Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eureka, of Course!

It is Tuesday and I am up past my bedtime. So far I like this new twist on Eureka. I wish they would steer clear of the Carter/ Alison relationship! That relationship just doesn't work for me! I do like the idea of Alison and Stark getting back together because those two characters have chemistry! And the two actors look really good together too. I am also not crazy about them hinting about taking Henry off. In the blurbs of future episodes there is no hint of Henry. Get rid of the Australian guy, he is not on there very much, but he would work with tonight's episode and where the heck is he? Here we are into two new episodes and nothing with the Australian, yet. And I like his character but the writers don't utilize him enough.

OOOH and everyone sitting around the laptop at Cafe Diem! OOOH! Reminds me of one episode where they hijacked the satellite link and all the fuss that caused. This is really fun.

I am not crazy about all the degree commercials, I know they are sponsoring Eureka but… aren't being a part of the TV show enough? How about this, maybe JUST ONE commercial per break? I will give some credit though; the commercials are clever and cute. I think all the sponsors of these shows owe it to the consumer to come up with new commercials at least every new season of the shows! I get so tired of the old repeats of commercials. They really wouldn't be that bad if they kept them new and invigorating.

Oh and I don't know if I copied this down right, but they said on a commercial to test EUREKA to 72434 for weekly updates. I am waiting to post the blog to see a repeat of that commercial so that I have the number correct. Well, three minutes left and I guess that they are not going to repeat it. Try it and see what happens! It works. I tried it. I will receive 2-3 updates a week on Eureka! Yea.

Now how about a sunset?

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Still haven't a clue about this show...and now LL brought up another one that has my curiosity working....

8/9/08, 3:35 AM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

new episodes are on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm on the sci fi channel. It is just a really cute and funny show. Not a lot of smutt and basically a lot of wholesome smart idiots.

8/9/08, 5:57 PM  
Blogger raven said...

I finally "guessed" SEARCH (browser) to get something maybe I'm just sloooooow!

The plot is getting a little much to absorb so quickly.

The show NEEDS Henry. The child access to akashic records" makes the plot line hard for those who don't know about that stuff; and makes the Allison + plot line really difficult. Yes, and to understand.

Been having difficulties with google gmail name, buyt, hope this get's through. If so I havee some thought s for another time.

9/11/08, 6:16 PM  

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