and then I stumble across your blog and ... it is like a breath of fresh air! That and you post on mine and make me feel so SPECIAL!!!!

now for LL - YES, I was rather perturbed with EUREKA. But credit where credit is due. Allie look lovely. They picked the perfect dress for her. I never enjoyed watching someone in pain, but everytime Carter got wheeled back in time and got hurt... that was oddly ammusing. Fargo offered to go. Carter could have pushed him. BUT Henry still has that time changing gizmo with the piece of the artifact in it (maybe if it wasn't seized by the fixer) and ya know, Henry can undo this... or make everyone forget... That is EXCEPT FOR ME. I admit that Stark is HOT and poof they kill him. HOW UNFAIR is that? Don't I deserve a little on TV eye candy once a week? And eye candy in a clean and wholesome way. ***SIGH*** the true unjustness of it all.

Now me. Front and Center dipshit DINGF**KING BAT. I have to take Spanish 2001 and 2002 for my Psychology major for Georgia Southern (Pscy is my minor at EGC and Nursing is my major) ANYWAY. I have had what...two months off of spanish? Maybe if that long. It was like running into an old friend ... going back to class. Everything the instructor said was crystal clear. Until I did the homework. All the sudden I would have rathered been doing Statistics all over and Pre=Calculus at the same time!!! Not ONLY did I get stupid doing the homework BUT I emailed the teacher how stupid I was. ONLY to take a break and come back to it and POOOOOOOF it was in Spanish again and I was ok. AM I AN ASSSSS or what?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pot calling the Kettle black

I have a confession to make. (Please ignore the distain in my voice or writing.) I sold out to. Not to the caliber that my blogger friend that I am annoyed with has or even to the extent of same to same clapboard houses… but all the same I sold out.

I found myself jamming away to … no wait… I'm not ready to admit this.

Second day of school and I parked in the front forty. Who needs to take PE classes when you have to walk your fat Ass off to get to a class? And this being a non-smoking campus I will have to chew nicotine gum for the remainder of the day.

I am still not ready.

I did however put the ice chest back in the Jeep. I love to have a cold drink and I am not paying the prices they offer drinks for at the college café!

OH MY… really… I didn't like her fathers' music, much… I did like it the first 100 times I heard it but then the achey breaky heart got OLD.

On other news, Molly wore one of the dresses that Sue and I made for her over the summer. The white dress with the black rose pattern and which flares at the bottom. OK class is beginning. I will have to finish this post later. But I will be mean and post it so that you may wonder about my little A.M. Jam session and how age inappropriate it was… and how… just wrong… and decide your caliber of sell out I have become!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Behind already?

Welcome back to the first day of HELLLLLL! Omg, first day, one class, one lab and I feel like I am behind. WTF. Oh and I am anoyed at some guy ... hmmm... me annoyed... eth?? yea... Well it was like he was hitting on me and he wasn't even a student! Nice guy, just.... I am not looking... or if I am looking, I am looking for someone like the man pictured below, not ... I repeat... NOT... some redneck, no child support, non job bearing guy, that games... but at the same time is really cool and nice. NOPE. I want (and deserve) mr perfect.

Class was Chemistry...

Tomorrow will be hell day and Tuesdays from then on, THANK GOD for that little Eureka show. Tomorrow I have, Bio I (yep repeating it), Psychological adjustment, BIO I LAB, and Spanish 2001

Plus the dentist for Molly, then bring her back to the school to do her homework (and mine, that is I do mine, she does hers) then home in time to give baths, dinner, bed for the kids and my Eureka fix for me. Hell, maybe even a cold beer!

and some eye candy (you may know him as Nathan Stark on Eureka)


Rate Ed Quinn's photo on BuddyTV

Rate Ed Quinn's photo on BuddyTV

Rate Ed Quinn's photo on BuddyTV

Rate Ed Quinn's photo on BuddyTV

Rate Ed Quinn's photo on BuddyTV
Ed Quinn
Rate this photo on BuddyTV

OK ladies, enough eye candy and plenty of reason to watch EUREKA.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ugly is the new beautiful

Ok... Um... maybe I am not a great critic BUT I am looking through the pics and I just personally think that number 24 is HOT. PHEW, what is ugly about him?

