Friday, August 22, 2008

I made like an egg and ... scrambled

I will be the first to admit, that in the area of looming danger, I am the QUEEN of the Chickenshits.

Eariler this afternoon we were under a tornado watch. I did my little errands around town and then got my kids. As I was filling up the gas tank the siren started to wail. I did not know that Swainsboro had some emergency thing set up wiht the fire house and the fire whistle. I made the comment to the lady on the other side of the pump that I wondered where the fire was. She peered around all wide eyed and listened to the siren. "No ma'am, that is the signal that there is a tornado warning." Me.... shocked silence

Then the fire whistle changed again (I am about 3/4 of the way done filling the tank) and the woman on the other side of the pump screams, "TORNADO". OH hell no. I look wildly around and see... murkey it is gonna let loose and rain skies that we have had all day Me to the lady, "WHERE!" Lady, "That siren means a tornado has touched down, seek shelter." and she like jumps in her car and speeds away. I hang my pump up and close my tank up and wait for the receipt. I look over towards my daughters school (in that direction and I already have my kids, remember!!!) and the sky is this puke color greenish yellow and kinda glowing. Me.. Bump the recipt. GOTTA GO! and I jump in the car, remind Molly to buckle up and head west.

In the moments like... when you feel like you are in inament danger... there are a few things that occur. In this case here are a few things that bothered me:
1)The gas pump was abnormally slow
2)Sound of rushing water was flooding into my ears
3)My hands were shaking and this made closing my gas cap abnormally difficult!
4)When my oldest daughter asked why the sky was funny colors and if we were in danger... my voice sounded oddly peaceful and nonchelount (AND INSIDE I FELT ON THE VERGE OF HYSTERIA AND PANIC AND THE NEED TO GET MY KIDS TO SAFTY)
6)How slow people are at the stop sign to get out of a parking lot. (What they think we got all day to die or something?)
6)(the other six, messed that one up) How slow people drive at 30 mph. And why do people actually slow down for RR tracks that have not been used in 10 years?
7)People that stop and look both ways at RR tracks that haven't been used in 10 years.
8)How fast my heart can race when I am sitting at a red light and looking at the eerie sky in the rear view mirror (The only reason I didn't run it was because there was a police car in front of me sitting at the same VERY DAMN LONG red-light)
9)How long a red light actually is. And how long two minutes is.
10)How when you are finally on the open road and you notice your toes are shaking as much as your hands and that you are covered in a cold sweat and still looking in the rear view even thought the sky ahead of you is blue with murkey grey clouds.
11)How you know your high on adreneline and you are actually jonesing for another rush because it felt good to live
12)How 27.3 m iles later your hands are still shaking and your mouth is dry.
13)You are stopped (by courtsey) at the only stop sign in 20 miles, and you realize you are holding your breath, wonder how long you've been holding it, and praying you are not about to pass out. Breathe damnit Breathe.
14)How you actually feel like your going home when you turn on your road
15)How you feel reveived to see your family and hug your kids as you get them out of the car, just to hug them. (We don't hug getting out of the car, so I got two strange looks.)
16)Lastly, how the day after you type your panic post, you realize all the good details you left off it, and revise it for 20 minutes instead of make a new post of the day.
If I am gonna die.... it is gonna be home with family. TYVM.

**Edit** I took some pictures of Thongs that are marketed towards children. They are in the isle between infants and kids. They are in kid sizes. I have asked the manager of our local walmart to do something about this display ... like move it to the PANTIES section of the store or get rid of it all together. When I download the picture, tomorrow or the next day, you will get a wise ass post to go with it. SO, Look forward to the mean and sarcastic post that is up and comming.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

oh my gosh! I'd have been scared out of my wits! You haven't experienced a tornado yet? Heck...I'd have driven off with the gas pump still attached to my car...driven 90 mph..ran all stop lites and signs,....naw, maybe just found the closest church, school, or other building & taken over their basement! I could not live in hurricane or tornado country!

8/23/08, 10:23 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

At my home, they seem to go around us or do minor damage and I pray that is all we have to suffer. And though is was close the other day, it was not "Barking" on my heels (so to say). But it was definatly "Knocking at the backdoor".

Yes, on Mothers day of this year. A Tornado came through here and tore up the kids swing set and did some minor tree damage here at the house. Six miles down the road it obliterated the town. The Weather Station was reporting that Kite, Ga had been wipped off of the map.

And of course we had gone grocery shopping on the Friday before and spent $400 plus bucks and OF COURSE we were without power for 3-4 days. Thank God for generators! We were able to keep the grocerys going and take a showers!

8/24/08, 7:46 AM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, Jenny, what a scary experience! I am not good in scary situations, I panic! You handled yourself quite calmly on the outside, even if you were panicking on the inside. Thank goodness a tornado didn't materialize right then and there, especially because you and your kids were in a car. We get some tornado watches and warnings in the spring, but rarely does a tornado occur around here, thank God! I would never live in areas known as "tornado alley." Never!

As for the tongs for kids, well, I am looking forward to that post!

Take care, and Hugs!


8/24/08, 3:16 PM  

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