Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the Irony is….

Have you ever had a day when everything bites you in the ass? Where you fall in a pile of shit and don't come out smelling like roses? Ok, well, that sums up my day in two sentences. Maybe.

First… Irony. In the Spring 2008 semester I turned someone in for cheating. Now I did not mention her name or where she sat, I just told the instructor of that class that I had witnessed someone cheating and how he/she did it. The irony is… my chemistry instructor "pairs" students for labs… he assigned her as my lab partner. L And I am like, WHAT did I do to deserve this? But I said nothing. Then yesterday in lab she did anything but the lab work. So, I asked him today in private if I could have a different lab partner. He wanted to know why. I didn't want to tell him. I mean, she does deserve a fair shot at not cheating on exams in a class without the instructor assuming she is gonna cheat, right? So, he took the "Well I don't normally change lab partners unless there is a good excuse and your not giving me one… " So, I just told him. And he is gonna see what he can do about switching my lab partner. What a heel I am.

So, did I mention that last week I had a semi-stalker? Prolly not. Now this started last semester, I guess that was when he was picking his prey. I saw him around campus a few times and he was friendly and nice and just appearing as a normal person. I need to mention that he is not a student. OK. He rides in with his brother and spends the day at the college. I just kinda ruled him as an odd duck and went on. Well let me tell you about this dweeb. First day of class he was like, Oh… I have been wanting to talk to you sense I saw you last semester but I never got your number. Me- Oh I am on the way to class I will chat later. HARMLESS RIGHT? Yea, right. So, later he walks with me to my car and I get a smoke and swap my books around… blah blah blah, he came out with me and has a smoke also. NO Biggie. Boy, am I dumb. So, anyway he sits with "Philly" (Name changed to protect her) and me at lunch and he just keeps going on and on and finally Philly and I were like, we got to go to class (I really didn't but I wanted to get away from him and be nice) and so, I was like damn I forgot something in my car, I will meet you there Philly and I go out one door and she goes the other way. And he is there. He is like, Hey wanna go out some time? And I said, well no, I am really not looking right now and being a mom and full time student, I really don't have time to date. He was like, Oh ok. And he stopped and turned back to the building. But then, I get to my car and hit the unlock button on my key fob and he gets in my passengers side seat… I was a little shocked because I didn't know he was there… I thought he went back inside!!! So, I still was like unphased because you have to be in your car to smoke and I had invited the devil in earlier! So, whatever, I have a smoke with him, tell him I really got to go, get a book I don't need out of the back of the car, and lock it up. Done and over. He was waiting for me when I got out of lab. That gave me the creeps.

Ever onwards. I didn't see him again last week. That was on Monday the 18th. So, today comes around. Shouldd today be any different then any other Tuesday? Busy, hectic, and EUREKA Tuesday; that is all there is to that. MMhhhhmmmmm.

First thing, I see "Bobby's" computer and mouse pad already on the table that Philly and I study at. I don't see him. I quickly go to my first class and text Philly that "That creepy guy is here and his stuff is at our table." And I shut my phone off so she don't call while I am in class. Then I go to my psych adjustment class, (I have now turned my phone one vibrate and she calls between classes) and we have like a three minute conversation about him and agree to meet up in a different location. So, after psych adjustment, she calls me and says that she saw him get in a truck and leave with another guy. Well, ok. So, we meet in the Café and order our lunch and are just chatting in general. I tell her about my lab partner and we just laugh. And I look out the front window and who is walking in? So, I run into the bathroom and Philly says she will call me when he leaves. OK, well five mintues later, I can't put anymore mascara or chapstick on, and I have washed my hands an unlawful amount of times, and I am getting some strange looks. So, I come out.

The long and the short. I ended up calling campus police on him and filing an official complaint.

The short of the long, he was waiting for me at my car after Spanish 2001. Boy was I scared! But another gall saw him and tried to run him down! I just jumped in my car and locked the door as fast as I could. And I am on the phone with the other gal and we are both like all valley girl talking about this, ya know, like OMG, did you see that girl, ya did you, OMG, OMG, … etc… Our infinite maturity!

So, I call Philly and leave her a voice mail about what had happened and then I call the school counselor and asked her to make a report (she made a report after the first incident) and I am driving to get my older daughter and Philly calls me back. She says, You sounded frazzled, what did you say? And I repeated it to her the best I could, leaving out half of the OMG's… Man, what a fricken day.

And let me tell you this, Philly is so sweet. Honest to gosh she is. At one point today she walked me to the counselor's office to file the report because I was so intimidated by this guy. She just took charge and was a friend, a body guard, an emotional support group, and then followed up on it all.

I did not come to college to make friends. Honest I didn't. BUT, I am so glad that I have. Because I have found the nicest, most genuine person… IN THE ENTIRE WORLD… at East Georgia, and I am honored to call her my friend!

Thank you Philly, you and Gal know who you are and you're the best women on earth and I will make today up to you two, somehow, somewhere, and maybe without even realizing it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good move filing a report with campus police. Be sure to change up your routine, the route your take to classes and back to your car. Try to be unpredictable.

8/26/08, 9:20 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Thanks for the advise!

8/26/08, 9:37 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

That is downright creepy. And scary. Maybe he is harmless, but you can't take that chance. You did the right thing.

8/26/08, 10:19 PM  
Blogger Glenn said...

OK I feel like I'm missing something here. So you're nice to some poor geek one week and he gets a little too friendly. The next week he's hanging out hoping to get a date. He starts creeping out out but instead of just telling him that you go to the campus police and file a report? I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry but it seems you could've confronted him before you turned him in.

8/27/08, 1:13 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Thanks Cat.

Glenn - Wait a minute now. I am sorry I didn't type the whole 9 yards out! I did ask him nicely. A few times. Then I bluntly told him my friend and I were not really intrested in hanging out with him, would he please leave us alone. And then I told him before I went to the bookstore and called the police, that HE was not invited to sit with us, we were there first, and I explained to him that he was not a student at the campus and he really couldn't be there. I did give him about five options to leave. I am sorry it sounded like I was just like the bitch of the century.

8/27/08, 5:06 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenn,

That guy does sound creepy and you did the right thing. You know, my grandaughter is leaving for college next week, and she'll be away from home for the first time, and your story sure has me worried about her. She is only 18, and hopefully, she will be very careful. Good thing is, her best friend is going to the same college, so she will have her around, for support. But so much goes on these days, and I hear colleges always have othern than students hanging around. Anyway, I will be a worried granny, after she leaves. :-)

As for getting the same girl as a lab partner you turned in for cheating, well...yeah, that is ironic!

Take care!


8/27/08, 3:42 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Oh Renie
Just remind her to program the campus security number into her cell phone.

Campus security check my 20 more then my stalker (today) and I was very shocked and very comefortable with being at school today. Don't worry about your grand-daughter, let her go be a college student!

8/27/08, 6:46 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow, Miss Jenny! You've had a crazy start of a school year! Hopefully, it'll get better so you can learn all you are paying to learn! ;)
Good going! No point in taking chances with the creepy fellow. Our daughter had a problem when in college too...he even had her home 'mapped out'...she was pretty nervous!

9/1/08, 10:35 PM  

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