Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The problem of showering

First I want to say, I am not complaining about the actual act of showering; as I desperately needed one. When I say desperate, I am not saying I have gone days or weeks without a shower, I just mean I felt the dire need for one. No matter what I did today I sweated and despite the fact that I used deodorant (and refreshed a few times today) I just felt like I smelt like salt and other stinky things. All right, now that we have the clarification out of the way, then why is it that when you are indisposed (i.e.: showering) that you think of the best damn wording for your blogs?

Topics I want to cover (so I can remember later) Obama, road kill not getting picked up, gas prices, telephones, President Bush, back to school, baby brat, and tonsils.

Let us start with tonsillitis and my daughter Molly. I was spoken sternly to by the family doctor today because Molly still has her tonsils. Like that is my fault? He did not understand why the ENT did not take her tonsils when he did the last set of tubes when she was 4 but he did take her adenoids. Again, like that is my fault? I begged, pleaded, cried, begged some more, offered sexual favors; the whole nine yards but the ENT still wouldn't take them because she had never had tonsillitis. And I explained this to the family doctor. I also told him that one week after her "recheck" on the tubes she did have tonsillitis but that was "normal" and "no need to put her under anesthesia again. To which I greatly agree, there is nothing more heartbreaking then the twenty minutes to two hours you spend fretting while your child is undergoing a "standard procedure". So, Molly has tonsillitis. Ironically she was not complaining of a sore throat. She just had a runny nose. I wanted some of the "good stuff" VIA prescription to give her. Well, we got it.

The terrorist in training went with us. I wanted the doctor to check her because I know just know, that she has phenomena however the doctor said, "Mom, it is all in your head, or the baby's anyway." Yea, and bite me, she is coughing so hard at night she wakes up crying. But I guess that is a figment of my imagination also.

School starts back tomorrow for me. La te dah te dah. But I am excited despite myself and I am actually looking forward to five straight hours of hell plus the online class. Maybe there is something wrong in my head! But it sure beats being home and bored because there is no work to be had in this area unless you have a masters, doctorate or at lease a bachelor's degree in something. And who has time for that? Well I do. I am making time for it because there is nothing else to do. I mean, I could just be bored and blog all day and fight with the people in the house all day, but hey; that really gets old and boring.

But that does lead into President Bush. I thought we were in a world of trouble when His daddy got elected in. It was like, "Hey we got a shrub for president." And then the first George Bush did actually end up being like a terminal termite to our great country. I actually used to be patriotic. I loved America. Our flag and everything we stood for. The first President Bush sure did change that outlook on life. So, when Jr. ran for president I actually registered to vote and voted for that billionaire (so broke I had to use spell check on that word) and then got summoned to Jury Duty. Ok, I am no longer registered to vote but I will get back to that topic. Anyway, Jr. has run us into an economic recession. Depression but no one will say the red words if fear it may be true. I have never gone so long without a job. It is a year and a half this June. I have never paid so much for gas. I have never paid so much for groceries. Milk today was $4.55 a gallon. And to make matters worse, the electric company just got the OK from the federal government to raise the price per kilowatt hour. Did Bush Jr. single handedly bring down our government? No, but I think he has an awful lot to do with it, just like his daddy. I think there were a few bills' he could have passed and some of the ones he did pass he could have done it earlier. Like raising minimum wage or actually sending out the economic stimulus checks. Hang on, I've just killed two ants and I have to make sure my bed is not covered, THAT would just be the perfect end to the perfect day! OK, I don't see anymore.

So, anyway, Bush has set the stage for the next president. The next president will have to wipe up the mess that Bush made. I am glad Hillary is out of the running. I don't think our first woman president should be blamed for the big fallout that is coming. I favor McCain. I favor him because he has a strong military background and I don't think he would hesitate to reinstate the draft. Obama? What a joke. Go ahead, elect him in. After all, we haven't had an assassination in a long time. We are over due. Down here in the Deep South that is word in cheek. You bring up Obama and within five minutes assisnation is brought up. I am not against a Negro being elected in. I am against stupidity being elected in. I learned from Obama so far that we have 58 states not including Alaska and Hawaii. Funny frown face. I have also learned that he is no longer Muslim but a Catholic Muslim … um… cough cough… DO WHAT? And just what God do you worship? OH MY. Um… IF YOU SAY SO. And please quite firing your pastors. (In the Catholic religion we have a priest, but you have a pastor… and you're a Catholic Muslim?) And that is all I am going to say about Obama.

I am going to skip telephones because my blog is getting lengthy. I will however cover road kill. I was reading an article on road kill not getting cleaned up in the salt belt regions because more then 80% of the roads and grounds budgets had been spent on the clean up from the bad winters. OK, I understand that. But didn't they also get emergency management aid? Oh, we are supposed to forget that part. But really, if you live in the salt belt, please don't fret this road kill not getting cleaned up thing. They don't practice it down here. At least the road kill will get picked up out of driving lanes in the salt belt area, they don't pick them up in any lane down here. You just play dodge the dead animal and the flock of buzzards. After all, buzzards have rights you know. What did concern me with the article is the fact that the local governments are allowing their townships to "Cop out" of their responsibilities. I guess our roads and ground commissioner will say that due to the rising fuel cost they will not longer be grading our clay road. But no, that won't happen. They love to torture us. They grade the road and turn the soft stuff up out of the ditches the day before it calls for rain.

I am done for today. This is not the post I came up with in my head in the shower. The one I came up with covered the same topics but was witty and well written! I think I have managed mediocre sarcasm and better written then many.

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Blogger LL said...

No... I think your sarcasm is slightly above mediocre, but your post is better written than many.

What... did you and PinTA go to the same English class or something? She's always getting her thens and thans mixed up too... :P

6/4/08, 11:13 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

actually and suprisingly... yes. We even used to write together in my attic...

6/5/08, 1:05 PM  

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