Friday, July 18, 2008

You are testing me, I know it

The on going ordeal with my cousins grand kids, is that not enough? Is it God? Then a rash decision to have my Jeter dog and Peanut dog euthanized, was that not heartbreaking enough for you? Was it God? So, please tell me why… are you mocking me now? The snake earlier this week… you remember, the one the crawled out of the AC vent on the passengers side OF MY CAR while I was driving and caused me to almost wreck? I know it was rather small but with a snake phobia… Did you enjoy watching me look for it to no avail? So… am I being punished? Made a joke of in the clouds? Was it necessary, really necessary to let the lizard in my room? You know the evil blue one that now has no tail. And YES I do like the color blue; just not on lizards. Especially not on lizards without any tail that may still be in my BEDROOM. Did you NOT get your kicks off of my heart pounding effort on the Statistics exam? The one that had me pacing in my seat. Nervously clicking random numbers into this crazy calculator and hoping I used the correct function. Only to be subjected to a battery of four hours of exams later yesterday afternoon for this alternative financial aid. Please God, pick on someone else for awhile. I am tired. I am sad. I need you to take back some of this bizarre burden your putting on my shoulders! Thanks.

Ok, having said that; does anyone know the answer to this.

Possible answers: Rock, Accurate, and Rough

Question (as it appeared on the 4 hour exam): What is the opposite of the opposite of inexactly?

I picked rough. J any guesses?

Oh and I saw a square cloud today. I took a picture with my cell phone but I can't get it to email.


Blogger LL said...

The opposite of the opposite of inexactly, would be... inexactly.

So of the three choices... probably rough.

7/19/08, 12:07 AM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

So........what WAS the Answer??? did you and LL get it right?

7/29/08, 3:48 AM  

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