Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mental Health Day

You did what? When? Where?

Yesterday I took a mental health day. Yes indeedy I did. And it was good. No wait, it was great. My Cousin Ginger and her daughter Becky came down to visit my Aunt in Valdosta then they rented a car and drove up here. I had made a promise to Ging that if she ever came down here we would take a day and go to Savannah. Yea, you see where this is going. I played hooky from school to go to the beach. Well… I did. A mental health day. J What that don't sound plausible to you?

Look, I deserve this. I deserve the part of my family that is capable of love. I cherish time spent with them. I have had a horrible series of events unfolding before my eyes sense February and I have actively been taking Xanax for my nerves. I shall share one of the hot topics to set me off.

One year ago, January of 2007, another cousin's daughter lost her children to CPS. Now, let me back up. Our family, as scattered as we are, are close. The cousins in my generation have basically all grown up as brothers and sisters. There has never been a history of this sort of behavior in our family. There has never been a history of any issues really. Just normal family crap like brothers beating each other up, mild drinking problems… Get the picture… just little crap that most families go through. When person xx lost her children to CPS, we all got a real wake up call and smack in the face. While the children were forced into foster care, the grandparents (my cousin and his wife… and darn that is just odd thinking they are grandparents!) filed for custody. A year later they were granted custody of little girl and little boy.

Wow, that seems like a long time. But, it was an interstate custody issue. I think whole heartedly Cousin Xy and his wife fought for the kids. And I supported this. Stupid me. I supported this despite my deep feelings of dislike for the wife of xy. And for his sake, I have honestly tried to like her. And she is very likable when she is not stabbing you in the back or talking bad about people. Hey, we all have our flaws.

So, they get the kids. Now the wife of xy was not the best mother for her kids but I do think she tried the best she could. I will give credit where it is due. They have the kids. The kids are full of hope and love and G'ma and G'pa saved us. I have pictures that you can see the hope on their faces. They have a new start.

Then, she starts this mental torment to these kids. They are the little Bastard and the little Bitch, the retards, the idiots… mental abuse. Horrible woman. I cringe every time she speaks. Little girl is forced to wear shoes to small. I took money out of my gas check from an outsource for college and BOUGHT these kids shoes that fit. They were not allowed to wear them. I bought them bags of clothes and MY kids went without. Not that my kids want for anything or need anything but when you are contributing to supporting two other kids… your broke in a hurry. You cut corners like, washing your hair every other day so your kids can be clean every day (but not enough of a corner to go without a shower, love only goes so far). Anyway, never once was I thanked. But it is not about me. It is about a 3 year old girl and a 4 year old boy that have gone from the unknown bad to mental abuse. And I spoke for these people to get the kids. Stupid me.

So, last week on Tuesday the wife of xy announces that her daughter went to court for custody of the kids and won. Pick me up off the floor! What? And this 4 star word bitch took the swing set down and packed all their stuff in the truck. Everything got packed except for two changes of clothes and a few toys. The daughter was ordered to pay the financial responsibility for her mother to bring the kids back to NY and then be able to get back home. Yea, right.

The kids were over on Saturday for Lulu's party and I know the kids ate there, I made their plates and they cleaned them. We were invited to their house for a pool party on Sunday and we showed up with 9 kids and 3 adults and a shit load of food. Little boy says to me, "You sure got a lot of food there, do I get to eat some?" And I reassure him this is going to happen. One of the other mothers and I took turns shoveling food into the kids. Hey we are mom's and that is our job. But the wife of xy yells at the little boy every time she catches him eating.

On Sunday night Ginger and Becky show up. Monday I take her to the Promised Land. Monday about 7pm, I picked up little boy and girl and bring them to my house to visit with their aunt and cousin. The kids are starving. We do what fat people do best and cook for them and feed them. We make sure they get two hours of TLC and I cry bringing them home. Wife of xy says to me, "I don't know why you fed the little freaks, little boy threw half a plate of food in the garbage so I took it out of the garbage and put it back on the table and made him eat it. He tried to tell me that he did not eat garbage."

Me, :O


So, do you see… I was desperate for a mental health day. Not that it did much good. It was great at Tybee Island and touring historic Savannah. But the day was ruined by the wife of xy.


Blogger fermicat said...

Wow, that is almost unbelievable, except that I have seen such BS myself and know it happens. Sorry to hear about it happening to kids that you love.

6/24/08, 9:32 PM  
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6/26/08, 6:52 PM  

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