Monday, June 16, 2008

Just a note from the Armpit of America

Insert a few witty lines here. And here. And here again. I am frightened. Yes indeedy. I have never been so interested in a single class before this statistics class. Perplexed even. It is like, I totally don't know what is going on and yet I am doing ok. Well, maybe not, on the pre-test I got a 63. But… Hey in the lines of MATH, that is a stellar performance for me. But… that is not the point. I knew and understood the 63% I got right. I understood complex equations. Or anyway, complex to me. I have sat here for two hours now playing with the other % I got wrong (part of which is percentages but not percentages like I've ever looked at them.) Like finding the number that a percentage on a pie represents. :O That equals a real number, oh heck yea. Lets look a little closer at this. This is like so bizarre, that is, MY reaction to this class. I don't get along with numbers. I don't. Or right now I am trying to convince myself that.

No damn bones about it. But I understand this class. Do I have a right to be intimidated by the fact that I actually like a MATH class? It is like something is clicking. And… surprisingly… all the sudden algebra makes sense to me. DON'T ask. I hated algebra. It took me 4 try's and a C and a 1.94 GPA to get past college algebra.

So, make the call to the dreaded mother. "Ma, what was I like in HS in regards to Math?" momthebitch, "Well, you were really good at it until you decided that you didn't want to go to school anymore then you just… wouldn't do it." She pauses. "I was really surprised that you didn't rediscover your love for math in college Algebra. JXX and I were so confused why you didn't get it. Why?" me, sheepishly, "Uth, it makes sense now. I am kinda scared!" momthebitch, "naw, math is natural to you. English is not, and JXX and I were equally surprised that you did so well in all your English class that you took." Me… "What? I love to write." Momthebitch, "Yea, but your writing sucks." Bump u mommie dearest!

Ok, given, blogging… I am not the best writer. I just kinda blurb what is on my mind, skip the red underscored spelling mistakes, skip the green underscored grammar mistakes… and just more or less do a free write with some punctuation. And that sentence did not highlight green for a grammar error. Eth? Oh OK, whatever, I know it was a run on!

In other news, three exams tomorrow and I think these teachers sit in their little offices and plan this. And considering all three exams are teachers from the math/science division; I know it is a conspiracy. Really. Give me the statistics exam on a day by itself. I want to do good on it. No, I want to get a 100 on it. Not for the teacher, not for momthebitch, for myself. Bio – well… I can do better then what I will get on that test tomorrow. I have a few questions I didn't get a chance to ask. Computers… I have no clue. It is like the stuff we are going over I know, I even know a few different ways to get to point a b or c but the practice quizzes he has given us I have just gone: DOODOO brained!

Oh me. It is hot and getting to the point where the ponds are evaporating and the lingering smell of pond scum decay is hanging in the air. That is where I really get the "Armpit of America" thing for this area. It is stinky and dank! I wonder what I would come up with if I lived on the Byeau (no spelling suggestion for that) in Louisiana.

Lastly, if I added you to my menu bar, your stuck there. I am getting tired of hunting down my faviorte bloggers and I am getting lazy and ... on and so forth. ;)

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Blogger fermicat said...

If you like the subject, you are more likely to do well in the class (and have some fun with the learning). This sounds very positive!

And thanks for the link.

6/17/08, 6:35 PM  
Blogger LL said...

Favorite bloggers? Sorry darlin... you are certifiable insane if I qualify as a favorite blogger... :P

Oh... and put up that percentage problem. I'm dying to take a crack at it...

6/17/08, 11:35 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

OK, I will do that. The other post's I had typed up and they were sitting in draft format!

6/18/08, 5:25 PM  

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