Friday, June 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is Lulu's big day. She turns two! I have a shit load of homework, but I have been wrapping pressies all evening. Well… She went to bed at ten, so from ten to eleven Molly and I and Gram wrapped presents. It is kind of a pain because both the girls will get presents. Molly not as many but I can't let one open presents without the other opening any. I spent $30 at the dollar store, then Lulu got two pairs of shoes from the shoe store, Molly got one pair, and … I bought myself a pair to and that came to $70. But child support finally came in, so I wasted some money. I am usually very frugal. But hell, I needed a pair of shoes! So, after I wrapped the presents, I took a quickie in the shower… Still have plum stained feet… and I am now in the bed with the dilapidated old laptop.

Honest, last semester I still looked at this old thing and thought it still looked pretty nice and it still works pretty good for being four or five years old. But it is not. It is shabby and takes a bit to wake up… if I don't have to reboot it… Oh well. In the fall I plan to buy a new one, I just hope this one holds out that long.

Homework. I have all my homework done for my American Government class (I just have to type it up) and I think that instructor is a tad bit insane. No, joking on that one. He finds these articles of current events that are just jam up good. I enjoy reading them and posting my comments on them. I did think this last assignment was a little bit over the top, but he gave us three weeks to do it. Biology, I have that research paper done, I just need to type that… Guess I won't be blogging tomorrow! And I have a few certifies to do for statistics… but I've done the practices so, I will just attempt to breeze through the certifies on Monday. And there are a few certifies I need to do for the computer class, but those I will do on Sunday when the baby is sleeping. Maybe I will do the statistics then to. I don't know.

Posting for my blog… I hope to eek out a few minutes to download some b-day pic's to my photo bucket (the link called "What I really see" on the right side) but then… that is time contingent.

No blackberries for a few more days, maybe a week. *SIGH*

And the vet comes on Friday to give the horses their vaccines and pull a coggins on two of them. I am going to send two of them to the sale. I need the money for gas! I hate like anything to sell them. All three of them are rescue animals. I hate to have them fall into bad hands but really they need a chance to have another good home. I don't have time to work with them right now. They are eating, pooping, whinnying machines. But they mow a damn good lawn and when your front yard is two acres… it is relatively cheaper to shut the gate at the end of the drive way and let the horses in the yard from the field. Old Missy (35) trims all that tender weedy stuff from around the house. Freckles works on the back forty and Comanche works on the front and looks for ways to escape. I had to laugh. My aunt called me at school on Thursday and yelled at me. She was hanging out some wash and turned around and Freckles was routing through the clothes basket. She yelled at him and he took off with a pair of her slacks in his mouth. She and my uncle gave him chase. Freckles would toss the pants us, catch them, then he dog step Sue and Harry. She called me up and hollered! Oh she was mad. I told her not to chase him and he would loose interest in the pants. So, she sat outside and smoked a cigarette while talking to me and the big shit came over and dropped the slacks on the picnic table next to her then ran like hell! Needless to say, they had to be re-washed to get grass stains out of places that grass stains shouldn't be. And the vet wonders why I call Freckles a TURDBALL! Comanche ate herself sick in the yard. She actually put herself in the barn. It works out great though. They keep the law down to about an inch, aerate it, and fertilize it. Go buy a lawnmower that can do all that and not run on gasoline! I bet you can't!

But from reading another blog the other day, I got the idea of putting the horses in the freezer for winter. Would that be some weird sort of Cannibalism? I mean to eat your pets? Do they taste like bison or beef? My horses are fat, so probably like beef. That is a serious thought to consider with the price of meat at the grocery store. Um, you all know that I am joking, right?

Ok, well I guess it is off to bed! I am tired! But I smell good!


Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Yep...knew you were I was, about eating the horses! LOL! (And mind you, fat or not, they never can taste like beef. Hubby has some years ago, wasn't told what it was til after the fact...said it is too lean, not beef taste at all!)
These days w/ prices etc..crazy ideas do pop in our heads tho..we just don't have to act on them..for the most part, right?

6/22/08, 12:05 AM  

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