Friday, August 15, 2008

pic's of trees for W. O. W.

First the worm tree or Catalpa tree... yes, I said that right. A tree that grows worms. Fishing worms. How about that!
Pecean tree
Lady tree sprite
Man tree sprite

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It rained

Forcast: no rain, partially cloudy, high around 82'
I did three loads of wash *I have a clothes line, not a dryer*, it poured all afternoon.
I am glad I didn't wash the car
we'd have had a tornado.

Sadly I realize that tomorrow is the last day for me to take a nap for the next five months.
IS THAT DEPRESSING or what? I got about a 20 minute power nap before I went to get the kids. It was like, wooooph and all the energy was soaked out of me. But that happens when it is 98' and he weather man is saying it is only 80 something.

The AC quite working on the jeep. Well it works. It works great. And then all the sudden it blows hot and smells like rubber burning and I fear it to be the compressor and Don't want to throw the serpentine belt so I am not running the AC at all. I don't have the money for a compressor (or a belt for that matter).

Brian's child support went from 95.86 a week to 107.00 a week at the end of July. I have yet to see it. Not that that little bit would help with a car repair, I am just bitching about money. Tony has not paid child support yet. He is court ordered to have it taken out of his pay check but he won't give the paper work to his employer or report his new employer to child support. I turned him in. Ain't I just a bitch? He is behind a few months and not paying the day care. It is what it is.

School starts on Monday. I lost my WIA funding because of Pres Bush and his big budget cut. I hate republicans. What am I suppose to do for day care and gas money? Take out a student loan? Work and do 17 hours of school work, raise two kids, take care of two elderly people... and try to find time to sleep and be hygenic? BUMP that. I think I am going to write my congressman a well thought out and gramatically correct letter telling him exactially what I think of my WIA getting revolked. Then I am going to write to WIA in Washington and CC them a copy of that letter. I plan to poor mouth it. I also plan to post it here. ;) I am in a mood.

As for right now, I am going to take a few sinus pills and go to bed. Don't cha love it? School starts Monday and I have a new cold! I used to pick on Grace in HS because she was always sick or had a running nose. Proverbal payback is hell.

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Oh Ebay

I will admit, the last time I sold anything on Ebay has been about a year ago and then... nothing sold. *SIGH* But... Wow.. have their fee's gone sky high or what?

I am selling (or attempting to list)some test books but it won't do anything! GRRRR. So, I am off to persue other avenues of selling my books.

It is getting hot today. I've hung the laundry out. Goodness it never ends with everyone in school!

I am so lazy. Grace is a sellout.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just a reminder

Today is Tuesday and I will be watching channel 122 on my dish network at 9p.m. eastern standard time. Hmmm. I wonder why.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

a few things to note

We are going to have peceans this year. Not only are they budded all over the trees but now they are getting fat. YEA!

School starts for me on Monday. Yuck.

Molly came home with two new words. Gay. Penis. Oh my, the back to school woooaaah's! And her teacher told me this morning that they may want to test Molly for the gifted program. For that they need my concent. However, they may go ahead and put her in the accelerated program and for that, they don't need my concent. *SIGH* my kid is smarter then me, yes, gifted.... um... I don't think so... BUT HELL, THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT. I work with Molly. That is all. I direct her to where she MIGHT find the answers but I don't give them to her. That makes her gifted? Whatever.

You know, by Molly's age, I had copied more then half of the Websters Dictionary? Partially out of bordem and courisoity and partially out of the MODFRICKET that came out of my mom's mind. Her idea of punishment.

