Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoop, Zop, Zilch, Zing *little frying noises*

One more day this week and my brain feels like it is on total and complete meltdown. I mean it. Like my brain is made of wax and my blood is saturating it at 180'f. None of my classes are hard, yet. They are just time consumming in an antagonizing way. It is like your there and there and there and intrested and then BOOM everything is bouncing off of you and your looking at the instructor with an odd glazed look in your eye. Or maybe that is the cold medicine. Hmmm.

On top of having a cold, a sinus infection,,, my algeries have decided to go into overdrive. So, I feel like I am drowning, with an incredible amount of sinus pressure, itchy watery eyes, itchy throat, and a constant stuffed up nose that is running. CAN I FLIPPIN WIN this week? Oh, or one side is stuffed up and the other side runs and if you blow your nose your ears pop. THIS SUCKS DONKEY ....

I do want to transfer some of my American Government links and my sassy talk over here. Maybe I will get that far later in the weekend as tomorrow is out. I will be at school from 7:30 am until about 6:00pm.

Material I bought today was an off yellow, kind of green eyelet on crepe. W'world had it marked down to .75c a yard and I went, "Hmm curtins for the kitchen for $2.75" and I bought the 3.5 yards that was left. I brought this home and my aunt went nuts. She was like, "OMG, OMG (the actual words, not chat lingo) this is WHAY too nice for kitchen curtins." and we bantered for a few minutes and then... she (is brillant) refolds the fabric and makes a few measurments and will use less then half of what I bought for the three windows and have enough left over to make a dress. Me... I am math dumb. I would have kept it on the orginal fold and wasted material if I made a dress. :) But my aunt really likes the material. She has picked it up and gazed it over about ten times this afternoon. That makes me feel good. I bought something for the house that other people actually like! That and she is under the stone impression (no indication from me) that I bought it specifically for her. ;) OK, I will give her that! She is pleased and it takes a lot to please her, so... yep, it is yours. But she don't believe the deal I got on it. EVEN tho the price was attached to the material VIA a staple (thanks to the dumbbutt clerk) but... WHAT EVER! For the record plain white eyelet on cotton is going for almost five dollars a yard. And that is at Walmart, if you get into the high end fabric stores you are going to pay dearly for eyelet material.

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Blogger mgsmarcus11 said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and i hope you get over your cold soon. I just recently had a terrible cold and went to my doctor who recomended Nasopure, which the company labels as the modern neti. I used it and found it very helpful. After just 3 days of use I felt much better and had a clear nose. I recomend it to anyone with allergies, a cold, reoccuring sinus infections, or just in search of a clearer nose. The website is very informative too.

6/16/08, 2:57 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

Hmm. Are you a spammer or a blogger? (you don't have a profile or blog, that is why I ask) Thanks for the tip! Still got the cold, sinus infection, daycare hell virus, what ever you wanna call it!

6/16/08, 7:32 PM  

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