Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Shame of Walmart

Dear Walmart:

To Whom this may Concern:

I have now developed a great aprehension for shopping at the local Walmart stores. All of the stores in my area appear to feel it is all right to promote child pornagrophy. Why else would they sell thongs and MARKET them at children.

It is a grotesque example of marketing desperation. Child's thongs, stragically placed between the infants department and the childrens department. All the sizes on the panties are pre-teen sizes with the largest size not to exceed the equivelant of a 6x.

I think it is rather beastly and inappropriate. I think it is wrong; I feel that after repeated requests to the store manager of the Swainsboro, Georgia Store and to the 1-800-walmart phone line, the inappropriate underwear should be removed from the store or that display location.

In my view, you are promoting child porn. I say that because no one in their right mind would purchase these underwear for their small child. With your store continuing to display the panties they are inviting pedifiles into the childrens section and making it easy for them to prey on small children. This is a grave disgrace to our community.

I ask one last time to please remove these items. This time in writing. And if your child porn is not removed I will post a copy of this letter online and I will go to the press about this issue.

Thank you for your time
(my name typed out fully but not for blog purposes, also no spelling mistakes in the orginal, I am with my two kids and now two puppies and typing fast! SOrry and hope you all can read it ok.)

FOR THE RECORD, as of Aug 29, 2008 at two p.m., the panties were still displayed in Walmart. I have asked the manager 8 times in the last 4 months to remove them. I have called headquarters twice and mailed this letter 2 weeks ago. So I will leave this up for a week and then contact the local news and maybe even CNN, I want the panties gone. They don't belong there and WALMART has no right to violate children like that.



Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Good for you! Keep us posted on Good Ol Wally World's response! If they even do!

9/1/08, 10:42 PM  
Blogger Glenn said...

I don't see any naked pictures of children at Walmart. Maybe I'll go to the Swainsboro store and ask them where their child porn section is. Hell they don't even have an adult porn section as far as I know. It think they're infringing on my rights by not selling adult porn. Maybe I'll write them a letter.

9/6/08, 7:09 PM  

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