Lulu left her shoes at school today and then complained that her feet are dirty. Lulu's phrase this week? "Don't Bother me" Sounds kinda like, "Don't bodder e" lol...

There was a rainbow this morning peeping through the clouds. I took a pic with my phone and I will try to get it here if Photobucket ever lets me back in.

And you know... I am annoyed with someone.

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Ok did you know Contest and Contest were spelled the same? I didn't. I had to look it up in the dictionary. Same word pronounced differently but spelled the same means two different things. For example, "I am contesting a grade." I can't believe I had to look it up! I also looked up Index. Simple words that for some reason they evade me from time to time.

I am not ready for another pet. I plan to get rid of the horses when their shots are due! I told the vet to bring the stuff to pull a coggins and I spoke with the local auctioneer and he is going to take them off. YES. Pet free! That sounds so cold. I miss my boys (the dogs) and some days I mess them so much it hurts. I even miss the trouble making outside cat that disappeared last winter. But I was directed away from my own sorrow this morning.

I dropped Lulu off at daycare first and came out and Molly was sitting in the car crying. I asked her what was wrong. She said that the song on the radio reminded her of the dogs and she started to bawl. Ok. The logic side of me… ummmm Molly, you never interacted with the boys much… the Mommy side of me… I am sorry baby, I miss them too. I went with the latter. I told her that they were in a better place. They were not in pain anymore and that (not to get too religious on you all) GOD was feeding them and loving them everyday. And she cried harder. That did not help my frail emotions on the subject! Now she wants a dog. I don't and neither does my aunt or uncle. I am not ready. I don't know if I can love another animal as much as I loved Jeter. He was my baby. And it just wouldn't be fair to have an animal that you couldn't love! The other hand is, I don't think it is possible to find an animal that is as good with kids as Jeter was. He was big yes, but mellow and laid back with the kids. He even saved Molly from the damn horse when the horse got a hold of her hand (Jeter ran over and bit the horse on the chin when he bite Molly). I just don't know what to do. That and with the current flea problem, I think it would just be mean to bring a new animal in. I'd much rather get rid of the fleas before we bring another creature into our home! What to do?

There is a small green lizard on the front porch. How'd he get there? GO AWAY. I know, I can catch him and tame him and give him to Molly as a pet! Oh mean mommy!

Speaking of Mommy, I need to call mine. I have to see how her trip to Hawaii went. I am sure it was wonderful. I am also sure it will aggravate the pants off of her to have to talk to me. J

Oh, I spent the morning cleaning out my car. My kids are pigs! I filled up a black trash bag of garbage. I did this about three weeks ago too. It makes me so mad. I go to get something out of the back seat and what floor? What seat? Molly takes and puts a towel over it to hide it. I was doing wash (third time this weekend, we've had a case of vomits and pukes that has gone around everyone…EWWWWW) and I figured I'd take the towels out of the jeep and wash them too… and I found…. Trash. GRRRRRRRRR. Ohhh I was soo ticked off. So, I picked up the trash but you know what? I am stopping by the car wash after I pick Molly up. I'm gonna let her vacuum the car out. Fair?

Well, I guess I blogged! Or vented… however you want to look at it. Tally ho bloggers. I am off to get a pocket full of quarters and my kids. Oh and my car vacuumed out! Ahhh ha ha .

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Another Eureka Idea

Thanks to the CIA for this idea. A cloaking thing a ma jiggy! Woohoo. I wish I wrote for Eureka with all the goodies that are coming out in the media these days!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

won't work

UGH Blogger won't show my pic's from photobucket and photobucket won't let me log in. GRRR. I will try later.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sumthin ta sayyh

Wouldn't this make for a great Eureka episode?

