Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to use the TI-83 caculator

Step One - Run, don't walk, to the nearest steel beam and procede to WHACK your head as hard as you can.
Step Two - Repeat step ONE until you knock some damn sence into that thick skull of yours.


Statistics is not that hard of a class. I understand every word the teacher says. On it's own merit, understanding math to me is like understanding the Greek Alphabet. So, when I say I understand a math class... Armagedon is around the darn corner.

Well, that is, I understand the class until we (the students) have to get out our $140 calculator which is our "essential tool". The teacher then starts speaking Greek. Do this, that, hit this, that, then 2nd and this button, and graph.

mine says: syntex error

I repeat the process. My graph is there now, only off to the right. I raise my hand (meekly because he is a little bit of a turd and calls you stupid or tells you to wake up or mocks you in some sort or fashion if you have the audasidy to ask something and he moves FAST). He calls me up IN FRONT of the class. Blushing I go hither. I hand him my calculator like it is an offending object. His eyes flicker to the screen then to my face. He Bellows, "Don't you own a home PC?" Yes. "YOUR WINDOW IS JUST OUT OF ADJUSTMENT, FIX IT!" How? "There is a great set of instructions in the owners manuel." I slink back to my seat. I glance at the 100 page owners manuel and realize quickly that an Algebra text book reads easier then this. Some guy that sits in front of me, reaches back and takes my calculator and in less then a minute has reprogrammed it. I look at my graph. OH that is what it should look like.

In other news, my Biology class is a trip. That teacher is so smart he assumes we are all math majors. He asked us to make a scatter plot (that is not until chapter 12.1 in statistics) and that will be a lab exam. I have followed his directions. My scatter plot on the computer don't look like the scatter plot he showed us. He has also given us a very complicated algebraic equation to learn and we will be tested on that on Monday. This is damn Biology. Let me disect something for crying out loud.

The intro to computers class (which we need to get our degree here in the deep south) is a blast. We are learning MS office 2003 and I am running the newer version at the house and on the laptop. *SIGH* And most of this stuff is redundent. We get to learn how to use the internet on Monday. WOW. And the damn book was over a hundred bucks. We get one credit hour for this class. I wonder if he will show me how to make a scatter plot! I think I am gonna email him right this minute. Or the minute that I get done with my post.

Online Government is really neat. Our question today was should marijuana be legalized in light of the new studies that thc is stronger now then ever before (but not as addictive as nicotine or caffine). Oddly the majority of our class of 77 voted yes. GEE I WONDER WHY?

Off to bed for me!

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Blogger LL said...

You're having trouble with math AND sadistics?

Well... you're not alone. I always understood both easily, but there are a lot of folks just like you.

Doesn't that make you feel better?

6/12/08, 10:40 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

Math in a biology class? Sacrilege!

I always use a $10 el cheapo scientific calculator. No graphs, no formulas, no problem. If I need a graph of something, I do it in Excel.

6/13/08, 6:09 AM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

Oh GOODIE fermicat, you and me are now best friends! Add me to IM! I need to be walked through a scatter plot in exel for Bio. ;)

LL - um... statistics is math. Or at least that is what they are leading me to believe. I've taken 3 test's this week in statistics and got 100's on them, I don't know how... LOL.

The problem is this chapter we are required to graph the data on this stinking calculator and that has to be done by suday at midnight. :\

6/13/08, 5:56 PM  

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