Friday, June 13, 2008

Phobias, an antidote to my unfortunate night

Anyone, whom has an irrational fear of something that is most likely harmless, will understand this post perfectly. I was asleep (Wow) and woke up. Why? No reason, just a habitual thing. Well, the moon was kind of full (this was a few nights ago, just getting around to the post) and filtering in through my (over priced wicker type material blinds from JC Penny) and I saw it. It. An object with a mass amount of legs, my near blind eyes counted 8. Yes, eight to be exact. It's body was easily the size of a fist. Me, being the stupid- curious- brave- did I mention STUPID- one… shakes the blind to see if it moves. NOT really thinking that it would. IT did. And my near blind eyes actually saw it scurry upwards (I will fail to mention that the actual blind slid down a notch… keep some suspense here).

Me… decked in my tattered jammies… Oh Hell, I jumped out of the damn bed, pivoted on one foot, in one fell swoop snatched my glasses, a shoe, and turned the light on.

What did I see?

WHAT DID I SEE as my heart beat for escape from my chest, breath frozen in mid air


THE 4 no wait, 5 star word; knot – YOU know, the KNOT in the cord that adjusts the fricken level of the shade? Yea, that one.

Which reminds me how much I miss Grace, woman are you gonna post again? I feel saddened by your absence. My very first coherent thought? The day you told me so animatedly how you killed a spider with boiling ice cream in the shower. Gosh, I miss high school and you!


Blogger cali said...

*waves back* at lucy.
Probably a good thing you didn't have any boiling ice cream at hand - would have made for some very sticky and yucky blinds.

6/15/08, 11:59 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

ha ha.

6/16/08, 5:54 PM  

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