Back to school August 8th for Molly! Oh what a big day it is going to be for her. She is going to a new school in a new grade! Good morning 4th grader! Yea, we made it this far! And she took the time today to finally pick out her back to school outfit. (me rolling my eyes) IT will be a pair of knee knockers (with factory fringed ends) and a pink Taylor Swift t-shirt and a pair of Nike tennis shoes. All are new, but come on Molly, how about a DRESS!!!?

I threw away my feather mattress on Tuesday and my allergies are easing up. I never knew I had an allergy to that! I just threw it away because it was getting lumpy and unmanageable and harder to keep clean. *SIGH* next I guess I will get one of them memory foam beds. This damn bed is too hard now! But my nose is not running as much.

Nypinta – if your reading today, I got a great idea for your vacation (seeing YOU won't come down here) try the Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory tour in Vermont. I saw it tonight on the travel channel and thought, OOOOH MYYYYY. I have personally enjoyed touring Hershey's in Pennsylvania. We have gone back three times. It smells great and you get fresh Hershey's ice cream. Say nothing about the amusement park and gardens. The tour of the gardens was my personal favorite. I promised Sue and Manny next time we go, we stay in luxury at the Hershey hotel. How about that chocolate massage!

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eureka, of Course!

It is Tuesday and I am up past my bedtime. So far I like this new twist on Eureka. I wish they would steer clear of the Carter/ Alison relationship! That relationship just doesn't work for me! I do like the idea of Alison and Stark getting back together because those two characters have chemistry! And the two actors look really good together too. I am also not crazy about them hinting about taking Henry off. In the blurbs of future episodes there is no hint of Henry. Get rid of the Australian guy, he is not on there very much, but he would work with tonight's episode and where the heck is he? Here we are into two new episodes and nothing with the Australian, yet. And I like his character but the writers don't utilize him enough.

OOOH and everyone sitting around the laptop at Cafe Diem! OOOH! Reminds me of one episode where they hijacked the satellite link and all the fuss that caused. This is really fun.

I am not crazy about all the degree commercials, I know they are sponsoring Eureka but… aren't being a part of the TV show enough? How about this, maybe JUST ONE commercial per break? I will give some credit though; the commercials are clever and cute. I think all the sponsors of these shows owe it to the consumer to come up with new commercials at least every new season of the shows! I get so tired of the old repeats of commercials. They really wouldn't be that bad if they kept them new and invigorating.

Oh and I don't know if I copied this down right, but they said on a commercial to test EUREKA to 72434 for weekly updates. I am waiting to post the blog to see a repeat of that commercial so that I have the number correct. Well, three minutes left and I guess that they are not going to repeat it. Try it and see what happens! It works. I tried it. I will receive 2-3 updates a week on Eureka! Yea.

Now how about a sunset?

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

one more post

Feeling slightly guilty about not blogging all week. I've been sewing. Hmm, what, who? LOL, yes me, I sew and quite well, I might add. Manny has got a Hannie Montannie (Hannah Montana) nightgown (that I need to fix but can't get her to take off except for her shower and before I think of snatching it for the wash or to fix she has it back on *SIGH*), her friend T has got a dress of white eyelet (the top) and a flowered bottom that looks like wysteria flowers, her friend L and L's little sis K have gotten a "Bug" print dress to match Lulu's party dress, Lulu got a pink cloud and pink sun on light pink night gown, Manny also has a white eyelet jacket (balaro style) almost finished, a white and rainbow eyelet skirt (still need to add the zipper I just need more white thread), a high school musical skirt (cut out just need to change the bobbin to sew that one), oh and lets see there are about five in the making and the fabric and patterns for at least ten more waiting to be made.

And yeeees, in case your wondering, it is really hard to do this with a two year old! She sits on my lap while sewing and I help her guide the fabric in. She thinks she is helping (hopefully no one looks too closely at the crooked lines) and that makes her happy to help. Cutting out the stuff is another story. I do that in a big time hurry when LuLu is napping! I also save the finishing touches for my aunt. Like ruffles! Like zippers and button holes... :)

Back to school for Molly on Friday. It will be her first day as a fourth grader. Yea! She is really growing up, I wish her daddy would do the same!

what else? I am domestically retarded. Yes indeedy. Honest, I try. I clean. I clean alot. Why is my house always wrecked at bedtime? Grrr. OK, so maybe in the real world 8pm is not bedtime, but I feel like crap. My nose is running and my ear aches!

