Sunday, June 01, 2008

Small things count

Like the fact that I have only two children and only one of the two is bad half the time. Unlike my friend JR, she has three, one is a boy, and her kids are not bad; they are just noisy and busy and well,,, wild ass kids.

My kids have some resemblance of manners. Not that you'd know this when they are in a pack of kids and develop MOB mentality.

Despite having company and despite the fact that we had to go to the grocery store and were gone for three hours today; we still managed to get three outfits sewed together and finished and Molly's dress almost done (just have the zipper and one last seam), and I got a shirt cut out for Molly. If we get done what I have cut out this week, that will be fine and satisfying.

Baby is wiggling around and we have a spend – the – nighter… *SIGH* I guess that means it is my bedtime.


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