Sunday, July 06, 2008

Did you know how much a penis is worth $$$

OK, I am reading the headlines following a major pot bust that involved Fedex. A few headlines down it reads, "What's a penis worth? Court rules $795,000"

ç== me :O ==è

But it is a malpractice suit, where the surgeon accidently severed the said organ. Here is the link.

GOT to love the head line though! Made me look, and while I was waiting for the page to load I was thinking, "Gee, $795,000 that is a lot of money, maybe that is why I am still single!"


Blogger LL said...

Wouldn't you just rather rent one by the hour or something? :P

7/6/08, 6:03 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

but but but
I know B.O.B. well... I know what it is, I havn't personally made friends with 'em.

7/7/08, 7:52 PM  

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