Nighty nite.

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Finals sucked

I am going to get a medical withdrawl (most likely) for the summer. It was a suggestion posted by one of my professors due to the emotional trauma I've been through between my cousin's kids and my dogs passing on. As it stands right now that professor gave me an F because he would not accept the last assignment via email he wanted it hand delivered to Statesboro (2 hours away) and I honestly did not have the money for the gas to go. The one credit hour computer class I got an 89 so B. The other two I am not too sure about. I think I got a D in Bio and a C in statistics. But those two grades have yet to be released. Thanks for asking!!

I really did not focus the last three weeks of school. I was busy being heart broken about my dogs.

Eureka Rocks!

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Just a blog

Oh my. Was that a great Eureka eppisode or what! It has had me thinking all robatronics for a few day and even writing some fan fic type eppisode on robatronics for them, Yea right.

Yes W.O.W, the fleas are still in the dogs room. We are on another chemical, maybe this one will work.

Went through Mollys closet and the little &&&&& has like 10 million outfits with tags still on them, and wants me to go buy her clothes. Hmmm. Um... NO! We spent like two hours trying on clothes and deciding what fits and what goes, what needs to be hemmed or ironed, and she has about 15 outfits or dresses that she can wear. There is also a black garbage bag full of the stuff that don't fit no more that is nice enough to get handed down, and sadly that many more that are going to the dump. And this youngin wants to go back to school shopping. OOOOH.

I have raised Lulu to be the queen wimp of the family. Yes indeedy. It was nice this morning so we took breakfast and coffee on the screened in front porch. Lulu was done and sitting on the bottom rung of the ladder and looking out at the peacan tree. This tiny spider decides to crawl up her arm. (I didn't see the spider do this, but I did witness it scurry away like hell broke loose) Because hell did in fact break loose in the form of Lulu. She jumps off of that ladder and lets off a shreik that must have been heard as far north as Canada and she is spazmadically jumping around and ripping her clothes off. I rush to her aid and yank the shirt off calmly asking what is wrong. She keeps screaming BUG BUG BUG. Um ok. This is the south, we are on the porch. I turn the shirt inside out and there is an incredibly small spider. I mean like draw a dot on the paper and give it 1/16 of an inch of a line for legs. Small. I flick it on the floor, turn the shirt right side out, check her for bite marks (none and that actually came first) and then I offered to put her shirt back on her.

The look I got. I mortally offended her. Honest.

Animal news. I have a hop toad the size of a softball that is living under my Japanese Maple tree by my door that keeps trying to get in. I keep shooing him away with my foot. NO MORE CRITTERS, dang it. So, I am in the shed doing was (the shed is really an addition to the house, it used to be the carport then we enclosed it for a catch all room, that turned into the laundry/tool/ dogs bedroom and the current room where we are having the flea problem) doing laundry. Ileft the door open for a breeze. Ok. You know where this is going, right? I look over and there is a stinking lizard looking in. I yelled at it and shuffled my feet at it. The little Bastard just looked me up and down and then went back to looking in the room. I took the broom and gently brushed it aside (I don't like them, but I really don't want to hurt them either) and he calmly walked off in the direction I shooed him. Why can't the freakly lizard in the house be like that? Huh? And that creep in still behind the china cabnet. We see him run out and before we can get him he runs back under. This other lizard, he was just like, oh OK, I guess I will walk this way. And he was big, like, iguana big.

Anyway, I have to go cut out some patterns and get some sewing done. My car is on the corner getting the oil changed.

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