Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so sick and tired of people saying how bad Don Imus is. Here is a link to a Wiki on his ranch for kids with cancer. Did you know he spends about $28,000 per child to have them at his ranch for a week... this is at no charge to the families. He also deals with children who have siblings that have died from SIDS. What an ass Imus is. Wow. Please note my gentle sarcasm. Really guys, gals... MEDIA... Give Imus a break. I have also seen a show on this place and it is fantastic. Anywho here is the link.

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Blogger LL said...

28 grand a week? What the hell is going on there?

I'm not much of an Imus fan. Nothing against the guy, just... not my type of radio show.

6/28/08, 11:20 PM  

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